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There is much floating around our homes that contributes to allergies and ailments. From pet dander to dust mites and even mold. But what about the bacteria that could be festering nearby?

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to briefly account the common bacteria that is found in your home. They include Micrococcus, Staphylococcus, Bacillus and Pseudomonas.

Micrococcus: A sphere shaped bacteria, that is actually fairly harmless. More frequently found on human skin, but can easily found in soil, water, and some meat products. This bacteria feeds on dead and decomposing materials, or what’s known as saprophyte and contributes to fish spoiling. This bacteria can amplify a human to sweat and be more pungent. Micrococcus requires oxygen to grow and reproduce. Species include Micrococcus Luteus, Micrococcus Roseus, and Micrococcus Varians.
Staphylococcus: Another sphere shaped bacteria and more widely known than Micrococcus, especially among the medical field. Found nearly everywhere, Staphylococcus typically doesn’t cause infections. 50% of people have this bacteria in their nasal passages, throats and hair. However, Staphylococcus can cause some major illnesses such as skin infections, food poisoning and toxic shock syndrome. This bacteria can even reproduce and excel without oxygen.
Bacillus: More rod shaped and is more sturdy. It is capable of reproducing endospores. Endospores are structures that are tiny, solid and can withstand adverse conditions. Generally Bacillus is more harmless and is located in soil, dirt, water, and even sometimes found in the human digestive system. Although, some species of Bacillus can contribute to food poisoning, illness or infections. An interesting fact is genus contained the mystery organism isolated from a 250-million-year-old salt crystal; probably the oldest living cell discovered.
Pseudomonas: Rod shaped, also found in soil and water, along with some plants. This bacteria is more known for its adept ways and is considered a nosocomial infection, commonly gained while in the hospital. This organism is prone to attack people who are immuno-compromised. This bacterium can produce infections and exotoxins. Though Pseudomonas can’t do much to a healthy person.

There are a number of household bacteria species that could be lurking in your home, and are not specified above. But bacteria is commonly found in the following areas:

 Kitchen sink, near drain
 Kitchen sponge or counter cleaning cloth
 Kitchen floor, in front of sink
 Kitchen countertop
 Kitchen faucet handle
 Dishtowel
 Bathtub area near drain
 Bathroom faucet handle
 Bathroom sink, near drain
 Bathroom floor, in front of toilet
 Bathroom countertop
 Toilet Bowl
 Pet food dish, inner rim
 Garbage pail
 Children’s toys, high chair and training potty
 Microwave buttons
 Kitchen cutting board
 Kitchen telephone
 Television remote
 Computer keyboard and mouse

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Basically, bacteria can be found near anywhere. It is not always harmful, but these areas should be cleaned and sanitized for a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t have the time, physical ability or inclination; contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

When it comes to cleaning your house, it is a never ending job. When you are done with one room it seems the next one is even dirtier. Most people do light cleaning all week and usually have one day that will be used for heavier duty cleaning more of the hard to clean areas. This would include bathroom, kitchen and any other areas such as the fridge. There is a time of year that seems to bring people out to visit and that is the holidays. When you are expecting company for a big dinner or even dessert you want to be sure that the food is cooked well and that your home is clean and looks nice. This can be hard when you are cooking all day or taking care of children and pets.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning has prepared two great reasons why hiring a professional to do your house cleaning during the holidays is a fantastic idea!

No Time for House Cleaning: When the fall sets in, it seems that life goes into high gear. Days are shorter and most people have a much busier schedule and more responsibilities that may take them away from other things that need to be done. In addition to the daily grind, there are always work parties, potlucks, sports, shopping and relatives to spend time with. There seems to be enough time to fit in all in except for the house cleaning. If you are to hire a company to clean for you during these high stress times you can rest a little easier. They will use what time you give them to get the house looking great in a shorter amount of time then it would take you. They can save you all the time that you would have taken to clean the house so that you can focus that time on other projects and activities.

A Better & More Convenient Clean: The best part about using a cleaning service is that they will bring tools that will enable them to have the house looking extra clean. They will take time to clean baseboards, ovens, cabinets, doors, and carpets. The house will smell great and look amazing. They can take care of the bathroom which is great if you have guest’s coming over. The guest bathroom will be cleaned from top to bottom.

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If you are ready to lessen the stress of the upcoming holiday season call Baker Sandoval Cleaning for an appointment today. We offer full service home and office cleaning and have highly trained professional staff that works quickly and efficiently.

This is the season that the flu is out in full force but fortunately there are ways that you can clean up to be sure that you stop the spread. Flu germs are easily passed around and with cooler weather out, it seems to spread much faster. The cool weather makes people spend more time inside and in closer proximity to other people. This is why cleaning your home and commercial business is such a great idea. It can help to remove the germs and kill any bacteria that may be causing germs to grow and continue to spread.

Commercial Office Sick Days

When we are talking about a commercial office it is a place that employees go to work, and if your commercial office is left unclean, it can be a place for germs to thrive; resulting in a lack of productivity and an increase in employee absences. Your employees can easily spread the germs without even knowing. It can start to spread before you even know that you are sick and eventually there are more people down with it. This is why it is essential to have a professional come and clean your commercial office. When you have several employees out sick your business will suffer with less productivity.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning has some areas of concern and why a professional can help keep them germ free.

Wiping Down Doorknobs & Phones – The main areas that you probably think about when it comes to germs are probably the bathrooms and the doorknobs. These are the main spots and your commercial cleaner is bound to take their time cleaning these areas, but there are more spots that may be overlooked. One area that everyone touches and is also full of germs are the telephones. The telephones are used by many people and lots of hands touching them one after another. They also have the receiver right near their mouth which is the main spot that germs come from.

Cleaning Kitchens & Microwaves – The kitchen microwave and refrigerator are places that tend to house lots of germs. The germs are on the handles and doors that are touched by many people. The problem is that lots of people will use these appliances one after the next during lunch time. That means that the germs can be sitting for only a few minutes before another employee touches it.

Disinfect Computer Keyboards – One more area that can be full of germs is the computer keyboard. You want to be sure they are disinfected each day to eliminate germs that might be hanging out at your fingertips when typing.

If you are in need of a thorough commercial building cleaner this flu season call Baker Sandoval today in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado to make an appointment.

Church is a great place where congregations spend their weekends enjoying one another’s company, being spiritually uplifted and serving others. Church functions often include carnival fundraisers held in the parking lot, pot luck dinners around the holidays, weddings, baptisms and other activities that serve the members of the congregation. Churches provide a venue for a variety of activities, the most regular being church services each week. While church brings thoughts of peacefulness to our minds, we often forget that the church, like our homes, is also a place that can collect dust, garbage and filth if we do not clean it regularly and properly.

Professional Church Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your church is a great way to keep the building spotless and make the congregation feel like they are in a special place, where worship can be performed without worrying about dusty pews or dirty floors. Most churches house rows and rows of pews that are sat on each week, and can sometimes be exposed to spills, accidents and other types of stains. No one wants to come to church and have to sit on a dirty seat. Church should be a place that is clean and spotless, making it an enjoyable experience for all members of the congregation.

Cleaning Church Kitchens, Bathrooms & Toilets

Bathrooms in the church are another area that requires regular and thorough cleaning. Church bathrooms that are forgotten when it comes to cleaning can become an unsanitary area within the church. Toilets need to be scrubbed, mirrors cleaned, hand towels and toilet paper regularly stocked and replaced, and garbage bins emptied. Church kitchens can be a frequently used area for functions that are cooking and serving food. Spills will occur, ovens are used, and counter tops experience spills. These are also areas of the church that should be regularly cleaned and attended to.

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Assigning your congregation to perform these duties will result in a job not professionally done, partially cleaned or not cleaned at all. The best option to keep your church clean is to hire a professional cleaning company to get the job done, and get it done right. A professional cleaning company like Baker Sandoval Cleaning will provide all of the proper equipment and materials that are needed to properly and thoroughly get your church clean and immaculate for Sunday service. If your church has hosted a party, wedding or other major function, we can come in and clean up after, so your church will be clean for the next event. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today for an immaculate church.

When you think about who cleans the school you probably think of the janitor. You would be right in a way, but the regular janitor does not do all the cleaning that is needed in an educational learning environment. Schools are filled with kids and adults on a daily basis who are using the facility to learn. The children are in classrooms, outside playing and back in the school buildings several times a day. There is the cafeteria lunchroom and teacher break room that both see their fair share of messes! The school janitor takes care of lots of daily maintenance cleaning and may even make repairs when needed, but the deep cleaning is often left out. This is where it would benefit the school to hire a professional to deep clean the building and get it ready for the kids to learn. There have been studies that show that children learn better in a nice clean environment, and people are more apt to succeed when they are in a comfortable and clean place. They are able to think more about their work and less worry about what mess there might be.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning has prepared some of the ways in which a professional school cleaning company can really help make a difference in your school!

FLOORS: This is a big area that is usually only cleaned on the surface. The problem is that most floors that are in a school need more cleaning maintenance than that. A large amount of school flooring is VCT; a vinyl composite tile that has a layer of clear wax that is added on top to help protect it. As times goes on and kids are walking across these floors and tables are being scooted around, the floors can start to look beat up and dirty – even if they are mopped daily. A professional cleaner like Baker Sandoval Cleaning can come in and strip the floors down and add a fresh clean layer to the floors. This will have them looking like new again and bring back the shine that has probably dulled over time.

DEEP CLEAN: This is a great way that you can be sure that all the germs and dirt are removed from the school. There are areas that are typically overlooked when normal day to day cleaning is done but a professional commercial cleaning company like Baker Sandoval Cleaning can take care of it! Other carpeted areas can have stains removed and the walls and doors can be thoroughly cleaned. The doors, walls, and carpets take the most abuse and they also house a lot of the germs that are at the school.

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If you are ready to have your school looking its best you can call Baker Sandoval Cleaning for an appointment today!

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