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Have you ever cleaned your entire kitchen and still smell an odor that is unpleasant? You might have a hard time determining where it could be coming from since you have already done all the cleaning. An area of the kitchen that could be the cause of the foul odor is the sink. You may wonder how that could be possible since you are constantly running water down the drain and you use good smelling soap but there are good reasons. The sink, especially one that has a garbage disposal, can become blocked and gummed up causing the kitchen to smell terrible. The garbage disposal is not so you can dump your left over dinner down the drain and have no repercussions. The food that should be going down the disposal should be small scraps not large amounts of food. The larger the food particles the harder it will be to keep the disposal clean and smelling fresh.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Outlines Why Your Sink Smells & What You Can Do To Keep The Odor Away

Remove Any Obstructions: When you are using your sink or garbage disposal to clean off your plates of food you could end up with an obstruction. The food that is sent down the sink needs to be chewed up small enough so that it can easily get down the sink and pipes. An obstruction acts like a blockage that will start to cause a buildup of other food particles. As they start to buildup sledge can start to build and that can be what is causing a foul odor. You need to check the sink for a possible blockage or obstruction in the drain. It can be a small toy, a chicken bone or a small utensil that could be stopping the disposal from working or buildup from occurring.
Use A Sink Deodorizer: Once you have found and removed a possible obstruction you are still going to need to do more to clean out the drain. There are some buildups that simply running hot water is not going to eliminate. This can be from thick sludge to grease that will require a more abrasive deodorizer. You can try using baking soda and vinegar to get in the sink and clear out any buildup. The solution will get in the small areas of the sink and help to lift the debris off and send it down the drain. You can also clean the garbage disposal and sink by using a handful of ice, lemon rinds and sea salt. You drop them down the drain and run the disposal with hot water to help break up the debris. This is a great way to remove what is actually causing the odor.
Have Your Home Cleaned Professionally: One of the ways to help eliminate the smells that occur in your home is to have it cleaned professionally. The smells in a kitchen can be a real problem when you are trying to make a meal or clean. You can hire a cleaning company to come out and do the deep cleaning which can include a foul smelling sink.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers professional house cleaning and janitorial services. From light dusting and housekeeping duties to heavy duty deep cleaning during move ins, move outs and construction cleaning for example; we can handle all your cleaning needs. Contact us to schedule you next appointment!

Professional cleaning services will leave your property fresh, clean, tidy and free of germs. Commercial properties get dirty, making them unhealthy. When you breathe in the pollutants in the atmosphere, it can be harmful to your health. There are things you can look for to make sure the cleaning company you hire will give you the best results.

What Makes a Commercial Cleaning Company Good?

1. A reputable cleaning company is always willing to learn new methods and techniques. Technology is always changing and there’s always safety to consider when you’re dealing with chemicals. These companies want you to keep you as a client.
2. Look for a company that will clean your place like they would clean their own. If this is the mentality of the cleaning service company, then your items will be taken care of while they’re being cleaned.
3. Nothing should undermine the work done by the company and they should always be confident in their work. There is always competition in any business, so get the most you can for your money. If the company is confident in the work they do, you’ll get great results.
4. An important aspect in choosing a cleaning company is to make sure they’re reliable. Being reliable when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment is very important for the health and safety of employees and customers. Unreliable service means subpar results.
5. Check the quality of the work done. If you look at the areas cleaned and feel a need to go over it yourself, then the quality of work isn’t that great. All the areas need to be cleaned the same time, every time and done correctly.
6. Responsiveness. We’re all human, mistakes will be made and even the best of companies will make communication and scheduling errors. It’s important to make sure the company you have hired responds to questions and concerns you might have. This makes the company reliable.
7. When it comes to commercial cleaning, it’s important to have flexibility. Sometimes cleaning schedules and equipment procedures need to be changed. If a company isn’t willing to work around you then it just won’t work. The company isn’t very good unless they’re happy to accommodate you.
8. Be active. When you choose a cleaning company, the relationship you have with them should not be over after the scheduled work has been done. They need to inform you if cleaning supplies are running low. Communication is important.

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Successful businesses need to maintain a clean and sanitary environment to be successful. Cleaning companies will typically come in after hours to clean your business. Sometimes the cost isn’t a factor, but keep in mind that the lowest cost isn’t always the best deal. Have companies visit your business to get the most accurate quote and to tailor a service best suited for your business. Make sure to get price quotes, references and proof of licensing and insurance. Also, understand the contract. You need to have a way out if you’re not satisfied with the services provided. A lot of experience means that the company has developed a system of cleaning that works. You can get all this and more when you contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. Call us today!

When it comes to keeping a healthcare facility clean, it can be a major challenge for those in the business. Healthcare and medical buildings must be cleaned to provide a healthy environment for patients as well as visitors and staff. This means a detailed, cleaned, and disinfected facility where viruses, germs and bacteria are scrubbed off of every surface. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will explain some of the benefits of using our services to provide a safe clean environment for your healthcare facility.

Maintaining a Clean Environment

No one wants to see a dirty medical or healthcare facility when they enter inside the building. It raises a lot of questions about the kind of care they or their loved one would receive. Healthcare and medical buildings need to maintain a clean appearance to provide reassurance to the patients and guests. This means lobbies, recovery and surgery rooms as well as bathrooms along with every corner and space of the building needs to be cleaned regularly.

Prevention of Cross Contamination in Hospitals

Not only does regular cleaning help the healthcare facility’s appearance, it will also reduce the risks of cross contamination of illness and disease. Healthcare facilities are full of sick people either as a patient or even a visitor. A person who forgets to wash their hands can spread disease and get others sick. When you use a professional cleaning service, we will disinfect the entire area and the surfaces touched most often by others. This will kill germs, viruses, and bacteria that could spread illnesses. Knowing the building is regularly disinfected will help put guests, patients and even staff more at ease. No one will have to worry about whether or not they may get sick.

Improve Indoor Air Quality & Overall Health

A cleaning service comes equipped with tools that reduce the amount of allergens such as molds, pollen, bacteria and dust that often get airborne. Properly addressing these types of problems with appropriate cleaning techniques will greatly improve the indoor air quality. This improves the overall health and recovery of the patients and guests.

Preventing Bloodborne Pathogens

A knowledgeable cleaning service company knows the proper cleaning methods to prevent bloodborne pathogens from infecting other patients, staff members and guests. With the proper understanding, along with the appropriate tools, a healthcare facility can be successfully decontaminated. Again, this provides more confidence. Your staff, guests and patients feel more at ease. In turn, this improves their recovery time.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning understands the challenges of keeping a healthcare or medical facility cleaned and disinfected. Through our efforts, we provide many benefits to your facility, the staff, your patients as well as your guests. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is willing to take on these challenges and is ready to provide a safe clean environment for your healthcare facility. If you are searching for a high quality cleaning service for your healthcare facility or any other commercial setting, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. Let us know what services you may need and we will provide the regularly scheduled cleaning your building requires.

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