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Now that spring has arrived, many are becoming more aware that it’s time for some spring cleaning. There may be those who are looking around their home and beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed. You may not know where to start. No problem. Baker Sandoval Cleaning has put together a spring cleaning checklist for you to follow or get a better hold of where to start as you go through room by room. After you are done with all your spring cleaning you will be amazed how beautiful and clean your home will be.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean Walls & Ceilings – You can use a vacuum or even a duster with an extension handle to remove the dust from off of your ceiling and walls. It is always good to start from the top allowing any dust to settle as you clean on an already dirty floor. It is recommended you start to clean in the highest places first, such as walls and ceilings. After you have dusted and if you’re able to reach (you may need a ladder) use a damp cloth to even wash and scrub away any stains off of your walls. While you’re cleaning the ceiling you may want to change the batteries in smoke detectors.
Window & Window Screen Cleaning – Next you will want to clean windows on the in and outside of your home. It doesn’t matter which one you choose to do first. Inside you can start with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Wash the entire window, and then use a dry cloth to wipe them down followed by using a glass cleaner to remove the last of the streaks. When doing the outside of the window, take the screens off and rinse them first with a garden hose. While you still have the hose in hand, spray down the window with the hose to remove as much dirt as possible. Once again, use soapy water and a sponge to clean the window. You can use a hose to rinse them again and a dry cloth to wipe them down. Glass cleaner can be used afterward to clean the streaks and give you a clear glass window. Afterward, put the screens back on.
Cleaning Light Fixtures – Still working your way downward from the ceiling, clean the light fixtures. Remove glass covers or tulips and soak them in soapy water. Wipe down the surface and clean the blades of ceiling fans. Rinse off the glass covers and put them back in place after drying.
Furniture & Knick-Knack Polishing – Next dust and polish furniture. Any items made of glass or porcelain can be soaked in soapy water, rinsed, and set them aside to dry as you clean your furniture. Upholsteries should bb vacuumed and cleaned. Make sure you read the label to properly clean the fabric. Curtains should also be taken down and washed.
Cleaning Floors – Carpets need to be vacuumed and steamed or dry-chem cleaned. Tile floors should be swiped and mopped. Some will also suggest that now is the time to re-grout tile floors at least every few years. Wooden floors need to be polished. You may need to reseal them if they are beginning to look worn or faded from high traffic.

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While you’re doing a top to bottom cleaning you may want to go through cabinets, drawers and other storage areas. Begin to discard the broken or unusable items. For items you no longer want but are in good condition you might consider donating them. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed with all the cleaning that needs doing, or if you don’t have the time or the physical capability to do it yourself, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We can provide a thorough cleaning of your home.

Heavy foot traffic, movement and chemical run-off can leave your VCT floors lacking their former luster and shine, requiring regular stripping of it. When we talk about stripping a floor it means to completely remove the old wax, dirt and debris on the floor, followed by applying fresh coats of wax. It is very labor intensive and time consuming with many steps involved. It’s important to hire a company that knows what they’re doing to avoid mistakes being made.

Floor Wax Problems to Avoid

A test should be done to determine how much sealer and/or finish is on the floor before starting. Mist some diluted stripper on the floor with a spray bottle and use just enough to make the finish soft, but not enough to totally suspend it. Allow it to dwell for a few minutes and use a tool to scrape the floor to show how much of the sealer/finish is left and will need to be removed.
1. Make sure the company you hire has experience and isn’t practicing on your floor! Stripping a floor is a skill that is learned and professionals learn to do it at a technical school or a distributor’s work area.
2. Different floors need different care and the equipment and chemicals used on a VCT floor will be different than those used on other floors.
3. Clean water must always be used and dirty mops and buckets should never be used. Separate buckets need to used for the stripping agent, neutralizer and wax solution.
4. All the tools and equipment necessary need to be on hand before the process begins If not, the job will take longer with unnecessary delays.
5. Safety cones need to be set up around the area being worked on.
6. The proper safety clothing, non-slip shoes, gloves and goggles need to be worn.
7. It’s important to work in sections instead of an area that is too large.
8. The stripper needs to be diluted correctly. Most times the stripper needs to be diluted with cold water.
9. Allow enough dwell time for it to set correctly.
10. Defoamer needs to be used along with a wet/dry vacuum to vacuum up the slurry from the floor. Foam may build up during the process, so using the defoamer will allow the machine to be more effective.

Apply Wax to VCT Floors Correctly

Allow enough time to pass before the floors are walked on after the final coat of wax has been applied. The number of coats needed will depend on traffic but 4-6 seems to be standard. Factors that go into the cost are time and materials used, equipment expenses to complete the process, cost of disposable materials, equipment consumables and supplies and the cost of transportation with workers and equipment used to get to and from the job.

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If your floors look dull, stained or soiled, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning to strip, wax, seal and buff your VCT floors. When the job is done the right way, your VCT floors will shine brightly, look better than before and prolong the life of your investment. Call us today!

The lobby of an office is a place that any customer or client will walk in and see first thing. It is really your way of making a good impression right off the bath. That is why it is important to have your lobby decorated nicely and invitingly but it is also just important that it is kept immaculately clean. It may be an area that is not full of people or used often but needs to be a main focus of your office cleaning service. There are several areas that need to be addressed to ensure your lobby is looking its best.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Lists Focus Areas to Help Keep Your Lobby Clean & Inviting

Clean the Windows: The windows are the first thing that you see when you walk up and something that you look out while waiting for your appointment. If they are covered in dust, dirt and debris you are looking at a mess rather that the scenery, which can be distracting and off putting. The dirt also blocks lots of the natural sunlight that helps to make a space look and feel more inviting. The windows and glass doors need to be given special attention. Customers are happier and want to spend time in places that are in good clean condition.
Dust Everything: It can be easy to forget about the dust that is naturally building up in the lobby area. You most likely are going in the area to pick up a client or to walk out of the building. If you have decorated your lobby then you likely have plants, shelves and tables that are slowly collecting dust. You never want a customer to walk in and not want to set down their bag because of the dust on the table. They should look around and not need to worry about it. Be sure that you dust the lobby well and don’t leave any area left out. Some people wander and pace while waiting for an appointment or meeting and can look over all the surfaces in the room to kill some time.
Use Entry Mats & Runners in High Traffic Areas: You want to make sure that as people walk in and out of the office there is something there that will collect the majority of the dirt and dust. A great way to trap the dirt and stop it from being tracked all over the floor is to have a mat at the entrance to the building. A mat is made to help remove the dirt that is on peoples shoes so that it won’t get dragged onto the other parts of the building. It will help to eliminate a lot of the dirt that you might find at the end of a day. The mats needs to be cleaned and replaced often so they can do their job.
Leave It Smelling Good: One way to have a room smelling pleasant is to make sure it is clean. The dirt and dust can cause a musty odor so removing it is a great start. You can also use oils or scented wax as an additional way to add a nice aroma to the lobby.

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