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Cleaning your house isn’t fun. Are there ways to make it easier? Why are some products and methods used over others? Baker Sandoval Cleaning presents lots of helpful tips for cleaning your house the right way!

House Cleaning Tips & Secrets

1. Sponges vs. microfiber cloths. Sponges harbor microscopic germs regardless of how clean they smell. For this reason, you should stay away from using them and use microfiber cloths instead. These cloths are better at cleaning and can be thrown in the washing machine and dry quickly which means they won’t be holding onto germs.
2. Brooms vs. vacuums. Brooms will only move dust and dirt around instead of picking it up. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner rather than a broom to get it all picked up. Just make sure it’s in good working order. Clean the roller brush from time to time and replace the HEPA filters. The suction of your vacuum cleaner will be less effective if you don’t maintain it.
3. Floor cleaner vs. floor steamer. Floor cleaners are a good option to get your floors clean, but floor steamers are fabulous for added clean. They are great at removing stains from ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring because they get extremely hot. Hot enough to kill lingering bacteria in areas that can hard to get at or grout. If a whole family gets sick it can leave germs everywhere. Steam clean to rid your home of them.
4. Toilet brush vs. disposable toilet wands. The life of a toilet brush stinks. It cleans toilets and then gets put back in a holder to sit in germs. Using disposable toilet wands is much more sanitary they have cleaners built right into them. They also scrub better and won’t have unwanted germs hanging around in your freshly cleaned bathroom.
5. Brand name cleaners vs. make your own cleaners. You may be surprised to learn that the cleaners you can make at home work better than the ones you buy at the store. Simple products like vinegar and rubbing alcohol make great cleaning solutions.

House Cleaning Mistakes

Not cleaning from top to bottom. Leaving your dusty ceiling fans for the end of the cleaning day means you’ll have dust all over your vacuumed floors.
Forgetting to turn off the brush roller on your vacuum when you switch to hard floors. Leaving the brush on while have you vacuum hard floors will have dust and debris blowing everywhere.
Cleaning windows on a sunny day. The added heat can cause cleaners to dry before you wipe them and leave streaks behind.
Not allowing tile cleaner to sit a few minutes before scrubbing. When you allow these cleaners to sit for a few minutes they can soften and dissolve soap scum and stains which means less scrubbing.

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If you’re having a hard time fitting house cleaning in then call Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We’re in the business of cleaning and we do it well. Our professional cleaning services will have your home looking fabulous! Give us a call today!

I think we can all vouch for the peace of mind that comes from a clean house. Did you know that an unclean house can have real negative effects on your overall mental and emotional health? Study after study have proven that people that are in a clean environment are all-around healthier than those that live in the midst of clutter and disarray. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about the ways that tidiness can improve your mental health and well being.

Effects of Clutter on Stress & Mental Health

Clutter means much more to our brain that a messy room. Through many studies, scientists have been able to prove that when an environment is cluttered, your brain literally can’t process information as well as a tidy space. The chaos that is surrounding you restricts your ability to focus on the tasks at hand. It has also been proven that you are easily distracted by the clutter surrounding you.

Physical Activity & a Clean Home

Your brain isn’t the only part of you that will benefit from a tidy home. Research has also shown that those who live in a tidy home are more physically active than those that don’t. This means that your overall health will benefit from a clean house. Who knew that keeping your home cleaner could also strengthen your heart and other vital parts of your body to function more efficiently through physical activity.

Benefits of Having a Clean Work Environment

If you are looking for ways to improve the performance of your employees, try tidying things up. This has been proven to unleash any inner creativity that is having a hard time making its way out. It won’t, by any means, create any ideas that aren’t already there, but it will however get rid of any clutter in the brain that is suppressing out of the box thinking.

Messy House Can Be Linked to Depression

There are many women out there that live in perfectly tidy homes. There are also many that don’t. There was a study performed by the scientific journal titled Personality and Psychology Bulletin that measured the way that 60 women spoke about their homes. In this study, it showed that those that expressed their homes as full of unfinished projects and clutter were more likely to be depressed than those that lived in a neat and tidy home. There have been scientific studies that have shown that women with a cluttered home have high levels of the hormone cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

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If you find that you are struggling to keep your home neat and tidy with your busy lifestyle and work schedule, let the cleaning experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning help. We can clean, organize and help you remove any clutter that is causing your emotional health to suffer. Let us assist you in tidying up your home to provide you with a space that you can be your most productive and physically fit self. Call us today!

Adding on a bedroom or remodeling your kitchen is exciting and a great way to add equity to your home. However, when you go through a remodeling project, it can add a thick layer of dust and debris to your entire home. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about the benefits that you may find come with hiring a professional cleaning service to wipe away the mess left behind by your remodeling project.

Save Time When You Hire Professional Cleaners

Remodeling can leave behind a layer of construction dust all over the entire house, even the rooms that aren’t being remodeled. The time it takes to remove all the mess left behind your remodeling project can take a considerable amount of time. When you hire a professional cleaning company to take care of the mess, you get that time back and still end up with a beautifully clean home. Time is money and you want it spent well with those that are most important to you.

Professional Cleaning Results; it’s Worth it!

Even if you do tackle the post-construction cleanup on your own, you may not have that professional touch you are looking for. A professional cleaning service will leave your home cleaner than your home was before all the construction started; removing dirt and grime you didn’t even realize was there. You can count on the cracks and crevices that you may have overlooked, getting a thorough clean.

Post Remodeling Dirt Removed

Even when you do remodel projects outside your home, like exterior painting, or even very light remodeling projects, dirt and dust will surely be accumulating inside your home more than it normally would. Having your space cleaned after any exterior painting or light remodeling will give you that fresh start you’re looking for.

Health Benefits of Being Clean & Organized

When the fine dust from a remodel is left in your home it can have health implications. The dust is a major allergen for many people and will cause all sorts of allergy symptoms. If anyone in your home suffers from respiratory illnesses or asthma, you could benefit greatly from the removal of remodeling dust.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Advantage

Not only do you need to have your home professionally cleaned after a remodel project, but you want to choose a company that uses eco-friendly cleaning methods. Some of the harsh chemicals used to clean in the past have negative effects on the environment and your health.

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At Baker Sandoval Cleaning, we offer our customers exceptional cleaning services for any post construction project. We believe in cleaning only with eco-friendly cleaning methods that are environmentally responsible and won’t cause any harm to you or those that you love. We will deliver cleaning services that exceed your expectations and leave your home sparkling. You won’t see any trace of the construction chaos that has been taking over your home for months. Call us today for more information about our post construction cleaning services today!

Frequently stemming from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), hoarding can become a serious problem. Whether intervention or admitting to a problem leads to rectifying the situation, when it comes to cleanup, it needs to be conducted cautiously and delicately. The cleansing is a part of the mental healing, and the cleanup itself can easily involve hazards that need be treated with safety. With this in mind, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to discuss the basics in hoard cleanup.

Protective Clothing During Hoarding Clean Up

The project has the potential to be dangerously harmful to your health involving a home that is a central point of hoarding. It is important that you dress and protect yourself during a hoard cleanup if you opt to do it yourself. Professionals performing a hoard cleanup service will wear protective clothing, gloves, and respiratory protection gear during a cleanup.

Hoarding Health Risks; Respiratory Problems, Diseases & More

A few examples of the common issues found within a hoard are staph viruses including MRSA, E. Coli, bacteria, hanta virus, and histoplasmosis. Anything that is deemed unsalvageable, no matter if it is sentimental attachment or if it is just another generic household item, needs to be properly disposed of during the cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing process.

Consequences of Hoarding

Studies show that 40% of hoarders in documented cases have included animals in their hoard. Hoarders will collect multiple animals as well as the other items they hoard. Due to living conditions and the insufficient care, the likelihood of these animals contracting disease is fairly high. Literally everything is up for grabs when people hoard and there are not any specifics. For those cleaning up hoards, there are several uncovered hazards that are quite serious; some examples are included below.
– Structural Damage
– Sharp Implements, Medical Needles
– Rotting Food
– Mold
– Excessive Dust Volumes –Significantly impacting the indoor air quality.
– Asbestos
– Animals (Domestic or Wildlife) Alive or Deceased
– Animal and Human Waste

Hoarder Cleaning Checklist

Consider professional assistance when it comes time for the hoard to be cleaned up. You put yourself at a high risk with the assortment of hazardous factors when dealing with a hoard. For methodically and organized techniques, specialists not only have the expertise and training, but they have the necessary equipment, gear, and expertise. Below you will find some tips when cleaning up a hoarder’s home if you take on the task.
1) Prepare and Protect Yourself. It is essential that you protect yourself with personal protective equipment throughout all phases of cleanup. Invest in a disposable mask to sufficiently avoid breathing in dangerous toxins, heavy long sleeve shirts, durable full length pants, and quality shoes or boots to offer a barrier for your skin, and heavy puncture resistant gloves to avoid exposure to contamination. Consider hard hats, biohazard suits, and purifying full face respiratory masks if you have access and the means.
2) Hoard needs be Divided into Three Categories. The hoard has 3 distinct categories; the valuables you intend to keep, the items that can be sold or donated, and the third is trash and unsalvageable possessions. Things that are broken beyond prepare or contaminated need to be properly discarded and anything that hasn’t been used in over 12 months should be donated or sold.
3) Don’t Clean Up Alone. Hoard cleanups are an extensive job and nearly impossible to do it alone. If you have friends and family, the cleanup will be more efficient. For more effective hoard cleanup, consider a professional.

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When you have a hoard home that needs the hand of a professional, call in the experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our specialists take care of the hoard for you.

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