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Hiring a cleaning company comes with expectations. After all, if you’re paying a company to clean your home or office and you want it done right. Does the company you have right now meet certain expectations? If not, you may want to look elsewhere.

What to Expect from Your Cleaning Service

Cleaning Consistency. Whether your cleaning company is consistent is very important. They should be on time and provide the same service each time they come. The routine should be the same and they should be more than happy to accommodate any changes you would like to make to the routine.
Communication. Next, you need to have a company that can communicate. Are they easy to talk to and get a hold of? Are they open to suggestions and/or concerns you might have? This is a critical step, more so if you own a business.
Cleaning Confidence. Your cleaning company should be confident in the job they do. You should be able to trust them too, because trust is necessary in maintaining a viable relationship with the cleaning company. They should also need to be fully licensed, insured and bonded.
Value for Money. Another important consideration is whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth. Everyone wants to make sure they’re getting what they’re paying for. Lower prices don’t always mean you’re saving money if the job isn’t great. Cleaning companies should exceed our expectations.

Keeping Your Cleaning Expectations in Check

Your cleaning company cannot read your mind. They will have their own checklist that they will go through when they clean, but if there are other things you would like done, you’ll need to let them know. You may want a one-time request, like cleaning a guest room or extra cleaning anywhere else in your home. They should be more than happy to do it, but there may be an additional charge; you just have to ask. You may need to be very specific if there is a certain way you want something done. The more detailed you are the happier you will be with results. The cleaning company wants you to be happy because happy customers stay customers longer and give referrals too. You will need to realize that perfection may not be possible. You may need to assess if your standards are attainable if you continue to find yourself disappointed. If a task is beyond what they can provide they should tell you and there will be some tasks that will require more time and effort, like grout cleaning for example. Keep in mind that cleaning services are there to clean your home or workplace, not transform them. If your bathtub is beyond cleaning, you can’t expect it to look like new unless it’s replaced.

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Especially to the non-smoker, the smell of cigarette smoke can be ghastly. The odor from excessive cigarette smoking can make those sensitive to the fumes, reduced to coughing, gagging, and even nausea. Whether you are moving into a home that is a rental or you are buying it, the smells of the cigarette smoke can be overwhelming. To help you neutralize any dominating cigarette smoke odors, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share some ways you can neutralize the smell of cigarette smoke.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal Tips

1) How to Get Smoke Out of Hard Surfaces. Cigarette smoke residues left on the surfaces are contributing to the intensity of the odors. Ceilings and walls wiped down with warm soapy water can help remove some of the residues in addition to the dust and cobwebs. Consider repainting the walls and ceiling if these surfaces continue to resonate with cigarette smoke and pre-treat them sealant to avoid the odors escaping through the new paint. Disinfect the approved surfaces with bleach to disinfect and remove odors. If you are uncertain about the reaction to bleach, perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the color of the surface is uncompromised. Windows should be cleaned, fixtures, and any pre-existing custom fitted blinds cleaned.
2) How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from Wood Surfaces. Long term exposure to cigarette odors absorbs into wooden surfaces such as hardwood floors, trim work, built-in bookcases, and cabinets for example. Treat them with citrus wood friendly cleaners to help neutralize the odors.
3) Best Carpet Cleaner for Cigarette Smoke. Cigarette smoke can easily seep into the porous carpet fibers, another major contributor to intensity of the odors. Fighting the carpet odors can be a challenge as it requires a deep carpet cleaning. If you choose to attempt this task on your own be sure the detergent is targeting odors. To more effectively neutralize cigarette smoking smells, a professional carpet cleaning is recommended.
4) How to Get Cigarette Smoke Out of Fabrics. Generally applying to rentals, cloth-made lamp shades, the cloth-made blinds, curtains, and drapes that have accumulated the cigarette odors will also require attention to help rid your home of the cigarette stench. Make a solution of equal parts warm water and white vinegar to mist these fabrics and let the mixture sit for 19 minutes at most to avoid altering the colors of the fabrics.
5) Cigarette Smoke Air Purifier. The air needs to be purified as well to remove the cigarette smells from the home. Open the windows to ventilate the poor air and introduce fresh air inside. White vinegar can help neutralize odors. Place a bowl in the middle of every room, preferably in a location where if kids or pests are present they cannot disrupt them, and allow them to sit for several hours. With the help of an air purifier in the commonly occupied rooms, you can hasten the process. Citrus peeling can also combat odors. You can boil lemon or orange peelings for a more traditional approach. Finally be sure to replace the air filters as a lot of ash and odor residues can be trapped in the filters, even if they do not look like they need to b replaced.

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Cigarette odors can be a challenge to get out of many surfaces. If you are moving into a new home and want the assistance of our experts, call in the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let us perform our move in services to get your home cleaner, sterilized, and deodorized!

Moving into a pre-owned home, whether it is a rental or your own home, has a low likelihood that the previous tenants took the time to thoroughly clean after they moved out. When the living space has been cleared of the clutter and possessions, and maybe at best the hair from the sink was removed and maybe the carpets were half-heartedly vacuumed, the initial presentation might give the illusion of clean. But once you have the keys in hand and you take a closer look, you might see excessive dust on the baseboards, window sills, and ceiling fan, the cabinets, drawers, and pantry littered with trash and crumbs, some questionable residues on the windows and mirrors, and perhaps even some potent odors emitting from the fridge. It is far from clean to say the least. With that in mind, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to suggest some cleaning tasks you conduct prior to moving in.

How to Deep Clean and Apartment or House After Moving in

You may need to plan for a few days of cleaning before move-in day, depending on how many hours you can dedicate to the cause a day, but these jobs would be better done before the boxes start to come in.
Cleaning Bathrooms: Arm yourself with your favorite disinfectant cleaner, glass cleaner, and toilet cleaner. If there is a window, open it up to help ventilate the cleaning chemicals, or at the least switch on the exhaust fan. The light switch, light fixtures, counter tubs, toilet’s exterior, plumbing fixtures, towel rack, toilet paper rack, tub/shower and any other surface should be treated with the disinfectant spray and thoroughly wiped down. Use a flexible duster to remove the dust from the exhaust fan, light fixtures, ceiling and walls, complete with removing the cob webs. If there are any spots on the walls, use warm soapy water to clean it off. We recommend replacing the toilet seat, but if you chose not to be sure to disinfect the seat and the exterior bowl, tank, and handle; clean the inside of the bowl with your toilet cleaner. Shine the mirrors and if the shower has a glass door, hit that as well with the glass diner. Remove all manner of trash and debris from the cabinets, medicine cabinets, and drawers; a shop vac can make easy work if you have one available. In accordance with the type of floor that is in the bathroom, sweep and mop the floor. A professional deep clean might be in order if the previous owner neglected the service. It will remove all the grit and grime, making the grout look bright and fresh.
Kitchen Cleaning: Begin the kitchen with the appliances, clean both interior and exterior of the microwave, refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, vent hood, and so on. We recommend you pulling out the fridge and cleaning behind it as well. Touch up on the cupboards and drawers, removing the trash and debris from inside, and wiping down the exterior. Use your disinfectant spray to wipe down all the surfaces. With the flexible duster, dust the ceiling fan, light fixtures, walls, ceiling, and baseboards. Finish the kitchen with off by sweeping and mopping the floor according to the type of flooring.
Miscellaneous Clean Up: With the flexible duster, clear the dust from window sills, baseboards, walls, ceiling, ceilings fans, and other surfaces throughout the house. Clean the windows and mirrors. If any blinds remained, use a vacuum and the upholstery attachment to remove the layers of dust from the surface. Clean the storage space, closets, linen closets and so forth. Go through the house with your disinfectant spray and wipe down door knobs, light switches and other such surfaces. Vacuum any carpets and sweep any other remaining floors; mop where applicable.

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We know there is more to clean than one might think, and it can be very time consuming. To help alleviate all the burdens you carry from moving, working, and other responsibilities, let the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning provide our move-in cleaning service to ensure your home is clean, disinfected, and deodorized before you move in. Contact us for all your house cleaning and janitorial needs!

When you go and clean your house you likely have a routine. You make sure that you have time to clean the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, dust and much more. The cleaning that is done is a house is usually the same day after day and week after week. The great thing is that you are cleaning only after your family members. The difference when you are cleaning a commercial or office building is that you are cleaning after the public too. That can really mean two different things. One is that you don’t clean as well as you do your own house because you don’t live there. The other is that you might miss places that are extremely important to clean when you are dealing with the public and shared spaces.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Lists Areas You Want to Make Sure Are Cleaned in an Office Workplace or Commercial Building

Cleaning Office Doors: It may seem like an area that can easily be skipped. You might go around your home when cleaning and disinfect the handles which is the main area that is touched. This is great but when you have doors in an office whether they are entry doors or interior doors you want to clean them. Many people are using these doors to gain access and that is a lot of germs that are covering. When you enter a business you might not always touch the same spot as someone else. Often the doors have a push bar that you can use. That does not mean that people don’t also push on the rest of the door. That is why you need to make sure that the doors are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. It will help to keep germs from spreading around the office. A healthy office is a productive office.
Clean Phones & Dust Desks: When you go to work you are usually using an office phone. These phones are stationary on the desk and can be shared by several people. The germs that are on hands are more than you might think. Not to mention the receiver goes straight up to your face. That is the most susceptible area to become infected with germs. You also want to make sure that the desks are cleaned off as well and not skipped. When someone enters your office they will put their hands and other items on their desk. If you are worried about germs that are being spread around the office then cleaning the desk is important.
Break Room Cleanliness: The break room is a space that all the employees will use when they want to grab cold water or heat up their lunch. That is a lot of people in a small space. Some offices will have the staff take turns cleaning the items in the sink but that is not enough. You need to have the floors, counters and other surfaces cleaned regularly.

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