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There are many differences when it comes to the cleaning details of your commercial facility. Differences between janitorial and commercial cleaning services as well as the distinctions with cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. For any business to maintain a clean appearance and a healthy environment, janitorial work is essential and commercial cleaning important when the remote, heavy duty tasks pop up throughout the year. With that being said, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like on expound on the various contrasts.

Janitors Know Proper Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing

To effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases, cross-contamination, and where each is applicable, the janitorial staff knows the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Cleaning, using a form of soap and water, removes the germs physically from the surface, in addition to the dust, dirt, and debris removal. Cleaning doesn’t necessarily kill the germs, but it does lower their numbers by removing them. As a result, cleaning reduces the odds of spreading infection. Disinfecting uses the appropriate chemicals, to kill the germs. However, disinfecting applications doesn’t undoubtedly clean the surfaces. After cleaning the surface, disinfecting will eliminate the majority of the germs, significantly reducing the risk of spreading infections. Sanitizing at the standards required by the public health kills the greatest number of germs to safe level. By either cleaning or disinfecting, sanitizing lowers the risk of spreading infection.

Janitors Are Likely Housekeepers While Commercial Cleaning is Deeper

As mentioned, janitorial services take care of the routine cleaning class and commercial cleaning get involved in the extensive jobs that are done a few times a year. The commercial cleaning will due the deep carpet cleaning twice a year or so where janitorial services do the regular vacuuming. Janitorial services keep your workspace clean and well maintained daily or routinely weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your companies needs. The presentation of your business is kept immaculate and ready for customers, colleagues, and other visitors that come through. Janitorial companies work close with their clients and will provide general cleaning or work with customized packages to ensure your business’s cleaning demands are met to your satisfaction.

Janitor Duties VS Commercial Cleaning Duties

Using safe and effective cleaning products and equipment, the janitorial companies are trained to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and maintain clean and sanitary conditions. Trash is emptied, restrooms are cleaned, employee break rooms and/or kitchens are serviced, the surfaces are all dusted, hard floors are swept and mopped, and carpets are vacuumed with general janitorial cleaning services. As mentioned, the extensive cleaning jobs that are not done on a routine basis are where the commercial cleaning services come into play. They can handle the deeper cleaning projects that need done throughout the year or help prepare special events where you may need specialty cleaning projects done. Deep hard surface floor cleaning, furniture and upholstery, window washing, deep carpet cleaning, and even power washing are a few tasks done by the commercial cleaning team.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning has experience to take care of a wide range of janitorial cleaning and commercial cleaning throughout the Greater Boulder, Colorado area. When you need your business cleaned on a routine business or deep cleaned a few times a year, our experienced crew can take care of your company’s cleaning needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Offices are where many people spend most of their time. It may surprise you to learn where the dirtiest places in an office are and it really doesn’t matter how careful everyone is. An office is the perfect place for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms to thrive. Surfaces and floors get taken care of daily, but there are many other areas that need to be disinfected to keep germs from hiding. If these areas aren’t taken care of correctly then germs will continue to spread back and forth for weeks. Employees are in danger of getting sick. When employees are sick, they are less productive, and they’ll take more sick days. To fix this problem you need to be aware of where bacteria hides and make sure these areas get cleaned properly.

Dirtiest Areas in an Office with the Most Germs & Bacteria

Bacterial Growth on Computer Keyboard & Mouse. Most office workers have their own computer and keyboard, but there are many that have shared workspaces and that means computers might just be the dirtiest items in an office. The keyboard is a lot dirtier than the computer and can have 3,295 germs per square inch! People are breathing on them, sneezing on them and many people don’t wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. Gross! Germs will just keep accumulating and get transferred to the next worker that happens to use it.
Germs on Office Stationery Equipment. There are many shared tools in an office setting. These tools are touched constantly causing germs to spread and bacteria to grow. These shared tools include; calculators, phones, tablets, remote controls and cell phones. Desk phones can have up to 25,127 germs per square inch!
Germ Infested Office Break Rooms. All the surfaces in a communal kitchen are rarely wiped down every day and unless these all get disinfected daily, germs will grow. While sinks and counters usually get wiped down every day, the faucets that are touched all day long rarely are. The fridge might be squeaky clean but do the handles ever get wiped down? Germs can easily hide on handles that aren’t disinfected properly. But the area that might be the worst in a shared kitchen might just be the coffee area. The container that the old sweetener and cream are touched multiple times a day and are probably never wiped down. When a fresh pot of coffee is made, the pot usually only gets rinsed out and the handle will stay dirty for who knows how long!

Sanitary Debate; Paper Towels VS Cloth

Proper cleaning of these areas need an antibacterial cleaner and clean cloths every time. Paper towels will do the job, but in the long run you save money by reusing cloths. Fold cloths into fourths to avoid spreading germs. After one surface on each side has been used, it can then be refolded to use a clean surface. There’s even a towel on the market to help make this system foolproof. The surfaces are numbered 1 thru 8 to ensure you get the most out of the cloth. Genius idea!

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There are many benefits to maintaining a clean office. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning for expert janitorial cleaning.

The lifespan of germs can vary dramatically, depending on the different types of bacteria. For example, E.coli can survive up to 24 hours. Depending on the different surfaces, the different germs and bacteria settles on, can also dictate how long it can survive. There are quite a few common materials that harbor these germs and if you clean them frequently enough, you can avoid spreading and contamination. We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like share the common culprits of these different germs and how frequently to clean them.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting to Get Rid of Germs & Bacteria on Surfaces

1) Sheets. Dead skin cells that naturally shed from our bodies as we sleep are food for a host of bacteria, fungi, and mites and even though most are clean when they slide into bed, these contaminates can cause skin irritation and eventually lead to other health concerns. Machine wash all of your bedding in hot water every 2 weeks and dry well before folding or replacing. For blankets that don’t get a a lot of use, tossing them in the dry once a month can kill any germs that might attach if they are still reasonably clean.
2) Towels. Towels are a magnet for the microbes in kitchens, bathrooms, and the gyn. The kitchen hand towels are subject to raw meat, unclean food, and dirty hands. Bathroom towels are exposed to the humid environments that promote bacteria and fungus growth. Machine wash towels, hand towels, and wash cloths in hot water with vinegar or bleach (where applicable). The towels used in the kitchen, are the highest risk to contamination and should be washed promptly. Bathroom towels can be used 2 or 3 times before they need laundering and gym towels should washed after a day at the gym.
2) Floors. Bare feet or even socks and shoes can track in the germs. The more people in your house the more germs are being tracked inside after the day of routine traveling. Slowly vacuum the carpets daily to capture all the dirt, debris, and contaminates. Areas that have low traffic can be minimized to vacuuming once a week. Hard surface floors should be swept daily and mopped as often as needed; don’t neglect the corners and crevices. A good wash is recommended every two weeks at the minimum if you spot clean and keep them swept. Kitchens and bathrooms need the most attention and disinfectants.
3) Kitchen Sink. The sink is constantly in contact with moisture and food particles, making it one of the most concentrated areas for pathogens, microbes, and bacteria. Mix equal parts water and rubbing alcohol and spray the sink daily to kill off the germs and give it a nice shine. Extend the sponge’s use by dropping it in boiling water for 2 minutes. Spray the sink down after each use and bathe the sponges every 5-7 days.
4) Door Knobs, Light Switches & Railings. These surfaces are the most touched as people enter and exit the various rooms and germs are not going anywhere but getting spread. Damp a cloth in warm soapy water and wipe down these surfaces at least a week, or use disinfectant wipes.
5) Refrigerator Coils. Where this surface doesn’t necessarily harbor germs and bacteria, the fridge depends on the coils to maintain temperatures to protect the food. Most people forget the coils and more often than not, a quick cleaning is enough to repair the refrigerator when it is not performing to its full potential. Vacuum the coils or use a brush to free them from the debris. Depending on the model, the coils are either behind the fridge or under it. Do this quick 5 minute task every three months.

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These common hosts of germs and bacteria need to be cleaned to avoid spreading and contamination on other surfaces. You will significantly reduce health risks by including these duties in your cleaning routine. If you find you need help with the cleaning, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and we will schedule routine services in your home or business!

Vinyl and linoleum flooring requires diligence maintenance and care and even then, the effects of aging can quickly become unsightly. Scratches, wear and tear can be minimized and the luster and shine can be maintained with routine cleaning and periodic waxing. However, a dingy-yellowish discoloration that looks beyond filth will eventually develop when the wax builds up. To prevent the eyesore, stripping the wax every so often and reapplying a few coats of fresh wax is ideal. We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to relate some basic steps in the care of your vinyl and linoleum floor.

Stripping Vinyl Floors to Remove Old Wax Buildup

1) In a pail fill 2 gallons of hot water; add 2 cups ammonia and ½ cup dishwasher detergent mix until the detergent is dissolved.
2) Using a sponge mop, moderately distribute the solution on the surface of the entire floor.
3) After the mixture has been left for 15 minutes, use the scrubber edge of the mop to scrub the floor.
4) Following the completion of the scrubbing, use an old towel to sop up the excess moisture. To make the scrubbing and moisture removal easier, consider sectioning the floor to make the process more methodical.
5) Around the edges, corners, and anywhere else that the buildup has more accumulation, you may need to get down on your hands and knees with a firm scrubbing brush or a scrubbing pad and some extra strength to get the mass removed.
6) Use hot water to completely rinse the cleaning solution and lingering wax residues from the surface.
7) Ensure the floor is completely dry by thoroughly running a rag or towel over it.

How Do You Strip Wax Off Linoleum Floors?

1) In a pail fill 1 gallon of white vinegar; add 1 cup of cream of tartar and stir it until completely it dissolves.
2) For methodical and easy cleaning, section cleans the floor and scrub by hand in circular motions.
3) As you scrub a section, use a damp cloth to wipe the area clean of excess moisture as you go until you complete the whole floor.
4) For the areas that are more stubborn, you may have to use extra strength and repeat the scrubbing and wiping steps a few times to remove the heavier buildup.
5) Use hot water and a scrubber mop to go over the entire floor to rinse it down.
6) Completely dry the floor with an old towel.

Additional Floor Cleaning Tips

1) To avoid heavier buildup on both your vinyl and linoleum, deeply clean the wax accumulation 3-4 times a year to keep the wax buildup from getting out of hand.
2) Do not neglect reading the labels and make sure it is safe for your particular floor’s material if you choose to utilize premade commercial made products. Always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to be sure the floor or the color is not compromised.
3) Once the floors are efficiently dry apply the coats of wax in accordance to the label’s directions.

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Removing the wax buildup and ensuring the floor is clean and dry and then following it up with wax coats can be time consuming and laboring. Instead of trying to invest the time and physical stress into the project, call in the professionals of Bakers Sandoval Cleaning and let our experts get it done quickly and efficiently, leaving your vinyl and linoleum floor looking superior!

When your home is clean but you skip the floors most people know that it just never looks its best. The floor is something that is a large surface in the home and when you neglect it your eye goes straight to it. Most homes have several types of flooring that is used throughout. You might have carpet, tile and hardwood to name just a few. When it comes to tile there are several types of tile floors that you can have. Tile is just the name that is given to any hard piece that is cut and affixed to the floor or other area of the house. You may have tile that is ceramic, porcelain and even a natural stone. One of the most common types of tile that is used in homes happens to be ceramic. It is easy to find something that you want in terms of color, texture and size. That is because the tile is manmade and that means the possibilities are virtually endless. When it comes to cleaning your tile floors you want to make sure you use the right method. If you do not use the right method and cleaning technique you could cause damage to your floors.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Lists Tips on the Best Ways to Deep Clean Tile & Grout Floors

Clear Tile of All Dirt & Debris: The first step that you need to take when you are cleaning your tile floors is to take time to clear all the debris that is on the floor. This can be dirt and other pieces of debris such as food. You want to use your broom to sweep up all the debris from the floor and pick it up with a dust pan. You can also use your vacuum as long as it has a setting to allow you to run over hard floors. This is a very important step because if you choose to leave the debris and dirt on the floor it will act as an abrasive. The abrasive is just like sandpaper that will leave scratches and grooves on the tile flooring. Be sure that you do a good job at removing the dirt and other debris.
Remove Stains from Tile: Another really important part of keeping your tile clean is to know what to do if you have a spill. You know that a spill in your carpet needs your attention right away. The spill can soak into the carpet and the backing staining the carpet. The same goes for your tile floors as well. The liquid spills that are on your tile will also stain the tile too. You want to be sure that you clean any stains up as soon as you can. The spill can stain not only the tile but the grout as well.
Tile Cleaner Method: The next step you can take is to use the right cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is a cup of white vinegar mixed in a gallon of warm water. You can then use this solution and a mop to clean the entire floor. Be sure that you rinse the mop off regularly so that you are not spreading the dirty water all over the rest of the floor.

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