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When it comes to the floors at your commercial space in Greater Boulder, Colorado it is important that you not only have them professionally cleaned but also maintained. There is a difference and you want to talk to a professional about what that means when it comes to the type of floors you have. The amount of flooring that is in a commercial space is usually quite a bit more than in a house. That is why maintenance is key and also why you want to avoid needing to replace them prematurely. The cost to replace floors much outweighs the cost of having them maintained. You want to make sure that you use the right method and understand the reasons for having your floors maintained.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Explains Why You Need to Have Your Commercial Floors Maintained

VCT Floor Maintenance: There are lots of businesses that have what is called VCT floors which stands for vinyl composite tile. The floor is a very affordable option and is great in places such as schools, convenience stores and other commercial locations. The tile is not great when it has just been laid and installed but the result is best when the floors have been waxed. This is the process when the floors have a layer of wax that is placed across the tile. Then the wax is sealed and polished to leave a beautiful shiny finish. Keeping them clean is one thing but maintenance is another. The maintenance for a VCT floor means that the floors are stripped of their wax coating and then a fresh layer is put on. The wax is then again polished and you can go about your normal business. The reasons you need to do this is because the wax can start to become dingy and dirty and stained. All the cleaning in the world will not remove the mess.
Natural Stone Tile Floor Restoration: There are some tiles that are important to have them maintained. If you have chosen to have a natural stone floor in your commercial space it is a beautiful and elegant option. The cost is more than a VCT floor and you still need to ensure that the maintenance is done. Depending in the type of stone that you have it can start to stain, chip and dull which is why you want to add polishing and refinishing to the list of maintenance to your floors. This will correct the staining and chips and will give you the shine that you want.
Concrete Cleaning & Sealing: A fairly standard option for a large commercial space is concrete floors. It is a very good option if you know that the flow of traffic and staining will be excessive. Standard concrete is great but if you are using it for your commercial space you want to make sure that it is cleaned and sealed. This will give you the best chance to keep them clean and protected.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers VCT stripping and waxing to keep your commercial floors maintained. Call us today to make an appointment.

Studies have been conducted to evaluate the germs and bacteria that is thriving inside an average residential bathroom. The results tell us there is far more than most people care to know about. In short, the bathroom is the dirtiest room in a home, followed by the kitchen. Where a bathroom is the place we go to clean ourselves, it doesn’t sit well that it is filled with germs and bacteria, right? For those who want to leave a bathroom cleaner than they went in, Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share a few tips on bathroom cleaning and tell you about some of the most neglected areas that don’t leave you as clean as you thought.

Disinfectant Cleaners for Bathroom Surfaces

We will either take a shower or bath to clean ourselves every day. However, shower heads, faucets, tubs and showers are all teaming with bacteria and fungus, such as the early stages of mold and mildew. Starting with these places, it is important to clean the bathtub and shower walls with a strong disinfectant cleaner. However, do not neglect the faucet or shower head. There are a number of commercial cleaners that you can use for cleaning the shower or bathing area. You can also use homemade cleaners as well.

Removing Soap Scum

For those with tile showers, floors, or countertops, you will want to focus on cleaning the grout. You can clean grout with bleach or vinegar using a toothbrush. If there isn’t a lot of soap scum around the bathroom you can kill germs and bacteria by just using bleach. However, if there is hard water build up or soap scum, you will need to clean that differently. If you need to clean soap scum, mix together 1 cup of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap in 2 cups of water to create a butter like paste and apply it to the soap scum and let it sit on the surface for 15 to 30 minutes. Afterward, use a scrub brush to clean the tile and grout. The faucet should also be cleaned regularly. Soak the shower head in a bowl of water and vinegar to kill any bacteria and hard water build up on the shower head.

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaner

Sinks may look clean, however the faucet, faucet handles, and the drain are teaming with bacteria, germs and yeast. Again, clean the faucets and the handles with a sanitizing cleaner and don’t forget the drains. To clean the drains, pour some baking soda into the drain followed by vinegar then cover the drain for a few minutes. Start boiling some water then pour it down the drain to kill and clear the drains of obstruction and bacteria.

Clean Toilet & Bowl Properly

Toilets are another major component to the bathroom, and it goes without saying that it is very dirty. When cleaning a toilet, make sure to wipe down the outside all over the bottom, top and sides. The entire exterior needs to be wiped down with a disinfectant cleaner. Most people will remember to also clean the inside of the bowl as well, but what about the seat? Remember to not just clean the top of the toilet seat but lift it up and clean underneath the seat as it is there that has the most exposure to germs and bacteria.

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In order to combat germs, fungus, and bacteria in a bathroom, it is important to clean bathrooms regularly, and this means at least once a week. Additionally, it helps to prevent mold or mildew growth if you wipe down and dry the surface of the shower walls or bath tubs and other surfaces that are regularly exposed to water every time you’re finished bathing. If you need help deep cleaning your home or business, or need help preparing your home for a special occasion or party, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

There are a number of work environments and each may require a different level or standard of cleaning. Many small businesses require their employees to manage and keep their areas clean. Others may hire an occasional cleaning service. However, what many businesses or commercial centers need is a full time janitorial cleaning service. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share the major signs your commercial building needs a janitorial services.

Signs Your Office Needs Janitorial Services

Neglected Offices or Break Rooms – When the work environment is the same as yesterday or continues to get more cluttered or dirty each day, this is a sign of a neglected working environment. Break rooms, bathrooms, or customer areas that are regularly dirty isn’t good for business or productivity. When a commercial setting is rarely cleaned and unorganized, this more often than means it’s time to step up the building maintenance. This is where a janitorial service is needed. If you want to work in a commercial center with clean offices, bathrooms, break rooms, and customer areas, you need a janitor and not just an occasional cleaning service.
Constantly Short of Supplies – When you use the bathroom and there is never any extra toilet paper, paper towels, liners in the trash bins and don’t have extra supplies, this is another common sign extra help is needed. Over time supplies are quickly consumed and unless someone is in charge of maintaining supplies you will have an office without the most basic of supplies. Janitorial services don’t just keep the commercial building and its various rooms clean, sanitized, and organized, they stock them as well. They will often leave extra general supplies that are geared towards the nature of the building. In this way it is always stocked and maintained. All supplies are organized and easily accessed.
Minor Workplace Accidents – A messy work place or commercial center that isn’t very clean or cluttered will have frequent minor accidents. When the area isn’t organized and clean with cleared walking space, this can spell trouble. Many accidents or minor injuries can and have occurred. There is no need for a random obstacle course in the work place to help reduce injury or accident. Having a regular janitorial service will make a major difference.
Benefits of a Janitorial Service – When you have a janitorial service your business building or commercial center will always be clean, well stocked and be a safer environment. However, there are still many benefits beside these basic reasons. A clean and organized office or work place can help improve productivity among the employees. It has been reported that the work environment greatly affects those working. A clean and orderly commercial or retail center improves the flow of customers and clients which helps the success of the business.

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There are many types of businesses that will benefit from a janitorial service including gyms and fitness centers, retail as well as commercial, churches, and even schools can benefit. All of them often need a janitorial service. If your business or office is showing signs of neglect, disorder, lack of supplies, or is becoming an ever more dangerous work place, consider seeking help from a professional cleaning service. Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides many services including janitorial services. We can regularly provide a clean and safe environment for commercial properties. To begin your ongoing janitorial service, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

Cleaning and disinfecting are very important when it comes to medical environments. These two aspects are imperative to preventing infection. It can be difficult to maintain a clean office environment. The good news is that if you have the right cleaning practices in place you will have a clean healthcare facility.

Difference Between Cleaning VS Disinfecting

Many of us assume that cleaning and disinfecting are the same thing, but they aren’t. Cleaning means removing dirt from surfaces. Dirt can contain germs like Influenza, Salmonella and E. coli. Disinfecting will kill these germs. When good cleaning practices are in place, disinfecting is more effective. Products on the market today combine the cleaning and disinfecting process. Make sure the products you are using are multipurpose and have hospital-grade disinfectants in them. These products can remove a broad range of soils as well as disinfect at the same time. They are effective at getting the job done right. Using these multipurpose products will also save you time and money because you won’t need to buy multiple products. For cleaning of critical care units and operating rooms, be sure that guidelines are followed for local and regional government agencies to ensure proper cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization.

Hospital & Medical Practice Protocols

It’s important for staff to be educated in cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Create a checklist of all the surfaces that are touched a lot. These surfaces include bed-rails, sinks, counters, cabinets, doorknobs, chairs, keyboards and light switches. Checklists will ensure that these surfaces are cleaned every time and make sure your checklist includes a way to check items off to meet the cleaning protocol set in place. You will need to have repeat training to maintain the cleanliness of your medical facility.

What is Dwell or Contact Time for Disinfectants?

Dwell time is the length of time that a solution needs to remain on a surface to effectively clean and disinfect. These instructions are on the label of the solution you’re using and need to be followed. Make sure these products aren’t just sprayed on and then wiped off because these solutions are only effective if they are used correctly. It’s also important to clean and sanitize tolls to prevent cross-contamination. The last thing you want is germs spreading from one surface to the next.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Restrooms

Bathrooms are very hard to keep clean because they can harbor bacteria. Bacteria needs to be taken care of correctly, otherwise you will have germs everywhere. Bathrooms have lots of tight space to get cleaned and there are lots of high touch areas to deal with. To ensure regular and effective cleaning and disinfecting, it’s critical to use multipurpose products.

Importance of Handwashing in Nursing

Don’t forget about the importance of handwashing to keep things hygienic. Washing hands frequently is the best way to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Have anti-bacterial soap in bathrooms and/or anti-bacterial gels to make it easy to use. Place signs throughout the facility as to the importance of hand-washing.

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Anyone who enters a medical facility expects it to be clean, and it should be. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning to keep your facility that way. Give us a call today!

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