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When you go to a hotel to check in you want to feel sure that the room they are giving you has been cleaned. Most hotels have a crew that you can often times see pushing a cart around with extra sheets and cleaning supplies. They will go from room to room doing a daily cleaning and then a full cleaning when the guest checks out. This is a great way to turn a room over for the next guest. The cleaning crew is needed and often works around the clock to make sure there are enough rooms for each new guest that arrives. When it comes to the rest of the hotel it may be in the best interest of the hotel to have a commercial cleaning service. There are other areas of the hotel that will need to be cleaned as well and the cleaning crew may not have the time to do it all.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Lists Ways to Improve Your Hotel Cleanliness

Hotel Entrance & Lobby: When a new guest arrives at your hotel to check in they will quickly make a judgement about your business. This is based on taking their first step as well as a quick glance around. This can make or break the business and what others may think of it. The first impression is important since people can go online and quickly disparage your business and negatively affect what other people may then think. That is why it is important to have the entry and the lobby cleaned. This is also the first stop that people make after they have made a long trip and they want to relax and feel invited in the space. If they are on edge looking at messes and dirt their whole stay can be ruined and they may choose to stay elsewhere the next time.
Hotel Fitness Center: Many hotels offer amenities that make their guests stay better. When people take a look online at a place to stay for their next business trip or family vacation they look for what they can get. This might be a great fitness center so that they don’t have to miss out on their daily workout. Fitness is a big deal to a lot of people for weight loss, health or stress relief. If you offer a fitness center you may end up with more bookings but it is important that you have this area cleaned professionally. A commercial cleaning crew can come out and clean these areas and sanitize them so that your guests have a nice clean space to work out.
Hotel Restrooms & Shops: Hotels also offer a small shop where their guests can come and purchase a quick snack or some Tylenol for easy convenience. This area will also need to be cleaned as well as the shared bathrooms. There is a bathroom in each room but some people will be coming in the main lobby and need to use the restroom. A clean restroom can make a huge impact on how well a business will do.

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It is no secret that schools are full of germs and bacteria due to the high density of students and staff. Germs easily get passed around to everyone in the school. As there isn’t much that can be done, there is one way to combat these germs. It comes by regular sanitation. This mean a good and knowledgeable janitorial service. Studies have shown the places most of the germs are spread and why it is important to have at least these areas regularly cleaned. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share the results of this study and ensure this essential knowledge is passed on.

What are the Places in School that are High Risk of Germs & Bacteria?

Water Fountains – Water fountains are one of the most germ infested surfaces in schools. Research claims that for every square inch, there is an estimated three million various germs living on them. Even though most, if not all, water fountains are stainless steel, germs and bacteria can thrive there for six months. A professional janitorial service should routinely disinfect water fountains to kill the majority of germs living on the surface.
Cafeterias – As it comes to no surprise, school cafeterias are next on the list. Food, and the high volume of children, cafeterias are a perfect breeding ground from germs. Many schools throughout the States have now required students to disinfect and wipe down the areas they occupy to help reduce the spreading of germs. Studies have found that a single cafeteria tray has around thirty-three thousand germs per square inch and more on cafeteria tables. Cafeterias require a detailed cleaning and disinfecting.
Faucets and Bathrooms – Studies were conducted on both the hot and cold faucet handles, result being that the cold faucet has around thirty two thousand germs and the hot has eighteen thousand germs per square inch. Most consider the act of washing the hands after using the bathroom helps reduce germ contamination. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop all germs, yet it does reduce them, so please keep washing your hands. The rest of the bathroom is another issue. Toilets and stall walls have an estimated three thousand, two hundred germs per square inch which most people can easily understand. The entire bathroom also demands a detail and thorough cleaning and sanitation.
Keyboards – computers are widely used in many school room studies to help further education. Consider how many hands touch one keyboard in a single day. It is no surprise therefore, to learn that a single keyboard has around thirty three hundred germs and that is not including the screen and the computer tower that is also touched during class. Where electronics are considered a more sensitive surface area they are often avoided or overlooked. However, a professional janitorial services should wipe down the entire computer including the keyboard.

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These are some of the higher surfaces in a school building that contains some of the highest amounts of germs on their surface. The janitors job is to make the school look clean and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for the students, teachers and staff. If your school requires a detailed cleaning and disinfecting, Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides residential, commercial cleaning, and janitorial services. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

If you go through the list of commercial spaces there are some that will be dirtier than the rest. One of those happens to be an auto repair shop. The shop is there to work on cars and trucks and the parts are often covered in dirt and grease. That means that the people that are working there are often a mess as well. Then you are dealing with all the tools and equipment that is being used in the garage as well. This will then send all that dirt and grease into every single area of the commercial building. There are several problems that exist when you leave an auto repair shop a mess instead of using a professional janitorial service.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Explains Why You Need to Use a Janitor for Your Commercial Auto Repair Shop

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Auto Shop Clean: You might think that cleaning an auto repair shop is not a big deal? You’re going to bring cars in each day and continue to work on them so the space will just get messy again. That does not mean that you should overlook cleaning the space. There are some major reasons to keep your auto repair shop clean. First off the grease and dirt is not just out in the garage area. It will then make its way in the office where you want to have a professional interaction with your customers. If you have a customer come in and they cannot put their purse down or use one of your pens they may not choose to stay. They also need to be able to use the restroom while they are waiting for their repairs. The restroom is a place that people take very serious with cleanliness and you want your customers to be able to use it without feeling grossed out. That is why using a professional cleaning service is worth it for your bottom line.
What Needs to Be Cleaned in the Mechanics Garage: You want to have a janitorial service that is able to come out to the space to clean the main areas. They need to be able to clean the floors, counters, walls, doors and of course the bathroom. They need to know that you have an auto shop because doing the work to clean this type of space is different than a normal office space. The grease needs to be broken down so that it can be removed. This will take the right tools and of course solutions and equipment.
How to Keep the Auto Repair Shop Clean & Organized: Now that you have a janitorial service coming out to clean the auto office you want to keep the mess outside. It is a great idea to have a sink or clean station that the workers can use to clean up before they come in the office space. You also want to keep your garage clean as well including the walls, floors and tools that are used on a regular basis.

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Any successful business owner knows that a clean and sanitary office or business facility is imperative for success. You want to make a good impression and your employees deserve to work in a clean environment. What’s the best way to keep your business clean? You can hire a commercial cleaning company to keep your facility clean. Companies like Baker Sandoval Cleaning will come in after-hours or during slow times to perform our services. We will take care of every detail, including floors, restrooms, tidying up, restocking and taking care of the trash.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

There are lots of benefits to hiring commercial cleaning services. To avoid taking care of the cleaning process, businesses don’t have to hire on-staff or salaried janitors. Plus, commercial cleaning services guarantee the cleanliness of your facility.

Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company

1. Experience & Reputation. You need to be able to trust the company you hire. You will have their employees in your facility and this will usually be after hours when no one is there and will work with no supervision. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if you can trust a company. How established are they? How many accounts do they have? Do they have references available?
2. Employee Training & Screening. Any professional cleaning company will be very carefully about who they hire. You will want to make sure the employees that will be in your facility are trained properly and have been screened through background checks. You’ll want to determine how often the same people will be in your facility. Do they have a high employee turnover? You will feel more comfortable when the same people are in our facility.
3. Services Offered. The type of services you need preformed will have to be taken into consideration. The most standard services include dusting, floor cleaning, trash removal, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and stocking consumables. There are additional services that some companies offer, so find the one that best suits your needs.
4. Facilities Served. Find a company that cleans a facility just like yours to get the best results. Some companies offer cleaning services for may types of facilities, while others only specialize in one. You can also hire a cleaning company for one-time services like event cleaning or after a renovation.
5. Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Any reputable commercial cleaning company is totally bonded an insured. This means they are totally responsible in the event an employee is injured at your facility. It’s also a good idea to ask about credentials and business licensing.
6. Green, Eco Friendly Services. Today, more and more companies are looking for eco-friendly options when it comes to cleaning their facility. If this is important to you, then hire a company that utilizes green cleaning practices that include green cleaning products, microfiber tools, low-energy equipment and safe waste disposal.

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When a small or very large building has finished construction, before furniture, office equipment, decor or the instruments that may be used for the occupied businesses or commercial setting can be moved in, the entire building will need to be cleaned. Many assume cleaning a post construction site is rather easy and just needs a brush through. However, this is the time where it is important to have the most detailed cleaning. Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share a short post construction cleaning checklist and reiterate the importance of a detailed cleaning before any business can begin moving in.

Final Cleaning Scope of Work

Many will assume post construction cleaning is simple because there is nothing else to clean up besides the building itself. However, it is important to make sure the building is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom before furniture and various needed equipment begins to get moved in. In general, all of the walls, ceilings and light fixtures need to be wiped down and cleaned. The same is true for all of the windows, and trim, such as baseboards, window frames and door frames. Floors should receive a thorough cleaning as well. Carpets need to be vacuumed and sometimes if requested, cleaned. Hard surface floors should be polished and cleaned as well. All outer surface areas should be cleaned to ensure the building is properly cleaned and ready for furniture and other equipment to be moved in.

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Procedures

Commercial buildings always have a bathroom room area for employees and customers. Bathroom walls and ceilings need to be wiped down and the floors polished and cleaned. The bathroom mirror needs to be cleaned along with faucets, toilets and other fixtures. But most importantly, the bathrooms should be stocked with the basic essentials such as toilet paper, and paper towels. Soap dispensers should be filled and any other accouterments should be stocked.

Office Kitchen & Break Room Cleanliness

For restaurants or other commercial buildings that have a kitchen or break room that provides basic cooking or food storage or dining area, should also receive the general top to bottom cleaning and make sure the kitchen or cooking area is sterilized and of course, fully stocked. The same goes for any dining area which should also be cleaned.

Custom Deep Cleaning Services

Depending on the nature of the building that has just completed construction, the cleaning requirements will vary along with the surface materials. However, using a professional cleaning service will ensure the job gets done properly. It is important to have the building thoroughly cleaned before it is filled with the items needed for the business. Along with finding a professional post construction cleaning service, look for an ongoing janitorial cleaning service or one company that does both. Using the same cleaning service provides the cleaning service with the basic knowledge and needs of the building and company so no learning curve is required.

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Regardless as to the commercial setting, Baker Sandoval Cleaning can provide post construction and janitorial cleaning services. We have experience in cleaning offices, restaurants, churches, fitness centers, schools, and even industrial properties. If you are looking for a quality cleaning service, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

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