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There is a special breed of people that actually love to clean. Instead of sitting in the sun or reading a great book they unwind by cleaning. If you are not one of these types of people there is still hope for you. They are called chores for a reason because they are a chore to get done. The worst part is as soon as you are done cleaning something the countdown to cleaning it again begins. The house is never done being clean and it is always looming over you. Even if you hire a company to perform the deep cleaning duties, there is always picking up and light cleaning to take care of. That is why it is important to find ways that you can start to enjoy the cleaning and get through it without fret. Getting in a groove of when to clean and what you will do to stay motivated is a great way to keep a nice clean house.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Lists Tips for How to Enjoy Cleaning a House Fast & Properly

Have a Plan for Cleaning Procedures: The best way to not feel overwhelmed when you need to clean your house is to have a plan. You don’t want to come home from a long day of work and get to everything. It is best to set up a plan and a rotation on some things that you can do. You can have a quick and easy chore along with one that is slightly more time consuming. Then as you come home you already know based on the day what you will be doing. The more that you stay on that plan the easier it will be. Then the house is being cared for on a regular basis.
Upbeat Cleaning Music: When you are ready to start your chores and you know that it will be taking some time it is a great idea to get your speakers cranked up. When you are listening to fun music that you like it will increase your positivity and that means you will usually work faster. Music is a great way to add some fun to the chores that you have to do. It also will prevent you from getting distracted like when you have the television going. You can use a set of earbuds or Bluetooth to a speaker system and get a outgoing playlist started.
Reward Yourself for Cleaning: The other way to start to enjoy the chores that you have to do is to give yourself a reward when you are done. You can set up a system that you will get a treat or other indulgence when you reach a goal like completing all your chores for the whole week. If you want to reach for a higher goal you can have a larger goal and set it for a month out. This will help you stay on task and complete each day so that you get your goal.
Hiring a Cleaning Company for Help: Lastly you can bring in the big guns. Don’t feel ashamed to call out a professional cleaning company to come out and clean the house for you. We can get those hard to clean areas as well as the deep cleaning that you are not able to get to. Then you can focus on keeping it clean in between visits.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers deep cleaning services for your home and office. Call us today to get started on your customized cleaning services!

Where most people find a reason not to clean, it seems almost backward that there may be reasons why you shouldn’t, particularly in an office or other business setting. But according to studies, custodial employees can be injured on the job twice as much as other workers in private industries. Many of these employees cleaning in-house slip and fall and sustain other injuries involving working on wet surfaces, climbing ladders, moving heavy objects and so on. Additionally, employees not accustomed to the continuous bending and twisting associated with janitorial work can result in back and other major injuries as well. Businesses that assign such extra cleaning duties to their staff can be putting their organization, meaning owners and employees at risk. Before you ask your accountant to clean the breakroom or your receptionist to clean the toilet; consider the following DIY cleaning risks that we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to warn the businesses in the Greater Boulder, Colorado area about.

Insurance Premiums for Workers’ Compensation

Your workers’ compensation insurance will still need to cover any injuries sustained while on the job; including taking your employee away from their job to wash windows, or any other cleaning duties. You will incur a costly work comp claim and a potential increase in premiums in addition to decreasing productivity and potentially morale.

Requirements for General Liability Insurance

There are many liability risks to consider, no matter if you have a full-time custodian or assign cleaning duties to various employees. Not only are the liability risks applied to your staff, but any visitors as well. With proper signage being displayed and, most importantly, proper liability coverage is in place, a reputable cleaning service will ensure that all safety measures are taken. Should an incident occur, the commercial cleaning company’s liability insurance can provide coverage.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, expects the employer to establish and implement a schedule for servicing, cleaning and supplying each facility in order to require any business to ensure it is maintained cleaned, sanitized and serviceable condition. If not properly handled, the industries that require the use of more toxic cleaning chemicals, can lead to skin irritation, burning eyes, and cause lung damage. Prompting OSHA to issue a bulletin on the hazards of cleaning products and associated protective measures, as the proper storage and use of cleaning chemicals is a major concern.

Cleaning Product Safety

There are some chemicals that are a hazardous to the health. Properly trained commercial cleaners will be equipped with the right types of chemical-resistant safety gear to get the job done such as protective clothing, gloves, and even safety goggles or breathing masks as needed. To avoid potential adverse chemical reactions that produce toxic fumes that are harmful to the respiratory system, trained professional know which chemical combinations are safe and effective and which are bad.

Decreased Employee Productivity

Taking your employee away from their primary responsibilities reduces productivity and morale as mentioned earlier. This impacts their work getting completed in time.

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With other risks that include overhead costs and other factors, there is much to gamble with your business by not investing in affordable professional cleaning and janitorial services. With Baker Sandoval Cleaning, you can rest easy knowing your business is clean, disinfected, and sanitized from top to bottom; call us today to schedule your consultation.

Urgent care and other health care facilities are required to maintain a clean and sanitized environment. Therefore, urgent and health care facilities must take a much different approach to cleaning the facility. Due to the frequent but inconsistent flow of patients and visitors, it can become a challenge to properly clean an urgent care facility. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share our approach to urgent care and other health care facility cleaning and how a professional cleaning service can help maintain a clean and sanitized urgent care facility.

Custom Medical Facility Cleaning

Each urgent care center varies from each location as well as size of the building and type of patient traffic. When it comes to using a cleaning service to help maintain an urgent care center, it is important to be detailed in the need of the cleaning services. You will need to create your own cleaning program from the ground up. Along with creating your customized cleaning program, you also need to make sure your cleaning service understands the nature of an urgent care facility. Therefore, when creating your cleaning program consider few factors.
– Start by reviewing your patient traffic logs, along with hours of operation, and the size of the facility. Most urgent care facilities have 24 operating hours in a day. Since they don’t have closed hours where most cleaning services come and clean, you will want to find the slowest patient traffic times.
– All surface contact areas should be cleaned with disinfectants every day to keep bacteria, germs and viruses from infecting the staff, health care providers, visitors and patients. Floors also need to be cleaned and disinfected, along with waiting areas. All the furniture, patient rooms, and bathrooms require a detailed cleaning and disinfecting. Some areas may be more sensitive in nature and contamination may be an issue, especially, in medical storage areas. Make sure to give the cleaning service specific directions to avoid contaminating medical supplies if you request the area to be cleaned. Most cleaning companies that provide health care facility cleaning are certified and trained in blood-borne pathogen safety. However, make sure your cleaning company understands and knows about blood-borne safety while they are cleaning in an urgent care center. While creating your custom cleaning service needs, it is expected that you receive the basic cleaning services including window cleaning, surface areas and floor cleaning. Bathrooms and office areas also need servicing.

Communicate with the Cleaning Service

Urgent care centers each evolve over time and certain cleaning needs may need to be adjusted. Additionally, urgent care center may require emergency cleaning, depending on patient traffic. This is why the primary as well as the secondary urgent care management should maintain contact with their cleaning service providers. It is important to communicate with the facility’s cleaning service to make sure all adjustments are communicated and all needs met.

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Urgent care as well as other health care facilities require special cleaning needs and require a knowledgeable cleaning service. If your urgent care facility needs the help of a professional and knowledgeable cleaning service, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning and begin your urgent care’s custom cleaning services.

For many businesses, the meeting is room is where a lot of accomplishments are made. Whether you are banding with the team to brainstorm productive strategies or meeting potential clients, the meeting room helps make everything happen. Having a cleaned, well-maintained presentation of your meeting room is an essential asset for any company climbing ladders. You want to make prospective clients or corporate leaders, potential investors and other visitors to be comfortable in their surroundings. Being that the meeting room is an important area of your commercial space, there are many ways it can let you down. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share some tips to prepare the meeting for your visitors.

Meeting Preparation Checklist for Client Visits

1) Organize and remove clutter. The meeting room isn’t in a secluded area away from the team and the daily work that is getting done. Your business’s office should maintain an organized and clutter free route throughout the building, but definitely to the meeting room. Your guests note the order your business is in and seeing messy and chaotic desks and other work areas can be a turnoff. Ensure the surfaces are clutter free and wiped down, everyone’s desk is manageable and organized and the floors are routinely vacuumed to avoid the dirt and debris buildup.
2) Don’t neglect details. Having a fresh, welcoming feeling for your visitors can help everyone maintain a professional front but with a homey-like atmosphere. A bowl of snacks, a fresh pot of coffee brewing with all the amenities, and cold water readily available to the meeting attendees is a wonderful way to make people feel welcomed. A touch of fresh flowers, a clean whiteboard, and other additives of your personal touches can contribute to the visitors feeling comfortable.
3) Meeting room in pristine condition. Meetings are designed to be productive sessions where a group works together. Unfortunately, we have all been to a meeting where it lasts too long, and people lose interest and their attention gets lost to the point at hand. During these times when your visitors zone out, they have time to scrutinize the room they are stuck in. Ensuring you have an immaculate meeting room will help get their attention back and also impress their view point on your and the business. Cords should be neatly concealed, all the glass smudge and dust free, ensure the nooks and crannies are dust free and the room is cleaned.
4) Refresh the air. There are quite a few modern offices that are open-plan with the exception of having the meeting room closed off. As a result, the meeting room can quickly feel stuffy with the lack of ventilation. Refresh the rooms air with your preferred plug-in, aerosol, or other products to get rid of any unpleasant smells. If the window can open, consider opening it an hour or so before the meeting to help freshen the stagnant air. Additionally, ban any food consumption that can add uninviting smells to the space.

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Having Baker Sandoval Cleaning servicing your office will help you maintain a clean and organized meeting room and general office space. Clean bathrooms, reception area, break room, and other areas is just as important. Call us today discuss your office cleaning needs.

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