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The workplace can feel like a home away from home for many full-time employees. Because they spend so much time there, you as a business owner can do a lot to keep them happy and more productive. This is a benefit to the company because it can increase profits. All business owners want to increase efficiency, safety and appearance. This makes hiring a commercial cleaning service a great idea.

Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service?

1. Janitorial Services increase safety in the work environment. When a workplace is clean, it’s safe. With so many people coming in and out of a business, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can grow and spread very quickly. The last thing you want is a bunch of sick employees. A dirty workplace also creates dangers with potential accidents and personal injury to employees and customers. Occasional vacuuming and cleaning of restrooms isn’t enough, and no one does a better job than the professionals.
2. Hiring commercial cleaners means less work for you. The last thing you need to worry about is keeping your workplace clean, and it’s probably not on the top of your list of things to do. Hiring a professional cleaning service means you can focus on the most important thing-running a successful business.
3. Outsourcing cleaning increases your productivity. When a workplace is clean, employees are more productive. When a workplace is cluttered, unorganized and dirty it can be hard for employees to concentrate, be productive and more effective. The cognitive well-being of your employees can also suffer in the long run when they are forced to work in a dirty environment.
4. Better professional appearance with professional cleaning. The cleanliness of your business can have a negative impact on the professionalism of your office. You can be seen as unprofessional and messy when employees and customers come into a dirty. Your professional image can be greatly improved when you hire a professional cleaning. When your business is clean, anyone that walks in knows you mean business.
5. Commercial cleaners deliver a better level of clean. No one can provide your employees and customers with the clean environment than the professional. Hiring commercial cleaning services lets you be the full-time manager without having to be a part-time janitor.
6. Avoid liability issues with professional cleaners. OSHA Compliance and other issues related to cleaning can be avoided when you hire professional to clean your workplace. If employees are tasked with cleaning the workplace, they will need to know how different chemicals can be used. They will also need to know how to use equipment safely. Let that responsibility rest with the professionals.

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While you might think you’re saving money by not hiring cleaning services, you’re probably not. Using inexpensive or outdated cleaning equipment takes more time to use and is less effective. Full janitorial services are available to you when you contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We have the know-how to give your workplace the quality cleaning it needs and deserves! Give us a call today to see how we can get your business looking fabulous.

Most people know that public places are full of germs and often many will take the proper precautions. However, whether you are at your workplace or away, you often forget about the place being infested with germs. When a co-worker comes to work sick, it adds to the problem. This is why it is important to keep an office clean and free of germs or there is a risk of getting everyone sick. With flu season underway, it is important to ensure the office is free of germs. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share some of the most germiest places in an office and why you may need the help of a professional cleaning service.

Germs in Break Rooms

Most people would assume that a bathroom would make for the number one area in a work place that has the most germs. This isn’t true. There are reports that show the break room has far more germs as well as the variety of germs in it. This is because of two major factors: the break room cooks and stores food and two, it has a high traffic of employees that come in and out, spreading their germs and illnesses. One area in an office building that requires a detailed cleaning is the break room.

Office Desk Germs

Number two of the top most germiest places is your desk. Not only is the desk full of germs but so is the keyboard. Due to the many germs that a person comes in contact with every day, they spread these germs by everything they touch. For those who work at a desk, your pens, stapler, and key board is teaming with germs. Unless you’re one of those people that keep hand sanitation cleaner handy and wash your hands each time you return to your desk, don’t be surprised that your desk is filled with germs. Desks should be kept cleaned and regularly sanitized. A professional cleaning service is aware that desks requires a thorough cleaning and they often sanitize desks and keyboards to ensure a healthier work environment.

Germs in Waiting Rooms

Third on the top list of most germiest place at offices is (nope still not the bathroom) the waiting room. Waiting rooms will contain more germs than many other areas in a work place. Due to the high traffic of visitors that often wait inside waiting rooms, waiting rooms are also teaming with germs. They too have a far wider variety of germs that often are the cause of many illnesses. Chairs and end tables have many germs but not nearly as many as magazines or other distraction materials. Waiting rooms often receive a detailed cleaning. Not only does it reflect your business, but it also helps to eliminate germs and viruses that may be exposed to the waiting room.

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A clean workplace reflects your business ethics, helps productivity, and combats germs and other viruses that cause illnesses. During the flu season if you want to prevent a massive outbreak in the office, make sure your office building is thoroughly cleaned. Professionals use disinfectant cleaners that kill germs, bacteria and viruses. If you require a professional cleaning service, and want to ensure your office building receives a detailed and thorough cleaning, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

When news teams cover local or national commercial hospitality not practicing adequate cleaning practices in their business, it can make consumers have a major case of the heebie-jeebies and if the business is sited by name, it could be the downfall. When customers hear about poor, or unsafe cleaning procedures being done, they will likely avoid the location. More often than not, customers perceive how your business is kept by the state of the bathrooms. If the bathrooms are in turmoil and uncomfortable to be in where the public is welcome, what does that say about the private area only available to the staff? Keeping your commercial bathroom clean is not only crucial for the healthy status of your business, but also to make a good impression on your guests. We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share a bathroom cleaning checklist that is essential for every business, whether or not in you’re in the public eye.

Effects of Unclean & Unsanitary Commercial Bathrooms

About 3 in 10 restaurant diners who have a negative experience with a bathroom will never return and 50% will share the experience with others. Rants go viral and when the negative reviews are posted, pictures shared on social media, or the simple form of a conversation, the impact can be devastating. Impact of dirty bathrooms in an office setting, away from public, just not as obvious. Salmonella, E. coli and norovirus which are routinely found in restrooms are illness-causing germs that are prevented from spreading when the bathroom is properly cleaned and disinfected. Sick employees affect productivity and the company. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the United States productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion a year, which calculates to $1,685 per employee.

Daily Restroom Cleaning Checklist

With these statistics it is crucial to have the proper set protocols and schedule maintenance for your restrooms no matter which business you are in. Specific needs and frequency may vary, but below is the basic rundown of a cleaning schedule for your business.
1) Sinks and counters should be wiped down with an approved disinfectant.
2) Sweep and mop floors, including around and behind toilets and other hard-to-reach areas.
3) Soap, toilet paper and towel dispensers need to be filled and restocked and make sure they are working.
4) Monitor trash receptacles and empty them at the end of the day or before they’re full.
5) Disinfect both inside and outside door handles and stall locks.
6) Disinfect and empty feminine hygiene dispensers and replace the liners.
7) Wipe down and shine mirrors.
8) Toilets and urinals, including the handles, need to be cleaned and disinfected.
9) Ensure all the light bulbs are working.

Weekly Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

1) Stall doors, cabinetry and all hardware inside and out need to be wiped down with a disinfectant.
2) Clean any windows where applicable.
3) Check all drains and remove any obstructions.
4) Dust all surfaces such as light fixtures, light bulbs, dispensers, rails, and so on.
5) Inspect faucets and pipes for leaks.

Monthly Restroom Cleaning Checklist

1) Clear the dust and debris from walls, baseboards, trim, and tops of doors, along with vents, ceiling fans, sprinklers, and ceilings.
2) Deep clean floors and scrub any tile and grout.

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Where it can be hard to tear your staff from their primary responsibilities to clean the bathrooms and ensure they are properly trained to do it, it is in your better interest to hire a professional. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning to clean your Greater Boulder, CO commercial business.

In order for any business to thrive, including retail, it is important to maintain a clean and orderly appearance. A lot can be said about a business when it comes to how clean it looks. In order to reassure your customers that you are providing quality products, it helps to present your products in a clean and organized environment. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share how important it is to retail centers and how they should be properly cleaned.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning

It is easy to say how any business will benefit from professional cleaning services. Professional cleaning services can help keep the retail center clean, which improves sales and customer traffics. Professional cleaning personnel arrives with all of the tools and equipment they need to ensure a deeper and proper cleaning. Additionally, they can come during closed hours to prevent interaction between the service and the customers. It is simple to see how important and beneficial it is to keep any retail or business center clean. However retail centers pose their own set of challenges. There are obvious tasks for employees and tasks provided by a professional cleaning service.

Cleaning Checklist for Retail Store

It is important to know what to expect from a professional cleaning service in a retail setting. As stated, there are tasks for employees and tasks for the cleaning service. Products and retail items will not ever be touched by the cleaning crew. If a product is out of place it will be up to the retail employees to put all retail products back in their proper place. It is important to know that products will not be handled by the cleaning crew. Therefore it is up to the owner to ensure that all products are put in place properly. However, the cleaning crew will do a thorough cleaning of the building. Windows will be cleaned inside and out to provide a crystal clear view that advertises your products without hindrance. Floors will be vacuumed, mopped and cleaned. VCT floors can be re-waxed when needed and kept cleaned as well. Doors will be wiped down and sanitized along with other surface areas such as counters and product display cases. Bathrooms always require detail cleaning and sanitizing. Bathrooms will be cleaned from top to bottom. This ensures the bathrooms both look and smell clean. A clean bathroom speaks a lot about a business. Surprisingly enough, many people will judge the business or store on how clean a bathroom is.

Communication with Retail Store Cleaners

While basic cleaning of the retail center can be expected, further cleaning needs should be communicated to the cleaning service. Retail centers with storage areas, offices, and break rooms that require cleaning should be noted. Some areas may also be off limits to cleaning crews. If so, this should also be communicated to ensure a good relationship with the retail center and the cleaning crew. Any other additional cleaning services that may be out of the normal cleaning routine should also be discussed.

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If you own a retail center and require the aid of professional cleaning services, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We provide both commercial and residential cleaning services. For your professional cleaning services contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

Dust and grime cam really build up in the workplace. Window washing, dusting and vacuuming are on most to do cleaning lists, but there are many places that often get overlooked. Baker Sandoval Cleaning has prepared a list of frequently neglected areas.

Areas that Usually Need More Detailed Cleaning

1. Baseboards. Dust and grime can buildup on the tops of baseboards and countertop backsplashes. If it’s not removed, it will end up in the HVAC system and blown back out into the air that you’re breathing.
2. Vents. Dust, allergens and other particles can stick to vents and air intakes. These particles can also stick to the vents in the ceiling and those in the kitchen and bathrooms. These vents need to be cleaned to avoid contaminated air.
3. Light fixtures. Many businesses use fluorescent light fixtures. These fixtures collect dead bugs and dust. To keep your office bright, have these fixtures cleaned.
4. Tops of modular furniture. Partitions are dust collectors, more so on and in between awards, pictures and mementos that are displayed on upper cabinets.
5. Ceiling tiles. Some business have acoustic tiles on the ceiling. The rough texture of these tiles is good at collecting dust. If they are close to vents in the ceiling, they can start to develop dark stained if they don’t get cleaned.
6. Ceiling fan blades. Ceiling fan blades are notorious for collecting dust. It sticks to the blades like glue and is ugly to look at.
7. Picture frames. The tops of picture frames and canvas prints collect dust and the glass can get finger prints on it.
8. Walls. You might thing that vertical surfaces don’t collect dust, but they do. Dust will collect on walls, more if they have wallpaper on them or are textured.
9. Stairs. Dust and dirt collects in the corners of stairs. If it doesn’t get cleaned, it gets tracked all over the office.
10. Behind office equipment. Printers and copy machines are part of any workplace. Tiny particles can be left behind from high performing copiers. This can build up all around it, behind it and under it.
11. Switch plates & door knobs. Unless these surfaces are cleaned properly, illnesses are more likely. All it takes is one contaminated door knob to spread germs to the entire office in just a few hours.
12. Office chairs. It’s easy to overlook areas below you. The base and casters of office chairs get dirty quickly. Dust and dirt will just continue to accumulate on them unless they are cleaned.
13. Office kitchen & breakroom. Unless the kitchen in your office is deep cleaned every once and a while, who knows what’s lurking behind the appliances.

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If you’ve taken a look at these areas in your workplace and discovered lots of dust and dirt, you need to reconsider your cleaning services. You can expect your employees to keep their personal area clean, but if you task them with added cleaning duties, it can result in less productivity. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is a commercial cleaning service that can do the dirty work for you. Contact us today!

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