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Business owners have so many things to think about as they effectively run their businesses. Keeping employees performing at their highest potential; growing their business each year; doing the book properly; and so much more can keep business owners feeling like they are treading water to stay afloat every day. One simply way to take something off of your plate as a business owner is to hire a commercial cleaning service. Many business owners have a hard time wanting to splurge on the money for a cleaning service. Today Baker Sandoval Cleaning will talk about just why hiring someone is so important for your business!

A Clean Business Makes a Lasting Impression on Customers

First of all having a dirty, cluttered, unorganized office does not inspire customers or business partners to continue working with you. When people walk into your office they instantly assume that if your office is dirty you will not run a good business. The opposite is also true. If customers walk in the door and your office is clean, sanitary, well-stocked, and organized they will think that your business will run efficiently. Since all businesses clearly want more customers having a clean office is an important first step!

Clean Office Productivity

In addition to customers thinking that your business is more efficient studies have shown that clean work environments actually help your employees to work more effectively. If your employees are working in an environment that is not clean they are not as likely to work their hardest. One reason for increased productivity is that your office will be easier to navigate through. Your employees will be able to perform their tasks quicker when they do not have to look around for the materials they need or wade through piles of junk. Another reason for the increased productivity is that your employees will be healthier. Dirty offices are the perfect breeding ground for germs and allergens. If you can reduce the amount of germs and allergens in your office your employees will have fewer health problems. Healthy employees miss less work and work more efficiently.

Making Employees Clean Bathrooms is a Bad Idea

Some business owners have their employees take care of the cleaning inside of the office. Who wants to have to clean the toilet at their workplace? Your employees will be happier if they do not have to help clean the office on a daily basis. Happy employees are a business owners dream come true! Professional cleaning companies can help ensure that all of your bathrooms are well stocked for your customers and employees. They can check toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap when they come in and clean. A commercial cleaning service can save you, your employees, and your customers from going into the restroom and not having the things that you need readily available.

Custom & Flexible Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are set up to include the specific needs of your business. You will get to establish what exactly they are in charge of and how often you will need their services. Business owners have the cleaners perform routine cleaning at every visit. Then they will set up a rotation for the deep cleaning items so that those tasks that do not need to be performed weekly still get done on a regular basis.

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Here at Baker Sandoval Cleaning our goal is to keep your office clean and efficient so that you can work on keeping your business running without the worry of who is going to clean things up around the office. Give us a call today so that we can talk about the needs of your business!

When you are in charge of an office building and making sure that it is in good shape and clean, it might feel overwhelming. The cleaning of the office is something that has to be done on a regular basis to ensure that the building remains clean. The office staff will continue to use the building on a regular basis and that is why it will get dirty every day. The need for cleaning has many benefits to your office and even your staff. Some offices are not sure how to clean the building and when it should be done. There are three times that offices are likely to be cleaned. One happens to be in the middle of the day while the office is fully working and functioning. This is not common since it can be a distraction to the employees that are there and trying to work. The other two options are in the morning or in the evening when the office is closed. This usually depends on the company that you are hiring and what their availability is. When it comes to cleaning an office the winter time is one of the most trying times. There are lots of factors that make this true.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Outlines Office Cleanliness Guidelines in Winter

After Holiday Event Cleaning Services: Throughout the year there is often a birthday party or appreciation party that is held at the office. This is when there is cake in the break-room or sandwiches brought in. The employees seem to always get a boost from these types of fun interactions. The aftermath of a party is something that can leave a real mess. Now look at the end of the year and the winter time and the amount of parties and activities that are done. There is often a thanksgiving potluck, a Christmas dessert exchange and much more. That means that the crumbs and messes that are left will be substantially more during this time of the year. The cleaning company will need to be more diligent during this time to keep the office clean, smelling great and pests away.
Messy Weather Cleaning Hazards: The warm weather of the summer will bring out the sunshine and warm temperatures. The winter has a whole different weather pattern and that is cold temperatures and adverse weather. The weather that happens more in the winter happens to be rain and snow. This is then stuck on your shoes and your feet that will go through office. This is why there is mud and dirt that is all over the floors of your office. This is why the office should be taken well care of in the winter months.
Cleaning Windows & Doors: The doors and the windows that are surrounding your office are going to be covered more in dirt and debris in the winter. The wind will be moving the dirt and the debris and then it will attached to the windows from the moisture that is in the air. That is why you want to make sure that the whole office has a full cleaning on a regular basis throughout the winter months.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning can keep your office cleaned all year long and through the winter months. Call us today!

Having a clean office, retail center or other commercial setting has many advantages. When it comes to accessing the benefits of a professional cleaning service most people will focus on the appearance. A well cleaned area improves productivity and customer retention. A clean office or building says a lot for a business. However, appearance isn’t everything. Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share the unseen benefits of a professional cleaning service for commercial properties.

Kill Germs & Bacteria from Surfaces in Your Business

When it comes to using a professional cleaning service, the appearance is very beneficial and you’ll want a detailed cleaning service. However, it is not just how clean the building looks but how clean the surfaces actually are. One of the biggest problems offices and other commercial properties face is germs. The world of microorganisms is the biggest threat. It can cause massive employee contamination as well as customer and client contamination. When employees, customers, or clients carry a cold or flu bug it can hurt the business. Essentially, every business wants to reduce the amount of sick time employees take if at all possible. Many businesses work against deadlines and customer satisfaction rates. When multiple employees are out sick, work and deadlines get backed up. To prevent employees from catching a cold, the flu, and other infectious illnesses, this means stopping germs. Professional commercial or janitorial cleaning services should be equally concerned with germs and bacteria as well as how clean the building looks when they are done.

Where is the Most Bacteria Found?

Where do viruses, bacteria, and germs thrive or are most easily passed? There are a number of areas where germs become concentrated and where they are commonly picked up. However, each building or business is unique and the hot spots vary. For example, when it comes to office buildings, the place with the most germs is in the main office. Germs can be found everywhere; on keyboards, paper, and basic office tools. In gas stations, the door is full off germs as so many people will either push the door open or grab the door handle all throughout the day. In schools, the water fountains contain the most germs in the entire building. Depending on the public or commercial property, or the nature of the building, the germ hot spot will vary. This is where a professional and experienced commercial or janitorial cleaning service is beneficial. They have the experience to know where the germ hot spots are in the various types of commercial properties they service.

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Having a routine janitorial or commercial cleaning service can help reduce and kill up to 99% of all germs. We can help reduce the amount of time employees and other staff members get sick. The service will ensure productivity as well as a healthy environment. For those who want more than just clean looking commercial buildings make sure you use a professional janitorial and commercial cleaning service. Professional cleaning services understand the value of not just making the building look clean, but by targeting germs and other microorganisms. If you manage a commercial building and want to ensure that it is properly cleaned, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We provide commercial and janitorial as well as residential cleaning services. For professional cleaning services, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

Many businesses prefer to have the holiday party on their commercial property. It can help management cut the cost of a venue and put that money back into the party or offer a better bonus, in some cases, they need to defray the cost, but still give their employees a little holiday offering. In any case, for this special event, you want to ensure the place is clean, especially if other offices are going to be in attendance. With help cleaning before, and even after, the festivities, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to elaborate on special event cleaning.

Cleaning to Prepare for a Holiday Party

When you are a hosting any special event, especially the holiday party, there are many things to do. With all the preparations that need arranging and planning, your hands are full. Before the event, you want to ensure your commercial space is cleaned and ready for the festivities. Thanks to professional cleaning from Baker Sandoval Cleaning, you can let us handle the cleaning aspects of the big party. Our experts are very methodical to ensure thoroughness and meticulous cleaning throughout the space.

Holiday Cleaning Checklist

For your commercial special event cleaning, our trained and experienced professionals clean from top to bottom. Floors are completely cleaned according to the type of flooring. From vacuuming carpets and rugs to sweeping and mopping hard surface floors, your commercial floors will look amazing, especially if any equipment or furniture was moved to accommodate the space for the party. Baseboards are often neglected, but we wipe away the blanket of dust, doors are dusted off and the walls, ceilings and other surfaces are wiped down to free them of the dust, cobwebs and other debris. Door knobs and light switches are sanitized. Bathrooms undergo serious treatment, from the above-mentioned generalities to additionally cleaning and shining the sinks, vanities, and fixtures to leave a spotless, clean, and fresh glow. Equipment and furniture are wiped down and upholstery cleaned. Fingerprints on glass are wiped up and so much more. These are just the basic examples, but most cleaning companies offer customized cleaning where you can request specific needs of your commercial property in time to have it ready for your holiday party.

After Holiday Party Cleaning

Following the festivities, you will want to ensure the business is cleaned and presentable for colleagues, customers, and other visitors. Not only will most cleaning professionals offer cleaning services to prepare for your event, but they will also offer a cleanup afterwards. With the fun and relaxed atmosphere, food and drinks might spill, trash will be left behind, and other messes are highly likely. Hiring a professional cleaning crew to cleanup will ensure your business is ready to receive any visitors and make an impression.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning includes special event cleaning and follow up cleaning services. Your business will be spotless for your holiday cleaning and following the activities, our trained experts will polish up the property for maximum cleanliness. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning today to schedule your special event cleaning.

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