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There are some things that business owners wish that they did not have to do but unfortunately they have to do them anyways. Baker Sandoval Cleaning knows how hard it can be to find the time and energy to clean your office building. The day that your business does well enough to hire a cleaner is an amazing day! When you can finally afford to hire someone how do you know who to hire though? Letting someone have access to your office can be a scary thought so you want to make sure that you choose the right company. We have put together a list of considerations that you will want to think about as you hire a janitorial service for your business.

Reputation of Janitorial Companies

One question that you should ask is how long they have been in business. While new businesses can offer outstanding services they can also present a risk because they have not proven themselves yet. You want to make sure that they are going to be around for years to come so that you do not have to worry about finding another janitorial service if they go out of business unexpectedly. Many new businesses do not succeed. You will also want to ask them how many accounts similar to yours they already have. Each different business has a unique set of cleaning needs. You want to make sure that they have experience with the type of cleaning that you will need.

Commercial Cleaning Company Business References

Along the same lines as reputation we also recommend getting references on a cleaning company before you hire them. Ask for a few references and verify them. When you call the businesses that they already provide services for it can either raise some red flags for you or give you peace of mind that you are preparing to hire an excellent company.

Cost of Cleaning Your Office & Other Business

Every business owner has to make sure that their finances stay in order so that their business can stay afloat. Many times business owners want to choose the cheapest janitorial service out there. We do not recommend this! You may find that their cheap price also means they are taking shortcuts that leave your office dirty still. On the opposite end of the spectrum we do not recommend the highest bidder either. A large cleaning bill will be hard to afford. It is a great idea to get three to five quotes and average them. Then take a closer look at the company that came closest to the average.

Cleaning License & Insurance

You will want to verify that the janitorial company that you are hiring is licensed and insured. Most of the time items are not lost or broken during cleaning but sometimes it does happen. You will want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your janitorial company is insured and can cover any accidents that occur.

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There are other factors that you will want to consider as well but we feel like these four factors can truly tell you a lot about the company that you will be hiring to keep your office looking spic and span. Making sure that you take your time to thoroughly research the company that you are hiring is an important part of the process. If Baker Sandoval Cleaning is on your list of companies to consider give us a call today. We are confident that you will like how we compare to our competitors.

Outsourcing the janitorial work is more optimal than you think, especially if your priorities include making a good impression on your customers, colleagues, and other visitors as well as keeping our staff comfortable in a clean environment. In some cases, office managers or business owners may push their staff to perform the janitorial duties, which often makes them feel under-valued, leading to low productivity and morale. Today we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share the general benefits of hiring professionals to take on your janitorial work for your business.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

1. Make a positive impression. Scrutiny, judgment, and poor reviews are what businesses endure when a filthy, disorganized, and chaotic commercial outfit is noticed. In multiple studies, it is proven that a clean environment promotes comfort for those involved in your business.
Employees: The average team member spends 40 hours a week or more at the workplace and when they feel comfortable, their productivity stays high and they do more for a boss that takes care of them.
Clients: A clean, organized, and well-maintained establishment attracts more business and customers, especially when they are distracted by filth and the business feels more welcoming.
Colleagues: It is noticed among partners, associates, and colleagues how well maintained and clean your building is. A clean, tidy, and organized presentation suggests pride in your business, making it a priority for you.
2. Improve overall health of employees. Having a poorly kept business can cause employees to regularly call out, plummeting your productivity due to common cold and flu germs, as well as those easily triggered with allergens. People notice when they visit a building and end up sick, making them less and less likely to come to your space. Professional janitorial services ensure the germs and bacteria, as well as allergens are properly eliminated without the risk of cross-contamination. All of this helps keep your building healthy and more productive.
3. Cost efficient. Not only does delegating chores to your staff bring down the morale, who will likely not do it correctly, they are using the company’s dime to spend their time cleaning, which is better spent on the work projects. Not only did you waste money keeping your employees clocked in doing cleaning tasks, but they are doing the half0heartedly. Use that money on professional cleaning to ensure maximum results at a reasonable and affordable cost.
4. Proficiency. You can have peace of mind that the janitorial services are being performed by an expert that are methodically executing techniques and using quality products and equipment to deliver superior results in a timely manner when you hire professionals.
5. Avoid late nights and over time. There are many instances where office managers and business owners try to get the cleaning done after hours. A very unattractive thought is trying to clean after hard day that has been emotionally, physically, and intellectually draining. Allow for well-deserved time off work and let the professionals get it done.

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Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning if you are looking for a professional to assume the responsibility of janitorial duties for your commercial business, and you can count on our trained experts delivering remarkable results. Contact us today!

When a private business finds they need a professional cleaning service it is natural to want a quality cleaning service with reasonable prices. Many businesses will settle for the cheapest service they can find without doing their homework. Some businesses have made many mistakes in the past such as hiring an unlicensed cleaning service, or have not understood the service contracts they signed. To avoid running into the common problem of hiring the wrong cleaning service, Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share some of the most common mistakes and what to do to avoid them when hiring a professional cleaning service.

Not Asking for References

Often business owners won’t look or ask around for cleaning service references. They will often base their decision on websites and their list of provided services. However, not seeking out references is a major mistake. You will want to seek out a company’s reviews and see how well their services are rated. You may want to speak with other business owners that may have their own cleaning service and ask how they like their services. Or you can begin checking out the internet and seeing what other people have to say about the quality of services.

Factoring Only Cost is a Mistake

Too many businesses focus on how much they will have to pay for a cleaning service. While it is important for any business to thrive and keep within budget for the cost of cleaning services, don’t settle on the cheapest cleaning service you can find. Cleaning services can vary in price. There are some that provide specialty cleaning services while other cleaning services only do what many consider to be surface cleaning. When seeking out a cleaning service, see what services each cleaning business is able to provide and begin weighing out the quality and number of cleaning services as to the cost.

Don’t Hire a Cleaning Service with No Licensing, Certification or Insurance

If you hire a cleaning service that is not insured, licensed or certified, you may be walking into a scam or risking liability. If you hire a cleaning service with no insurance you may be held responsible if a cleaning service crew member gets injured while working on your property. You can be looking at a law suit. If the cleaning service doesn’t have all proper licensing or certifications they are most likely working illegitimately and you may even fine yourself scammed. When seeking a professional cleaning service make sure to ask for licensing, certification, and proof they have insurance.

Not Reading the Cleaning Services Contract

Cleaning services provide a number of different types of cleaning. Some are considered specialties such as carpet cleaning, tile polishing etc. Depending on your business you may require different needs from your cleaning service. When hiring a cleaning service see if they provide a flexible service and one that has your cleaning needs outlined in the cleaning contract.

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Hiring a cleaning service can be a lot of work. Seek out a quality service. Once you have the perfect service you can rest easy and know that you business is properly cleaned and the building is maintained. When looking for a professional commercial cleaning or janitorial cleaning service, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

Have you started to notice that there are employees that are calling in sick? Maybe they are leaving early complaining of illness and not feeling well. Have you noticed that it is wide spread and that it seems that there are more people calling in sick then the norm or average? You want to make sure that you do not have a building that is actually making them sick. You might not even realize that the office space that you are requiring employees and customers to come to are actually causing them to be ill. This is a problem that is referred to as sick building syndrome or SBS. This is something that has been found in many buildings but there is hope if your building is suffering from this.

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

The term sick building syndrome is given to a commercial building that has been making people sick on a regular basis. If you start to notice there are people that work in the building calling out sick a lot it is a good idea to start to chart it so that you can see of there is a common problem. You also can make a list of the symptoms that they are feeling so that you can deem if the building is in fact making them sick. There are some common symptoms you can look for. They include headaches, stuffy nose, fatigue sneezing and even a sore throat. If you start to see an influx in these types of symptoms through a group of people that are in the building on a regular basis it is a good idea to determine if your building is in fact suffering from SBS. If you are concerned about SBS at your commercial space you want to make sure you know what is causing it.

Poor Ventilation in the Workplace

One of the most common causes of SBS is lack of ventilation in the building. The building is supposed to have enough ventilation that the air in the building is being circulated and that if there was a problem with air born troubles they are able to be dissipated. Most newer building do not have a problem with ventilation but if you have an older building it is important to keep that in mind.

Improper Cleaning Allows Germ to Spread & Mold to Grow

Another problem that people have in a building is the fact that the space is not being cleaned properly. If you allow moisture, bacteria and germs to grow in the building the spread of mold and mildew will continue. This is due to the lack of proper cleaning to the building and leads to these dangerous spores to spread through the space. You want to make sure that the commercial space has professional cleaning to keep your employees from being sick.

How to Store Chemicals in the Workplace

lastly it could be due to the improper storing of chemicals that are being use to clean the building. You want to make sure that they are sealed and placed in a room that has proper ventilation. The chemicals can let off odor that will fill up the space causing the employees to feel sick while they are in the building.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning can come out and make sure that your commercial space is clean and safe for your employees. Contact us today.

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