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Do you have a janitorial service helping maintain your building or business? Having a janitorial service doesn’t just help keep the facility clean but can benefit in many more ways. Janitorial services can help maintain and prevent costly repairs and replacement of various features within the facility. If you don’t have a quality janitorial service, Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share why you should consider seeking professional janitorial services.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

There are many ways a cleaning service can help maintain a facility to prevent future cost and even increase productivity. A clean business simply thrives. By maintaining a clean office or workplace it helps retain clients and customers and prevent illness in the workplace. Janitorial services maintain a clean environment and use disinfectant cleaners to kill germs and viruses which help prevent employees from getting sick. Additionally, studies have found a clean workplace increase productivity in employees. Clients and customers will judge a business on how clean and well maintained the facility is. Short answer is you can retain more business simply by have a clean facility.

Clean Floors, Office Machines & Other Surfaces Help Them Last Longer!

A clean facility help improves productivity and customer retention but it can also help prevent wear of features within the facility. It is important to maintain clean carpet, wood floors and even tile. If neglected carpet, wood floor or even tile can wear down faster leading to premature replacement of flooring. Walls may need to be repainted early if they get stained and never wiped cleaned. Ceiling or standing fans should be dusted to prevent dust and dirt from corroding the fan gears which also cost money to be replaced. It is the same story in office settings. The printer, computers and other common office equipment should never get too dusty or they fail quicker. All equipment, fans and other features inside the facility are thoroughly cleaned which reduces the amount of dust and other contaminants in the building and helps prevent premature wear of various material and equipment. Simply put, a janitorial service can help save the facility money. Each business setting varies on janitorial needs however, a quality cleaning service should know how to adapt to each setting and ensure a clean work place.

Janitorial Services Description & Checklist

Janitorial service provides a thorough cleaning services. All areas of the facility will be cleaned and disinfected. Carpet floor will be vacuumed and cleaned when needed, tile floor cleaned and polished, wood floor refinished and cleaned and VCT floor waxed and cleaned. Walls wipes down removing any dust or stain that on the them, ceiling fans and light fixture cleaned and dusted. Bathroom of course received and thorough cleaning. Office equipment disinfected and kept clean and dust free to prolonging longevity of office equipment. All surface areas and feature to the business to disinfected, which is essential in gyms, and other hands on settings.

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If your business is in need of a thorough and quality clean or janitorial service contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We provide residential and commercial cleaning services to all commercial types and setting. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning and schedule our services today.

There are many aspects that contribute to a successful business, whether you are a business owner, or you manage the building. Obvious elements include advertisement, productivity, and other such factors, but few recognize the importance of a clean and organized space. Cleanliness is a vital part of the success, whether or not you cater to visitors and customers or not. Even if it is on a subconscious level, people have a tendency to scrutinize their environment. Having a filthy business impacts you, and non in a positive manner. Considering this, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to expound on how a dirty environment affects your work space.

Why is it Important to Keep Your Work Area Clean & Tidy?

1) A clean workplace is a happy workplace. There is a wide spectrum as to how the environment impacts the staff. The employees are in a relatively small designated space. Productivity drops when they are forced to work in unsanitary conditions, as it is proven in many studies that people are more comfortable and productive in a clean and organized environment. Also, germs can be easily passed around in working environments that are improperly cleaned and unkempt. The germs spread like wildfire when one person gets sick and everyone takes turns getting sick days as the illnesses continue to be passed around. Additionally, a dirty office can cause those sensitive to allergy and asthma triggers to have problems managing their allergies and asthma attacks, making going to work dreadful. More often than not, when an employee is told they have cleaning duties on top of the work from the skill set that had them hired, delegated cleaning chores are not appreciated. At best, most employees understand to keep their work area clean, and clean up after themselves in the breakroom, but too many have resentment when told to do additional cleaning after an 8 or 10 hour shift, and do not even do it correctly.
2) Cleaning business premises for customers. Having a filthy space immediately sends the wrong message to your clients. Most people perceive a filthy establishment as unsanitary and a business who doesn’t care, even if everything is above standards. Most avoid returning to dirty businesses, and the morality, and standards are questioned concerning any other element of the business. Visitors, such as colleagues, partners, and upper management have similar view points when the business is a mess. You can lose perspective business opportunities if you make the wrong impressions. You can risk getting your business shut down if things are not up to par should appointed officials come in to the business and not like what they see. Your business to be in immaculate condition ultimately. Outsource the commercial cleaning with a trained professional who understands the standards that need to be met as opposed to relying on a begrudging staff that will put in little effort. Professionals are trained and experienced to ensure the commercial space is cleaned accordingly and avoids cross contamination while they clean, sanitize, and deodorize.

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For your commercial cleaning, call in the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our professionals take care for your business’s cleaning for the maximum level of clean. Contact us today!

Choosing a cleaning service for your property management business is a full-time hustle and bustle business. It’s ever changing and everyday has a new set of challenges to face. Having good relationships with other businesses that can benefit yours will make or break your experiences in property management. One of the most important aspects of your business is the cleanliness of the home or business you are attempting to rent out. No potential tenant wants to walk into a dirty building and the likelihood of somebody renting a dirty space that has not been well maintained is slim to none. Having a reliable and trustworthy property management cleaning service on your speed dial will alleviate any stress you may have associated with the move out cleaning that needs to be done after one tenant vacates a property, or the weekly cleaning that needs to be performed in a busy office building. Finding the right property management cleaning service for the job at hand is easier than you’d think, you just need to know where to look. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here with some helpful tips on what to ask a potential cleaning company to see if they are the right fit for your business.

Residential VS Commercial Cleaning Services

When hiring the right property management cleaning service, it’s important to inquire as to what kind of cleaning they have experience doing. Cleaning companies don’t always specify what type of properties they service when advertising for property management cleaning services, so be sure to ask. Some companies specialize in one area or another and it’s important to determine whether or not they’d be a good fit for your business before they ever even step foot on your properties. If you hire a company that has experience servicing both commercial and residential properties, then you know they have the man power, knowledge and expertise to care for your rental properties.

Hiring a Company that Can Manage the Workload

You will want to determine the size of the buildings or homes that you are inquiring about and ask the potential cleaning service if they can handle the workload you’re needing to be done in an orderly, timely manner. If you have a larger property, such as a multi-office building, smaller companies are not likely to have the resources or man power for a task such as this. However, a boutique cleaning service that specializes in smaller office buildings will likely be able to clean out residential homes too. Be sure to communicate your needs early on to ensure the company you’re hiring is a good fit. Also, communicate how often their services will be required, such as on a tenant move out basis, or whether weekly/bi-weekly/monthly services are needed. You will want to find a company that is willing to service your needs for years to come.

Determining Whether Specialty Cleaning Services are Provided

Many property management services in today’s world are looking for eco-friendly, or green cleaning solutions. Ask whether they offer this type of service. More eco-friendly solutions help to improve indoor air quality and the overall health of those within the facility. Many properties require specialized cleaning needs such as, for example, special flooring that requires frequent upkeep. Natural stone, carpeting, hard wood and concrete all require special care and regular upkeep to keep them in tip-top shape. Medical or daycare facilities require an experienced company with the right tools in order to be properly maintained. Having to hire multiple companies to upkeep a home or office building is more trouble than it’s worth, try hiring a property management cleaning company that offers all the services you require, so you can skip hiring multiple companies.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning has been serving the Boulder, Longmont and surrounding areas of Colorado for the past 15 years. Our fully trained staff are experienced in the cleaning, maintenance and sanitation of all types of homes and office buildings. If you need cleaning services for your property management company, we have the team and the tools for the job, no matter what your cleaning needs are. Give us a call for more information on the services we offer!

In addition to commonly feeling pride and success, individuals or companies also feel relief when their construction project has concluded. No matter if you are a developer, construction firm, contractor, or even a private homeowner building your custom home, adding onto a house, or undergoing a remodel; the final cleanup is vital for the finishing touch. With this in mind, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to further elaborate on the importance of hiring a professional for post construction cleanup.

Post Construction Cleaning Meaning

The standard cleaning crew does always include post construction cleanup in their services, and those who may make an exception are likely to do it poorly. A professional crew that specializes in post construction cleanup goes beyond the typical maintenance cleaning. Not only is a post construction cleanup conducted by a professional team of trained specialists, but they ensure thoroughness, efficiency, and safety. Failure to remove the construction debris from both inside and outside the property, property damage or personal injury has the potential to occur. Respiratory issues can be impacted with any lingering dust, or a lonely nail might puncture a tire.

What Does Construction Clean Up Consist Of?

With professional cleanup services, you can count on a quality service. When it comes to remodeling, for instance, contractors only do the work that they are only responsible for, and only minimal pickup and don’t clean beyond that. With a professional cleanup crew, they will go beyond general cleaning tasks, remove any paint spatter or stickers left on the windows or appliances, and ensure the debris is completely removed from the site. The professional has made the space move-in ready once the post construction cleanup is finished. Before the owners move in, or in the commercial space the employees or customers roll into the space, there is a complete presentation. Post construction cleaning makes sure all the dust and debris is gone to allow life and/or work to continue on.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

Professionals that have a post construction cleaning crew is more than qualified as their methodical techniques, experience, skills, and training are put into action. The adhesives, paint, thick dust, caulk and other construction supplies, that are easily left on surfaces especially floors, are effectively cleaned and damage free. The professionals apply their skills to ensure a maximum level of clean, with advanced and on-going training.
Professionals develop a keen eye and make sure that all aspects are covered, from the exterior and into the interior to ensure the aesthetics and safety aspects are up to par. Many of the exterior surfaces, such as parking lots, exterior walls, and garage floors are power washed to assure cleanliness.

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When it comes to construction cleanup, the right team using advanced products and equipment can make the building look immaculate. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today for your post construction cleanup and our team of elite experts will ensure the final cleaning is spotless. Clearing, cleaning, and polishing are all executed to ensure superior results.

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