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The most important critical environment in nearly every business is the server room or data center. Employees and customers alike rely on the data center’s performance 24/7, all year long. Keep your data center running longer as any downtime seriously disrupts the flow of business. With the professional cleaning experts, we understand a critical environment like a server room has the utmost importance for cleanliness. Professionals from Baker Sandoval Cleaning can help you keep the server room spotless, so the performance is at maximum efficiency. Below, we have listed the top reasons you should consider having a professional clean your data center.

Benefits of Professional Computer Room & Data Center Cleaning

1) Improve longevity and performance of electronic equipment with cleanliness. With each machine drawing in air to cool internal components, and the hardware in your data center runs continuously, the dust and debris are also being drawn inside. Significant damage can occur with accumulating dust insulating the machines, which reduces the natural heat transfer. Dirty server rooms will cause the equipment to overheat and accelerate the corrosion of the internal components and circuitry, which will decrease the longevity of the equipment.
2) Routine cleaning is a downtime reduction strategy. Businesses experience more lengthy downtimes and delays when the machines cannot properly cool down efficiently or require replacement, and the downtime can be costly. According to research, the lost productivity, lost revenue and repairs costs businesses an average of $5,600 per minute with a data center’s downtime. Routine critical environment cleaning helps reduce the downtime as it optimizes performance and longevity of the equipment, minimizes the dust that reduces equipment lifecycles, and eliminating the dust and debris can help with early detection, such as frayed wiring for example. Ensure cleaning is never missed with a cleaning expert and avoid challenging in-house cleaning and care that can do more harm than good.
3) Prevent filtration system being clogged with dust and dirt. The dust, debris, and contaminants from the air are constantly being filtered by the data center’s air filtration system. To properly cool your critical environment the CRAC, or Computer Room Air Conditioning, is working harder to compensate. With routine professional cleaning, you will require fewer filter changes and more efficient filtration.
4) Unclean environments attracts rodents and pests. Rodents can contribute to expensive damages and are often a huge source of contamination in server rooms. For instance, in 2012, due to a squirrel infestation, a respectable data center spent several days offline. Keeping the room properly cleaned can significantly reduce the likelihood of pest contamination.
5) Safer workplace with data center cleaning services. Any systems administrator or IT professional, a data center fire is a nightmare. Small fires are likely to cause downtime, data loss, and lost equipment and major fires can be a safety risk. According to data research, server room fires account for just 6% of commercial infrastructure failures. When compared to other types of workplace fires, this type of fire has much more significant cost. A clean room reduces the risk of fires significantly, keeping the environment safe.

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For your server room, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our trained experts keep your server room clean and well maintained. Contact us today!

Commercial office cleaning and janitorial services are two terms often used interchangeably. Can any commercial cleaning company do the job? What should you look for when you hire a cleaning service?

What is the Difference Between Janitorial & Cleaning Services

There really isn’t much of a difference. For the most part they will provide your business with the services you need. Think about it like a grocery store-not all of them are the same, the same goes for commercial office cleaning services. For the most part, they all offer most of the services needed to clean your office for employees and visitors like customers and vendors. Janitorial services usually include trash removal, paper product restocking, bathroom cleaning and sanitation, waiting room cleaning, office cleaning and floor cleaning. These services can be outsourced instead of having your staff take care of the cleaning. Many larger companies will have their own in-house cleaning staff but outsourcing it will usually provide you with better quality and price savings. Both services can be used for overall aesthetics, levels of cleanliness that are superior, sanitation to reduce the spread of disease and steps are taken to reduce any cross contamination. These services can also reduce the chances you’ll be dealing with pests, incur property damage and the risk of lawsuits when the property is neglected. The goal of any commercial office cleaning is to provide a clean, safe and inviting environment.

Can Any Commercial Cleaning Business Do the Work?

Think about the grocery store again. Just like every grocery store doesn’t carry every product, not every commercial office cleaning company provides the same services. Most commercial cleaning companies can take care of basic services-the way they do it, how their staff are trained, their level of customer service and their ability to meet your needs can all be different. The scope of their work can also be limited to by their size and the amount of experience they have.

What to Look for When Hiring a Cleaning Company?

The first thing you need to look when you’re hiring a cleaning service is to determine if they can meet your needs. Some companies only specialize in the medical industry, others in educational settings. You will need to choose one that will provide you with what you need. You also need to consider their reputation. Search the internet and ask for referrals. Find out how long they have worked with the cleaning company, the level of responsiveness and what they are like to work with. You will also need to meet with the company to get a feeling either way if they are a good fit for you. Lastly, ask them what their experience level is with similar properties. You can also ask about services that are less frequent like power washing or deep carpet cleaning, for example. If they don’t offer the extra services you need, they should be able to provide you with reputable companies that can.

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Most business owners know how important it is that their workplace is neat and tidy. The first impression you will make on your customers is something that doesn’t come more than once. Not only is the cleanliness of your workplace important for retaining customers, but it is important for your team of employees as well. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about why the cleanliness of your workplace is so important.

Clean Office Helps Staff Work Harder

Who doesn’t like to walk into a clean space? Your employees are no different than you are. You will see their mood improved dramatically when they are working in a clean workplace. They will not only be happier, but they will have the ability to work longer hours as well. Cleanliness helps everyone feel more comfortable.

Clean Workplace Reduces Employee Sick Days

When you have an employee that calls in sick and no one but yourself to fill their position for the day, you would almost do anything to keep that from happening again. Keeping your workplace clean will help you reduce the amount of sickness that travels through the office. Cleaning keyboards, phones and other surfaces that are touched by multiple people every day, will help you keep your employees healthy.

Clean Office Productivity

You want to get the most of the work completed by your employees each day. When your workplace isn’t kept neat and clean, your employees are likely looking for any excuse to get them out of there for the day. They are discontent which brings a lack of productivity with it. Keep your workplace clean, and you will see a major increase in employee productivity.

Cleaning Extends Life of Office Machines & Equipment

When your equipment is properly cleaned and cared for, it will extend their life. When your printers, copiers, computers and other equipment are covered in a layer of dirt and debris, they can’t function as they should and the likelihood of them lasting is small. If they don’t completely stop working, they are definitely not working as efficiently as they should.

Importance of Keeping a Messy Office Organized

When your office or workplace isn’t organized, you may find that yourself as well as employees are wasting valuable time searching for things. If this is happening constantly, imagine how much could be done if you added up all that time that is wasted each day. When your office is organized, everything will have a place and will be easily accessible.

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To achieve these cleaning goals in your workplace, it is important that you have a cleaning routine set in place. While you may be able to rely on your employees to a certain extent to help you keep your workplace clean, your best bet will be to enlist the help of a professional cleaning company like Baker Sandoval Cleaning to help you keep your workplace spotless. Not only will we work to keep your office neat and organized, but we will disinfect surfaces to help you avoid office sickness as well. Call us today!

Do you own a business? Are you wondering if it’s worth it to hire commercial cleaning services? Commercial cleaning services can clean anything from office buildings, shopping centers, medical offices, schools, places of worship and post-construction clean up, to name a few. Germs are everywhere and your business is probably infested with them. Employee morale can suffer in a dirty work environment. Hiring commercial cleaning services to eliminate germs may not seem like it’s worth the cost, but it’s truly one of the best things you can do for your business. The National Health Interview Survey concluded that the flu alone is responsible for about 200 million days of diminished productivity and 75 million days of work absence every single year. Sick days don’t have to be part of running a business. A clean office plays a direct role in your employees’ ability to stay healthy and productive.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

1. Employee cleaning is not productive. In-house staff can take care of cleaning until your business grows to a size that they can’t keep up. Hiring commercial cleaning services ensures that your employees have the time to do their job rather than trying to keep the business clean. The pros are trained to clean and maintain your business in a fast and efficient way, which of course saves you money.
2. Professional cleaners show attention to detail. Professional cleaners are trained to identify all areas that need to be cleaned and won’t miss a thing. You are good at running your business, the cleaners are good at finding dust and scuffs that your team may miss. Taking care of the little things makes your business look professional.
3. Commercial grade cleaning tools and supplies. Take advantage of the fact that you’ll have the best tools and supplies cleaning your business. Tools that save time will save you money and clean all the areas of your office efficiently. You also don’t need to store these items at your business.
4. Workplace cleanliness and hygiene. Your business is a busy place with people coming and going which makes sanitation important. A cleaning service will have your business not only looking clean but sanitized too! Germ-filled areas like door knobs, handles, railings and bathrooms will get the extra attention they need.
5. Professional appearance in the workplace. First impressions are important for any business. The appearance of your business speaks volumes about the pride you have in your business. Even if you don’t have a lot of foot traffic you want to maintain a professional appearance for your employees.
6. Maintenance and upkeep of business premises. The professional appearance of your business is upheld with a cleaning service because they can take care of a wide range of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Checklists will be used to take care of deep cleaning, floor cleaning and their maintenance. This also saves you money because you will have less repairs and replacement in the years to come.

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