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n order to cut costs, some businesses forego professional cleaning and do the bare minimum, and others will enforce their employees to clean with unimpressive results. Professional commercial cleaning is more cost-effective than you think and there are a few reasons we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share the importance it has on maintaining your facility.

Clean Building Maintenance

You simply can’t afford to let the building get dirty is a primary reason for managing the cleanliness of your facility. To appease workers, guests, visitors, and even government standards. It makes an impression when people work or visit filthy commercial buildings, and it is not a good impression. Dusty dirty buildings often make people feel uncomfortable and naturally wants them to retreat. A clean building makes the environment more welcoming, safe, and respectful. To keep the facility in spotless condition, the lobby, hallways, bathrooms, break rooms, food courts, balconies, locker rooms, elevators, offices, and meeting rooms all need attention from the ceiling to the floor.

Clean Facility Reduces Need for Repair & Replacement

A building that is neglected shows with the dust building up in areas that are not touched for weeks, stained and filthy carpets and floors, spotted, filmy windows, and so on. Dirt and other debris and substances accelerate deterioration. Remodeling and repair projects are inevitable with a poorly cleaned facility. You can easily see tens of thousands of dollars spent in frequent repairs and replacements. Floors won’t need to be replaced, décor will, and you can count on a clean and comfortable place where the ongoing cleaning promotes the condition and longevity of your facility. With a small cost of routine cleaning, you can save thousands over time.

Clean Office Productivity

Filthy facilities make it difficult for employees to work. Every worker will find every day the dust, dirt, grime and stains are common. It can get to the point where they stop their work to clean the areas. Where cleaning skills vary, you hired them for their skills to complete specific tasks and not to be distracted with any cleaning. Even not cleaning, dirt, grit, and grime is distracting. Additionally, employees can easily get sick or have allergies from the bacteria and diseases spread around. Germs, bacteria, contagions, and allergens are everywhere including doorknobs, switches, bathrooms, floors, burrowed supplies, community equipment, keyboards, and other workers.

Limit Contact with Inventory

When businesses create products, it needs to be kept safe and unnecessary contact can help. A speck of dust falling from the rafters of a large warehouse and fall right inside of a product in the middle of an assembly can be devastating. Equipment does better and the good are kept clean with experienced professionals. A few pieces of machinery that do not perform as good when they get dirty are air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, fans, and do on.

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To ensure your facility is kept clean and you reap the benefits of a well-maintained workplace, call in the qualified experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our professionals take care of your business with quality cleaning services.

There are countless scenarios that lead to construction work; building a new home or commercial building, adding to an existing one, or doing some remodeling or renovations. In any case, following the construction completion, you need to ensure cleanliness for many reasons and having a professional get the job done is in your better interest. There are many contractors that do not bother with the aftermath of the construction. Whether you are a contractor, property owner or developer; there are a number of reasons as to why you need professionals such as Baker Sandoval Cleaning to take care of the post construction cleanup to ensure maximum efficiency. Below, we would like to share just a few reasons as to why you want to hire and expert for your post construction cleanup.

Hire Post Construction Cleaning Professionals for Protection from Harmful Hazards

For good reasons, the construction crew where heavy work boots and hard hats; simply put, the construction area poses a danger. There are screws, nails, and other pointy objects and debris. With the leftover wood and other materials left in random areas, the safety of the floors is questionable. Stepping on these foreign objects in normal wear shoes can cause serious injury that accompanies infections, resulting in spending valuable time and spending hard-earned cash with the emergency room. Professional post construction cleanup crews not only go beyond sweeping and vacuuming, but they thoroughly clean every inch of the construction site to not only ensure cleanliness but to safely remove the risky debris.

Post Construction Cleaning Crew Can Do the Scope of Work So You Don’t Have To!

Simplify the aftermath. Following a construction project, no matter which affiliation you are, you have your hands full with everything that comes next. For example, homeowners will need to put their home back in order and getting the arrangements made for it to happen. The last thing that you should let burden your plate is to make sure the space meets all local building codes and insurance requirements. With that final walkthrough, you want the space to represent an organized, clean, safe, and ready-to-use atmosphere. Hiring the experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning for instance, will handle all the details of the cleaning, from the removal of construction waste and debris, to clearing off the construction adhesives and residues, to clearing out the dust and smudges, making the place look immaculate.

Final Post Construction Cleaning Details

Your home life or your business production will have to be put on hold until the space is made clean and safe. Depending on the size of the space, the construction cleanup can take a day, weekend, or even longer. If you have a grand opening or a housewarming party scheduled, you have a deadline and the cleaning can impact the important scheduled dates.

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Taking advantage of the reputable post construction cleanup services, such as from Baler Sandoval Cleaning, can accelerate the process as the trained professionals apply their experience, procedures, and expertise to clean the space quickly, but efficiently. They can easily take half as long as it would someone without any experience or training. When it comes time for your post construction cleanup, call the specialists of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let us take care of the rest.

Keeping the facility clean is one the biggest challenges athletic clubs, gyms, or fitness centers. Handling public and people who are sweating that traverse throughout establishment. The equipment, machines, showers, lockers, restrooms, along with the common areas, drinking fountains, and vending machines are all saturated in germs. Simply and better done by Baker Sandoval Cleaning, is maintaining the athletic club to keep it clean, sanitized, and presentable for your staff, clients, and potential members.

Cleaning Exercise Machines, Workout Equipment & Weights

Vital for killing the germs and bacteria that can thrive in such conditions is ensuring the exercise equipment, weights, and machines are periodically deep cleaned, at least once a week, but more often the better. Also, these surfaces should be wiped down with a disinfectant to minimize the germs being distributed around the facility multiple times day. During the walk through of the facility to avoid spreading the germs, be sure to include touch points like free weights, treadmill controls, and machine handles and handlebars. Use disinfectant wipes to avoid cross contamination or designated rags and cleaner at each equipment station.

Clean Restrooms

Restrooms are rather complex to minimize the risk of cross-contamination for customer health and to manage a clean space for your customers and prospective members. Remove the buildup of grit and grime as your bathroom’s toilets, sinks, stalls, and floors are properly cleaned and disinfected. In between your professional cleaning services, be sure to have designated cleaning supplies for the bathrooms to avoid cross contamination. You do not want the reputation of your gym is where patrons can easily catch the flu, or the place looks like a dump.

Clean Locker Rooms & Showers

Locker and/or shower room is the perfect climate for mold and mildew to thrive, and though not every facility offers these elements, if applicable, disinfecting the room at the end of the day is important to not only combat the germs and bacteria members track in, but also combat the potential microbe growth. At the very least touched at the end of the day, the locker rooms and showers should ideally be wiped down and properly ventilated throughout the day. Included in the wipe down regiment, be sure to touch on the handles, floors, and curtains as well. Any surfaces that are constantly touched should be cleaned.

Cleaning Common Touch Points & Floors are Important

Just a few examples of common touch points in a gym are the paper towel dispensers, benches, computer screens, and exercise mats. Because the common touch points have the highest potential for germ transfer, they need to be cleaned often. Throughout the day, the surfaces staff and members make contact should be assured that they are cleaned and disinfected. Not only to maintain a neat and organized appearance, but the floors should be vacuumed and/or swept and touched mopped, at least at the end of the day so the facility is cleaned at the start of a new day, but throughout the day is optimal.

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To help you keep your athletic club clean, sanitized, and deodorized, call in the certified experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and our experienced professionals will work with you to develop a cleaning schedule.

When school gets out for the summer, it’s unclear who is more excited, the kids or the teachers. When it comes to getting the school decluttered and ready for the next school year, janitors have a big job on their hands during the summer. If you tackle the school in a methodical manner, you will be sure to have the whole place spic & span as the new school year approaches. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to share some tips to make school cleaning less painful this summer during the big break.

Cleaning VCT Hallways, Cafeteria, Classroom & Other Floors in Schools

This is the perfect time to tackle the floors of the school. They can be fully polished and waxed without the kids walking the halls constantly. During summer break, you have the ability to remove desks, tables, chairs and anything else that may be found in each area of the school so the flooring is completely spotless for the upcoming year.

Cleaning School Windows

To create a positive working environment for kids, there are a great deal of windows found in schools. Cleaning them all is no small task. Not only should your windows get a deep cleaning this summer, but you can clean the accessories found in classrooms as well. This would include things like desks, light fixtures, shelves and storage areas, so that each room looks clean from top to bottom.

Cleaning Cafeteria

The cafeteria is cleaned on a regular basis throughout the school year, but this is a good time to really get rid of the grease and other food stains that accumulate throughout the school year. This will help you keep pests at bay while there are not any people working in there each day. Cleaning the cafeteria and kitchen area well and regularly will help you extend the life of all the appliances that are found there as well.

Commercial Restroom Cleaning

While the restrooms are cleaned on a regular basis throughout the school year, this is a good time to really get in there and disinfect them. You can truly sanitize the space when there is no one in there to make it dirty right away. Don’t forget to clean both sides of the stall doors as these areas probably don’t get cleaned as often as they should.

School Gym Cleaning

Flocks of people are constantly coming to and from the gymnasium throughout the year for a variety of different events and activities. With no upcoming activities, you can really get into those bleachers and give them a good scrub down to get ready for the next year full of new activities and events.

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If you are having a difficult time keeping up with all the janitorial needs of your school, you can rely on the cleaning specialists at Baker Sandoval Cleaning to help. We have the training and expertise to ensure your school is completely cleaned and disinfected this summer as you get ready for the new school year. Call us today!

Every individual has their own unique set of things that makes them truly happy. For some people learning what can make you happy can take time and effort while for other people it just seems to come naturally. You may be one of the people that is the happiest when they are planning a dinner party. Or maybe hosting a dinner party gives you extreme anxiety. Either way Baker Sandoval Cleaning has some great tips for your next dinner party!

Set a Date for Party with Time for Cleaning & Other Preparation

The very first thing you need to do is decide when your dinner party is going to be. Pick a date that works well for your schedule. Remember that you will need to not only look at the date that you want to have your party but also the days leading up to your party. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of time to prepare everything the week of the party.

Guest List, Menu & Decor

Once you have picked a date you will want to get your guest list together. If you have not hosted a dinner party before you may want to keep it small. Four to six guests is a good place to start for your first party. If you have had plenty of practice hosting a dinner party you may feel comfortable with a larger party. After you have solidified your guest list you will want to invite them. It is best to give your guests about three weeks’ notice.
Next up is deciding what you are going to have for dinner. Remember that if you do not love cooking you do not have to do the cooking yourself. There are plenty of catering options available that you may consider looking into. If you love to cook have a blast planning your menu out! People that like to cook find great pleasure in this part of the planning. After you have decided what you are going to have for dinner you will need to decide what kind of décor you are going to put on your table. What you put on your table will depend on your personal style. Some people love to put hours into creating beautiful centerpieces while other people just like something nice and simple.

Deep Cleaning House Before Party

The week of your party you will want to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get everything taken care. You will definitely want your house to be nice and clean when your house guests arrive. Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers special event cleaning. We can come in and clean your home both before and after your party. Leaving the cleaning to us will give you the opportunity to focus on the decorations and food. When the time for your dinner party finally arrives make sure that you take the time to truly enjoy your evening. Spend time chatting with your guests and truly cherishing the evening. Hosting an event is such an amazing way to build relationships with your guests.

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After the dinner party is over you will be exhausted. Don’t forget to schedule Baker Sandoval Cleaning to come over and get your house all cleaned up afterwards. We can get your house back to normal while you relax from your dinner party! Contact us today!

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