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If you are running a grocery store you know that you have a flow of people all day long getting their groceries for the week or picking up some last minute items. The store has to be full of the best produce and the most sought after products. Most grocery stores know what is trending in their area and try to accommodate the people in the area. There is a real science that goes into keeping a store stocked full of food without being wasteful. That is really only part of what it takes to keep people coming back to your store for their food and products. You also want to make sure that you have a clean building as well. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines why you want to keep a clean grocery store.

Clean Storefront is a Good First Impression

The first area of the store that a would be patron is going to see is the parking lot and the entryway. These are outdoor spaces that can become quite messy and if they are not treated can cause people to think this is not the store for them. This is an area of the store that you want to keep clean to make a great impression. The best way to clean a store parking lot and the entryway such as the sidewalk is to have them pressure washed. The first thing that a patron may see should be that the entry is clean so that they are enticed to come in and continue to come back.

Supermarket Floor Cleaning

A large area of the store that people are sure to take notice of are the floors. The floors can be dirty and stained from all the people that walk around. They are bringing in dirt and debris from outside and that can cause a real mess. You want to make sure that you have a company that can come out and clean the floors on a regular basis. The flooring is something that if left a mess can be a deterrent to people that want to buy their food from a place that looks and feels clean. When the floors are left a mess a person would think that there is no way the rest of the store is clean either. Plus all that dirt and debris can be unhealthy for your fresh merchandise to be around.

Clean Convenience Store Restrooms

Another part of the store that gets a lot of attention are the bathrooms. When a busy mom gets out of the house to get the grocery shopping done they may run out with a toddler. It isn’t long before these little sprouts need a bathroom break or a diaper change. This means that a trip to your grocery store bathroom is being looked over. The bathroom needs to be kept clean and sanitary so that people can come in a use it without feeling covered with germs. An unclean bathroom is a major problem for any type of store and that is why professional cleaning is necessary.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning can come out and make a plan to keep your grocery store clean. Call us today.

A neat and tidy office is well-known to increase productivity, and is a well-known fact. Keeping your office clean of germs will promote healthier employees who will need to take less time off work. With the help of Baker Sandoval Cleaning, you can give your office a deep clean to boost your productivity and ensure your office is clean and attracting customers and impressing visitors. However, there are a few quick cleaning tasks that you and/or your staff can do during the day to keep the office looking clean, having it healthy, and increase the productivity that we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share today.

Disinfect Work Phones

In an office, the phones are a cesspool of germs. Productivity only declines as the staff spreads germs and ailments. It only becomes a bigger issue if it continues. Using anti-bacterial wipes on a daily basis is the best solution to ensure the germs are free and your employees are healthy enough to continue to do their jobs and produce.

Office Odor Eliminator

Bad smells that absorb into the floors and carpets that are not properly cleaned makes a bad impression. Increasing the energy, productivity and improve the fresh smell in your establishment with orange, citrus smells. Morale declines, people get agitated when they work in places that continually smells poorly, and visitors are put off by the odors. Having the carpets and floors cleaned by a pro often is in your better interests to avoid not only filthy floors but combating the odors.

Remove Dust from Desks

A lot of people often are introduced to ailments when their allergies are triggered. Dust and debris carry many allergens and having the unsightly accumulating dust on the desk can impact the staff’s health. A simple wipe down on the counters and desks can help keep the employee’s health and their productivity up.

Sweep Workplace Floors

The cluttered, dirt riddled floors do nothing to boost the productivity, but rather decreases it. Prospective customers are often distracted by the dirt. Having a cleaning crew take care of the filthy floors can keep the floors better controlled. First impressions are taken under consideration when the filth is covered all over the floor, and ensuring it is routinely cleaned can keep the place looking well-manicured.

Empty Trash Daily

Trash doesn’t only look poor, but it can attract pests, particularly the trash bins filled with food wrappers and unfinished food. When it comes to maintaining the productivity in an office, emptying the trash goes a long way. The focus and productivity are lost while the staff working in an area that smells like a garbage bin as one working in an office with fresh air. Also, pests carry their own health risks from allergies to diseases.

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When it comes to routine cleaning and ensuring the office is clean and fresh, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our experienced and qualified specialists ensure your commercial space is clean in Boulder, Colorado.

There are lots of commercial spaces that are used to run businesses, stores and offices. They are important for a company to be able to work and grow their clients and make money. The commercial space that they are in is something that the employees and the clients need to be able to access and use with a level of comfort. One of the things you need to take care of is to ensure that the maintenance of the space is done properly. You do not want to have things that are damaged and not working in your commercial space. This can cause potential customers to not want to come in or to not return. Most retail stores rely on customers to return to increase their revenue. The other aspect of the commercial space is to ensure that it is clean as well. The cleanliness is a huge part of what a person wants to see. They may not comment on how clean it is but when it is dirty it is a top property to tell the people they know. Having a bad reputation for a messy commercial retail space is not good for business. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines what you need to know about cleaning your retail store.

Cleaning Retail Shop Floors

When you have a retail shop you likely have material in the space such as clothes, socks, shoes and other material. Even the best made clothes will have strings and other debris that will come off them and land on the floors. You also could see a lot of foot traffic in the commercial space. This means that anything that your customers are walking on comes in with them. They also can have food and other debris that comes in and all of that can end up on your floors. You want to make sure that your floors in your retail shop are cleaned on a very regular basis. This area is something that can make or break your business if it is left a mess. A professional cleaning service can ensure that the floors are kept looking their best.

Cleaning Retail Shelving & Display Units

Many retail stores require areas that they can use to lay out specialty products. This might be perfume, jewelry, sunglasses or even hats and belts. Whatever the specialty item is it will need a place to be displaced. This usually means that you need to have shelving units in the space as well as cases. These can become messy and dusty and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The dust will collect on these space and can actually land on all your products as well. It is best to clear the area and clean the shelves and the cases.

Retail Shop Entryway Cleaning

You also want to make sure that the front and entry area of the retail space is kept clean. This is your chance to make a good impression on the customers that might be coming to your establishment. The doors, floors, handles and more need to look their best and that can be done by a professional cleaning crew.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning can come out to your retail space and make sure that it is looking its best to ensure that you get return customers. Call us today to make your appointment.

There are instances where paying out money now can end up saving you money down the road. It can seem hard to understand how paying money for a product or service can actually save you money but there are many times that it does. When you are running an office or business the bottom line and goal is to make money. You want to make enough money to be successful and continue to grow. That means you need to learn more about what you can do to save money. One area of importance is the cleanliness of the space. Some people choose to have the office cleaned by the employees who are not trained in cleaning a commercial space. It is best to use a janitorial service to clean the office and it will actually end up saving you money. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines how hiring janitorial services can help to save your business money.

Recognize Damage to Property to Make Small Repairs Early

When you are trying to keep a business open you need to make sure it is making money. You also want to make sure the space you are using is kept in good shape and is working. As time moves on the office may start to need repairs and maintenance done. When you try and have the employees do the cleaning they are not trained to recognize problems that might come up. This means that a small repair that is needed can go unnoticed and that will then lead to a major repair. The problem will continue to get worse over time and that will then cost you more money when you finally have the maintenance done. The professional janitorial service is able to look for signs you need to make some minor repairs before they become larger. This is how using a janitor will end up saving you money.

Clean Building Aids Customer Retention

Another reason you want to use a janitorial service for your commercial space is to ensure our customers want to come back. If you walk in an office or business only to find that it is not clean and the bathroom is a mess you will likely not go back. This can be detrimental to your business. One of the biggest ways that a business can make money it by retention. The retention means that you have repeat customers which means more money. If you do not have the office cleaned professionally you will start to lose customers. That is why you want to use a janitor to help save you money and increase your revenue overall.

Clean Office Productivity

One of the most common areas that businesses lose money is the lack or productivity of the employees. Many employees are not working at their full potential and that can end up costing you money. Some employees feel unmotivated to work hard when they feel like the owner does not care about the environment they are working in. When you hire a company to come out and do your janitorial work the office will be clean. This has been shown to create an environment that employees are happy to work in and will increase productivity.

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