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When you are running an office or commercial business, the top needs of the business are the most important. You want to make sure you are making money and that your customer, clients and employees are getting what they need. An area of running a business that needs to be addressed is the cleanliness of the office space. Most offices know that they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The problem is that they may choose to do the cleaning themselves and that might be a big mistake. If you are taking the cleaning on yourself you could be overlooking things that a professional company would make sure to tackle. You want to make sure your business has the best chance at showing off what you can offer to any customers and clients. The work that goes into cleaning can be overwhelming for the owners and staff and that is why professionals should be called in. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines what you might be missing when cleaning your commercial office.

Cleaning Behind & Under Equipment

One of the areas that you want to make sure you never overlook is what could be lingering under the office equipment. Your office can have computers, printers and other equipment that might be set up on counters. When you are cleaning the office you might continue to overlook the area. When you hire a company to come out and clean your office they will make sure that you clean under these pieces of equipment. The longer you let the mess under these pieces sit the more it can become a problem. The dust that is being created can have an effect on the health of the office even if the rest of the area is clean.

Clean Baseboards

Another area of the office that you want to make sure is not overlooked are the baseboards. It may be easy to ensure that the floors are vacuumed and the tile is steamed but the baseboards are usually not cleaned or washed. They are a lip in the space and can be housing all sorts of dirt and dust. This will make the office not look as clean as the area should be. A professional cleaning company will make sure that all the baseboards are clean from dirt, dust and scuff marks. This will really make a big impact on the people that are using your space.

Cleaning Office Fixtures

If you walk through the office and determine what needs to be cleaned, the fixtures that are on the walls can be overlooked. The fixtures can be anything from sconces on the walls, light switches and light fixtures as well as ceiling fans. These are things that not only can have dust on them but they can have germs as well. The other fixtures you might stop looking at are the door knobs and cabinet handles. This is a way that germs can be spread around the office and have an effect on the staff. The professional cleaning company will ensure that these area are clean as well as sanitized.

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If you are running a medical office the tasks that you have are important to ensure they are done with precision. A medical office is a place that people trust to care for their health and well being. They come to you when they are not feeling their best. They also are coming to you when they need some medical advice or to check that they are in good health. There is a lot that goes into keeping a medical office up to par and the cleanliness of the space is a top priority. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines why you need to have your medical office cleaned by a professional.

Sanitary Condition of Medical Office

When someone goes to the office to see a doctor for any reason they don’t want to end up leaving sicker when they arrived. There are lots of people that come in the office with a plethora of illness, disease and germs and that is not something that should be spread around. Keeping a medical office sanitized is a top priority. The health and safety of not only your patients that will be coming in for their appointment but also the staff is on the line. The staff should have safe practices in place to ensure that they are not a catapult in spreading the germs but having the office sanitized when it is being cleaned is important. That is why it is important to have a professional cleaning crew come to your medical office on a regular basis to sanitize the space.

Good Impression of Commercial Practice

When you are looking to have a patient come in to your office and want to come back again a first impression needs to be great. No one wants to come in a medical office and see trash, dirt and debris around the space. That is why not just the office space where the patient is being seen but the waiting room and the restroom needs to be cleaned as well. The impression that you make on a patient can help with your offices retention.

Staff Don’t Have Time or Expertise in Cleaning Duties

When you are in an office and you are seeing patient’s one right after the other one you can’t not take off time to clean. When you are cleaning the office while your staff and other patients are there it can be disruptive. You have people there that are not feeling their best and cleaning might cause them to feel worse with the noises and odors that often come when you are cleaning. When you hire a professional company to come out and clean your medical office it can be done in the off hours so that there is not any disruption.

Employee Break Room & Restroom Cleanliness

Not only do you want the patients that are coming in your office to feel comfortable but the staff should as well. That is why professional cleaning is important to ensure that the office break room, employee offices and the employee restroom is clean as well. The professional company will ensure that all areas of the office are cleaned with the same level of expertise.

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Within the restaurant, there are many aspects to keep the restaurant clean as mandated by ordinances. You risk violating on your next health inspection, which can lead to fines and closure if your restaurant is not sanitary. Dirty restaurants are ripe for food-borne illnesses and not only will sickness earn you a bad reputation, so will having a dirty establishment. A bad reputation does extensive damage and it is difficult to overcome. Having a clean, organized restaurant is essential. As a restaurant owner, no matter the status from drive-ins, and dives, to fine dining, it is your responsibility to keep the place clean. Keeping your restaurant clean is a little simpler than you think, especially if your staff just needs to maintain during opening hours and the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning do the after-hours cleaning. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share some tips on how a little organization, scheduling, consistency, and a bit of elbow grease can go a long way with your restaurant.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Daily cleaning includes the following:
– Sanitize all food prep surfaces including the cutting boards
– Clean fryers
– Scour and brush grills
– Launder all rags and wiping cloths
– Meat and cheese slicers need to be sanitized
– Sweep / Mop & Vacuum as appropriate all flooring
– Wipe down all other surfaces including ice machine, drinking vending, and so on
– Clean out grease traps
– Take out all trash and recyclables
– Floor mat wash
– Dishwasher filter hood cleaning
– Empty and clean steam tables
– Sanitize soda guns, sinks and faucets
– Correctly dispose of grease and oil

Checklist for weekly cleaning:
– Clean ovens, coffee machines, coolers, refrigerators, and other appliances according to manufacturer’s directions.
– Flush floor drains with drain cleaner
– Wipe down walls
Checklist monthly cleaning:
– Deep clean the grease buildup; stoves, ovens, fryers, and flat tops need scrubbing behind them. Fire grease is not only unsanitary, but it is a fire hazard.
– Freezers empty and cleaning
– Ice bin emptying, cleaning and sanitizing
– Wipe down ceilings
– Assess equipment and the building; proper maintenance accordingly especially if your find pests.

Restaurant Tables & Front House Cleaning Checklist

Checklist for daily cleaning:
– Surfaces such as bar tabletops, and booths need to be clean and sanitized
– Restroom cleaning and sanitation
– Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop hard floor surfaces
– Condiment dispenser wipe down
– Clean menus

Checklist for weekly cleaning:
– Dust of ceiling fans, light fixtures, walls, frames, blinds, and other such surfaces
– Chair and table leg cleaning
– Baseboards need to be wiped down

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Keeping the restaurant cleaned is simple enough, however, when you have professionals helping you, such as those from Baker Sandoval Cleaning, our specialists can help you take care of the deep cleaning while you maintain it during business hours. We know the expectations and guidelines restaurants and can ensure they are clean above minimum standards. Contact us today!

In the office there is usually a high risk of cold and flus being past around, and they can happen all year long. Germs and illnesses spread regardless of what season we are in. Knowing some of the most germiest places in the office can help keep the office cleaner and reduce the staff getting each other sick by implementing some preventative measures. We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to list the top germiest places in the office.

Bacteria on Breakroom Sponge?

Most people guess the bathroom is the germiest place in the office, however, the breakroom is the top place with the germs. Since most people eat their lunches, or have their coffee breaks in the breakroom, thinking about this fact can be rather off-putting. If not wiped down or cleaned out on a regular basis, the grime continues to accumulate in the refrigerator and microwave, on the countertops, tabletops, and sinks, and even the coffee maker. Old food particles and sticky residues are an ideal host for germs and the staff easily picks up these germs.
The most germiest thing in the breakroom is the sponge. Many offices have the sponge in the breakroom people used to clean off dishes, wipe out Tupperware, wipe down other surfaces, but few follow up with proper sanitation, and the sponge collects upwards of 10 million bacteria per square inch. Proper sanitizing and avoiding cross contamination are essential in the breakroom.

Germs on Keyboard & Mouse at Employee Desks

The second germiest place in the office is the desks. Few people wash or sanitize their hands before getting to their desk and starting the day. Elevator buttons, door handles, light switches, and other common localized areas come into contact are carrying loads of germs. Once you get to your desk and start fondling the computer, keyboard, mouse, phone, and other surfaces, you are spreading those germs. Open office plans are even more germier, and those that frequently eat at their desk add more germs. The keyboard is the germiest item on the desk. Over 5,000 surfaces for ATP molecules were tested by a study conducted. The more virus and bacteria are present, the higher the number of ATP molecules. For over 100 ATP, 69% of office keyboards tested. Keeping a little sanitizing lotion/gel at the desk, along with sanitizing wipes, and getting in a habit of washing your hand more frequently can significantly reduce the germs around the desk.

Bacteria on Chairs in Waiting Area

The third germiest place in the office is typically the waiting area. There is often quite a variety of people coming through the waiting area throughout the day. From construction or handymen, to clients, colleagues, service providers, and other guests, the waiting areas are usually a haven for germs. Couches, tables, door handles, door frames, carpets, and rugs among other surfaces harbor a buildup of dirt, debris, and germs. Having a reliable cleaning company cleaning the waiting area is the most optimal solution to maintaining a clean area with minimal germs. The germiest area on in the waiting area is typically the armrests of chairs and couches. Where most thing the door handle is the culprit, these surfaces endure everyone and absorb most things in comes into contact with and is less likely to be cleaned and sanitized on a routine basis.

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With Baker Sandoval Cleaning, you can count on your office being efficiently cleaned and sanitized. We clean the obvious and not so obvious to ensure your office is a healthy environment for your staff and welcoming to any visitors. Contact us to schedule your next cleaning appointment today!

Most people have an understanding about what goes into cleaning a home. The house that you live in requires work that has to be done on a regular basis. If you want to have your house cleaned well you can hire a company. A professional cleaning company is able to come out and disinfect and clean the house. There is a different set of needs and cleaning that is required for a commercial business. There are some differences that exist when you hire a company to clean your home and your commercial space. The commercial space is where most people run their business and that is why it is important to hire a professional to do it. Baker Sandoval Cleaning compares residential and commercial cleaning services.

Cleaning Schedule

When you have your house cleaned you schedule it when it is convenient for you. Some people like to have cleaners come out and clean in the morning before you start the day. There are other people that like to have the house cleaned in the middle of day so that they can get their errands run. No matter when you have your house cleaned it usually is when you want to. This might be different from week to week. When it comes to cleaning a commercial space or a business you have to use some discretion. The time that you can have a business cleaned is different in the way when it comes to timing. The best time to have a commercial space cleaned is when the office is closed and no customers are in the space. This means that the time constraint is tighter than when you have your house cleaned.

More People to Clean Up After in a Business than a Home

When you have your house cleaned you know what is going on in the home. You know who has been in the house and if anyone has been sick or not. When you have your house cleaned, housekeepers address the areas such as kitchens and the bathrooms when it comes to disinfecting. When it comes to a commercial space the type of work that has to be done is different. The type and amount of people that come in and out of the commercial building are unknown. They can be customers, clients and employees. There is no way to know who all is sick and what type of germs are being spread. This means that there are more areas that need to be disinfected such as door knobs, handles, phones and more. You want to make sure that there are not germs being spread through your office space.

Cleaning Supplies Checklist

The cleaning supplies that are needed to clean a house are similar to the ones that you choose to use yourself. They are usually quite standard along with cleaning rags, brooms and mops. The supplies and the tools that are needed to clean a commercial space are different when it comes to the cleaning floors and larger windows and doors. They also may use stronger supplies as well.

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