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Whenever your home or business has been under construction, it can seem like a war zone when the job has been completed. Remodeling and construction makes such a huge mess with fine dust that completely covers every surface, that getting the place clean again may seem like a daunting task. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to share some of the benefits that can come from choosing to leave post construction cleanup to the professionals.

Speedy Cleanup Process

When your remodeling or construction project is complete, you are done as well. The last thing you want to think about is how long it will take you to clean this mess up. When you leave the job to professionals it will be a much quicker process. They have the training and cleaning experience to make the job a quick one so you can move on from the project.

Specialized Cleaning Equipment

While you more than likely have all the cleaning supplies needed to keep your home clean on a regular basis, post construction cleaning is a whole other level of cleaning tasks. Because there is so much more involved in the cleaning process. It requires different types of cleaning supplies to get the job done right. Professionals have all the cleaning tools and equipment needed to effectively and completely get the job site clean.

Cleaning Hazards for Workplace Safety

As you well know, there are a lot of nails, screws and other debris that are left behind on a construction site. These can all pose a risk to those you love if they aren’t disposed of safely. Not only can it be painful to step on them, but it can also be a choking hazard for small children and pets to leave these things out. There are other materials like paint and scrap wood as well as other dangerous debris. Here is what you can expect to be cleaned by professional post construction cleaners:
– Wipe & dust all the walls
– Wash baseboards & trim
– Wiping down all the light fixtures
– Deep cleaning the flooring, paying close attention to cracks and corners
– Hand wash cabinets inside and out
– Vacuum entire space to remove any debris left behind

Get Home Ready for Entertaining or Commercial Premise Ready for Business

Whenever you finished a large scale home remodel, you are ready to show it off. It is hard to show it off when you know the space hasn’t been properly cleaned. You know that when you have hired professionals to clean your home after construction, there won’t be an ounce of dust left behind. Not only that, but you won’t smell the dusty aroma that is often left behind, but the space will look and smell amazing.

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If you have finished your remodel and need a professional cleaning service you can trust to handle the post construction cleanup, Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to provide you superior cleaning services that will properly showcase your home remodel. Call us today!

There are lots of things that go into keeping a retail store in place and open for business. You need to of course offer a service or a product that people want and that there is a need for. You also need to have a space that is easy to find and has good signs as well as marketing. The more people know about you the better your business usually will be. You also want to make sure you have a staff that is working hard and making customers feel comfortable with their great customer service. Lastly you need to make sure that your customers stay and spend money as well as comeback as a repeat customer. One of the things you need to do to make sure that the retail is clean including the bathroom. When it comes to keeping a retail space clean you want to make sure that you use a professional cleaning service. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines what goes into cleaning a retail store bathroom.

Why is a Clean Retail Store Bathroom Important?

You want to make sure that any of your customers that come in the store want to return. The best way to do that is to make sure that the area that they need to use and be in are kept clean. One area that no one will overlook when they are in a place of business is the bathroom. The bathroom is a place that if you need to use it and you see a mess it can send you running and not coming back. A dirty bathroom can actually be used against you with the social media day and age. All it takes is a bad video or photo of your retail shop to spread around. You also could have mothers that are taking kids in the bathroom and want to feel comfortable with changing a diaper or having a toddler use the bathroom. The cleanliness of a retail shop bathroom has a huge impact good or bad on the business.

Bathroom Disinfectant

One of the issues you want to make sure is taken care of when you have a public space is if it is sanitary. The public is often able to use the bathroom and this means you cannot control the potential of germs and disease that might be brought into the space. The best thing you can do for your business is to make sure that the bathroom at your business does not only look clean but is sanitized as well. When you use a professional cleaning company they will ensure that your bathroom is clean as well as sanitized.

Bathroom Odor Eliminator

You also want to make sure your bathroom is welcoming in terms of cleanliness as well as any odors that might be lingering. You want to make sure that the trash has been cleaned as well as the toilets and other surfaces. They have to be cleaned to remove the odors that might linger from normal bathroom usage.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning can come out to your retail shop and clean the bathroom as well as the rest of the space. Call us today!

Healthcare and medical facilities must stay on top of the building’s cleaning to ensure a healthy environment. Many come to hospitals or quick care centers with illnesses that are spread by germs, viruses and bacteria. Proper cleaning services can help kill many of these germs, viruses, and bacteria with daily diligence. Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to focus on the importance of proper cleaning and the top concerns that quality cleaning services can help to address.

Deep Clean VCT & Tile Floors

An unsanitary medical environment should never be tolerated, as it can threaten patients, visitors, and those who work everyday in these environments. A healthcare or medical facility must work hard to keep the many of the microbes such as germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus at bay. These microbes can spread to every surface in the building. Surprisingly the floors are often the most affected, as many microbes are able to multiple very quickly on these surfaces. This is why floors should get special attention. Floors should be cleaned daily with an EPA approved cleaner. Many are surprised to learn bleach isn’t frequently used in medical care facilities. This is because bleach can irritate and even damage the lungs. Their are some case where bleach is used but not for large surface areas such as flooring. Most medical care facilities uses VCT or tile flooring as they can be cleaned and treated much easier.

Protocols for Cleaning High Touch Areas

After flooring it is important to clean all surface areas with an EPA approved cleaner that can kill the number of microbes that make their way into the the building. Cleaning surface areas include those at the door. Doors are touched by everyone, therefore the door and handle must have special attention due to this reason. Waiting areas are next where chairs, tables and other surfaces in the areas are cleaned. Next other areas that are open to the public such as bathrooms should also be cleaned with detail. Luckily most surface areas in a bathroom can be easily cleaned and treated but also require daily attention.

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Healthcare or medical care facilities such as quick care center and doctor offices can greatly benefit from professional cleaning services. It is important for the practice to ensure their facility is properly clean and not to spread harmful illness to visitor or of patients. It can harm the name of the Doctor or facility simply by improper cleaning not to mention make people sick. To clean medical facilities requires a skillful and diligent cleaning services. However, it also take proper communication as each medical facility varies on cleaning needs. A cleaning service isn’t responsible for disposing a hazardous materials or cleaning of instruments as they require special training. If there are certain areas where a cleaning service shouldn’t have access it is important to clarify with the cleaning service. For those who own or manage a medical center and require a dedicated cleaning service with proper understanding of the need of a medical facility then contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

Flu season is fast approaching. With the reminders from doctors and pharmacies to get the flu shot, it is getting close. The workplace is one of the top places people contract the flu. Applying the following steps, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning have prepared below, can help make your workplace flu-proof!

Sanitation of High Touch Areas

There are more surfaces and objects that are frequently touched from the work community and germs are everywhere. Whenever you talk about a commercial space, you not only have the staff leaving behind germs, but the potential customers, colleagues, suppliers/vendors, and other visitors do as well. Frequently washing your hands or using hand sanitizer ideal eliminate the germs on the hands, however, the germs are still lingering on the various surfaces. On hard surfaces, flu germs can survive for up to 8 hours. Ensuring you are sanitizing the surfaces daily, can help reduce the spread of germs and ailments attached to them. In addition to any in-house cleaning, having a professional clean the workplace on a routine basis can help sanitize the surfaces more effectively, especially with cross contamination training, and thoroughness with trained, and organized methods. Be sure to at least have your staff sanitize the high-touch areas; doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, and so on.

Encourage Sick Day Use

Most employers prefer having their employees attend their scheduled work hours to maintain productivity, however, having a staff member contaminated with the flu that where the germs spread like wildfire, will only get others sick, and once the flu bug gets everyone sick enough, you will try to operate on a skeleton staff. Share with the employees early symptoms of the flu and how to better identify the common cold as well in addition to encouraging appropriate use of sick days and how to prevent spreading the flu. Post reminder signs to wash hands, install hand sanitation stations, and proactively encourage the staff for healthier habits.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Office Workers

Keeping health in general helps many people resist the flu germs. Creates a strong healthy immune system to naturally fight off sickness with good sleep patterns, diet, and exercise. Limit stress and drink plenty of water to optimize the health. Be sure promote proper coughing and sneezing into the elbow and follow up with washing the hands.

Flu Vaccine

People over the age of 6 months, and especially for those with compromised immune systems are recommended to have the flu vaccine. With several options available, and typically affordable, you can encourage to get their flu vaccines.

Avoid Sick Employee’s in the Workplace

Ultimately, keeping the office healthy is everyone’s responsibility. Every person needs to proactive with wiping down their high touch areas, healthy habits, and handwashing practices. When ill, stay isolated and avoid bringing the contagious germs to the workplace.

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Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning for routine commercial cleaning services. We help keep your workplace cleaned and sanitized to ensure the environment is comfortable and the presentation is ready for your guests. Contact us today for your commercial cleaning services.

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