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Cleanliness matters in many businesses, and daycare centers are a prime example. The small children that attend daily are prone to illnesses and without the basic understanding of proper hygiene, they are easily impacted with contaminants. Child facilities spread germs rampantly, especially if the daily cleaning tasks are only minimal. With a professional commercial cleaning service, your daycare can better combat the spreading of these germs. The learning center needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to further elaborate on the subject.

Clean from Top to Bottom

When it comes to cleaning child care centers, it is important to work from the top to the bottom, like in most businesses. Since the settled dust, allergens, and other particulates will fall down after wiping the crown molding, light fixtures, and tops of cabinets, cleaning the floors first would be counterintuitive. Since most professionals will start at the top, if you decide to do the cleaning and sanitizing yourself, remember this strategy to minimize the work and maximize the clean. Also, invest in a HEPA vacuum to ensure effective vacuuming.

Safe Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Though challenging to find safe, yet effective products, it is worth your time to research the cleaning agents and ensure they are eco-friendly that are non-toxic and comply with any of the allergies of the staff or the children in attendance. Certified green is usually a safe bet, but no matter which cleaning products you select, you need to make certain they are appropriately locked up.

Daycare Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

The bathrooms are the hardest areas to keep clean in any commercial space, but especially for childcare facilities. Many of these small kids are at the early stages of potty training, others still in diapers, which all adds to the challenge of keeping a clean, sanitized, and deodorized bathroom. There are several methods you can implement to keep your bathrooms sparkling like making sure staff members helps each child wash their hands after using the bathroom. This will significantly reduce the spread of germs throughout the facility. Another crucial element of overall bathroom cleanliness is the daily cleaning. You can wipe down all bathroom surfaces with approved antibacterial wipes and scrub the toilets with a high-quality cleaning solution in the event you do not have professional cleaning daily. Also, stock up on both conventional soap and approved hand sanitizer in your bathrooms to make sure you can sanitize the hands in between bathroom breaks.

Importance of a Clean Child Care Center

The cleaning frequency of your facility has a dramatic impact on the health of the children who attend your facility. For instance, daycare centers cleaned on a monthly basis are not nearly as cleaned and sanitized as a facility that is professionally cleaned daily. It is important for you to fully understand that the best results will come with frequent cleanings should you set-up your cleaning schedule with the commercial cleaning service you choose. If your monthly budget prevents daily professional cleaning, you should schedule as often as you can and implement daily cleaning duties among the staff.

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It is vital that you provide a safe, clean environment for the little ones to enjoy a good portion of their day in. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our specialists help you keep your daycare clean and fresh on a daily basis.

When you hire commercial cleaning services you can be sure that every inch of your office will be free of dust and dirt. These professionals have the tools and equipment to get the job done right every single time.

Why Use a Commercial Cleaning Company?

1. It leaves a great first impression. First impressions can make or break you. Make a good one by ensuring your office is squeaky clean. Many customers will not return if they walk into an office building that looks dusty and grungy. You can brighten everyone’s mood and people will want to come back when your business is clean.
2. It motivates your employees. Your employees will be more productive when they can work in a clean environment. Commercial cleaning services will ensure that every nook and cranny that they use will be clean. Hiring commercial cleaning services will brighten the workspace that your employees work in every day.
3. It’s good for everyone’s health. Mold, mildew, dust, and dirt can really affect people that have allergies and are prone to getting sick. Employing commercial cleaning services is a great way to positively impact everyone’s health because it’s really bad for your health to breathe these elements in on a daily basis. You, your employees, and customers will feel much better after just a few weeks after regular cleaning.
4. Less work and worry for you. As a business owner, that last thing you want to worry about is how clean your office is. The average business owner will have a hard time trying to maintain a large office with carpets, high ceilings, and lots of bathrooms. Professionals know exactly how to do it effectively and efficiently. You can’t do it yourself and even if you tried to, results would be subpar.
5. They have the tools. You can be sure that commercial cleaning services use the best tools and equipment to get the job done. They use industrial size tools that are designed to clean large office spaces. You don’t have the right equipment and even if you did, where would you keep it all?
6. You’ll get a professional job. You can rely on professionals to do a professional job. They are trained and know what they’re are doing. Plus, they have a lot of experience to keep your workspace clean and looking brand new!

How Often Should Your Office Be Cleaned?

Every business has its own set of unique needs. That raises the question of how often you should have yours cleaned? You will need to look at the size of your space, how many employees are present every day, along with other details to determine how often you need to have it cleaned. Keeping an office clean is not an easy task and should be kept up with at least some basic daily cleaning tasks. Setting up daily tasks is the best way to make sure there is a general level of cleanliness. Then you can determine how often you need the professionals to come in.

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You will never go back after you’ve experienced the services of a quality commercial cleaning company. Give Baker Sandoval Cleaning a call today!

Your business is important and you’re a busy person. Cleaning your office is probably the last thing on you mind. The best way to get your business clean and keep it that way is to hire an office cleaning company. They know how to thoroughly clean your business, so you don’t have to worry about it. When your business is free of dust, allergens and dirt if says a lot about you to your employees and customers. Search cleaning companies in your area and you’ll be bombarded with many options. Making the right decision can be difficult. Choosing the wrong company can create problems. How do you know which one to choose? Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers helpful tips to choosing the best cleaning company to meet your needs.

Cost of Cleaning Services

Everyone wants to save money. You will want to find a company that is within your budget, but it’s important not to focus entirely on the price. When you choose one of the cheapest options you might be sacrificing quality service. Some companies will reduce their price to get the job but then offer service you won’t be happy with. Make sure you get several quotes, compare them, and the services they offer to find the best fit.

Contact Cleaning Company References

Any reputable cleaning company will be more than willing to offer you a list of references from previous and current customers. These references can tell you a lot as they can provide you with unknown details about a potential company.

Cleaning Business Should Have Insurance

Liability insurance is important because it will cover medical costs in the event of an accident within your business. Without it, you’ll be responsible for those costs and the possibility of your insurance company being sued for pain and suffering. Always check to see if the company you want to hire is insured.

Cleaning Companies Need to Be Licensed

On top of being insured, a cleaning company needs to be licensed. Making sure they are shows you that you can trust the company and get professional results too.

Commercial Cleaning Contract

On top of reading the contract you also need to understand it. Do not sign a contact until you do both. Make sure the specific cleaning jobs you want done are outlined. Make sure there’s details about accidental damages to your business and how they will be dealt with. You may incur massive losses if you fail to read and understand the contract.

Specialty Cleaning Services

With so many companies to choose from, there are many that specialize in certain areas. For example, a company that specializes in hotel cleaning may not be the best for your dental office. Make sure the company you hire specializes in the cleaning that your business needs.

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Are you looking to hire a cleaning company? Do your homework and put Baker Sandoval Cleaning on your list of potential companies. We have experience in all areas of cleaning any business. Give us a call today!

It is a good idea to start off the New Year in the right way. Most people want to make some changes to ensure that they are successful. This can mean your home life, love life, friends, family and of course your career. If you are running a business it is important to make sure that your office is in tip top shape. You also want to make sure that you start off the New Year fresh and clean and that means your office space as well. The space that you are working and you have employees working are important to keep clean. This is where your employees spend a major part of their day. There are areas of the office that should stay clean and look nice to continue a clean, safe and productive group. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines what you can do to keep your office in good shape.

Clean the Phones in Your Workplace

There are lots of areas in the house that you want to make sure you keep clean in an office but there are a few that are very important. One of the areas that are used on a regular basis are the phones. Most offices use the phones to take work related calls as well as calls through the office internally. The phones are something that are touched with your hands which happen to be the area of the body that has the majority of flames. It also is going to be brought up to your mouth and anyone else that has used the phone. That means that any germs that you are coughing and breathing out will end up on that surface. It is a good idea to make sure that the phones around the office are kept clean and sanitized. You want to especially do the phones that are in common areas that are shared among many people.

Remove Dust from Desks

Most people show up day after day to sit at a desk and get their work done. They get in the office and set down their personal items and get the day going. One of the things that can cause trouble with allergies and overall feeling of wellness is the amount of dust that is on the surfaces in the office. It is important to make sure that the desks are wiped down and dusted to remove these allergens from the main work surface.

Get Rid of Bad Odor in Office

If you walk into an office at lunch time and someone has reheated their leftover fish dinner it permeates the whole space. The odor can be obnoxious and cause the productivity in the office to slow way down. That is why you want to increase good odors and decrease any odors that are bad. One of the smells that has been proven to create a good atmosphere and bring out productivity is the smell of orange. You can use cleaners that smell of orange around the office.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning can come out and make sure that your office is clean. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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