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Running a commercial business takes a lot of effort and a lot of work. You have to of course ensure you have the staff to make sure that the needs are met. You want to have the right product or service so that people want to continue to use your place of business. You also have to ensure that the building is taken care of. When someone comes into the office or commercial building they can and will often make a judgement call. The judgement call is made based on what they see. They will use the layout and cleanliness to decide right off the bat if this is a place that they are comfortable in. When it comes to areas of a commercial space that needs to be kept clean, the floors are perhaps the biggest part. This happens to be the most abused space and because of how large it is, can be a real eyesore. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines why you need to have clean floors in your commercial space.

Your Customers Will Thank You for Clean Floors

One of the most important things that you need to do as a business owner is to do what you can to have retention in your customers. This is the number that exists of the customers that come back to your business and continue to shop with you. This is done in a few ways. One is that you could make sure that you offer a quality service or product. You also want to make sure that you are competitive with the cost that you are doing said product and service for. Lastly you need to have a place that customers want to come back to. The best way to do that is to make a good impression and you can do that with a clean environment. The cleanliness starts with the flooring that they are walking in on. When it is clean and taken care of it will make a good impression for your guests and customers as well as your employees that need to feel comfortable working there.

Clean Floors Help Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls in the Workplace

One of the things that exist when you have a commercial space is that you have lots of people coming from all walks of life. That also means that you have messes and germs that are coming in with them as well. The messes can bring in germs and bacteria that can cause trouble for the health and safety of your staff and your customers. When you have the floors kept clean professionally it will increase the health of the space overall. You want to make sure that you keep up with the cleanliness of the business that includes the floors.

Maintained Flooring has Longer Lifespan

Another thing that you are sure to find is that if you keep the floors cleaned it will protect the floors. The floors are costly to replace and that is why you want to keep them clean and cared for. When they are cleaned the debris that could be damaging them is removed and your floors are protected.

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When you have any food related business, whether you are a baker, restaurant, or frozen yogurt vendor, you could face costly fines as well as product recalls and rejects without proper safety protocols concerning the handling of your products and the use of equipment in your facilities. If a consumer gets sick from your product, you may even expose your business to liabilities.

Employees Begin Workplace Sanitation

Around 48 million Americans get sick every year due to food-borne germs, such as salmonella and norovirus, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Arguably the greatest challenges the manufacturing industry faces is food-borne illnesses. The result of harmful toxins and chemicals that contaminate the food during production or bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections may be the source. To help prevent food contamination, the following must be adhered to:

Cleaning & Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces

During the manufacturing process, make certain your crew know about proper cleaning of food contact surfaces, equipment, and utensils.

Staff Cleaning Up after Themselves

No matter if is properly disposing of their trash or taking care of their mess in the break room, make the employees responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Efficient Food Storage

A significant part of the production process in food and beverage manufacturing facilities is food storage. Safe temperatures and proper times for storage knowledge needs to be shared around the staff. Depending on how well they are enforced, the effectiveness of these cleaning and sanitation tasks. You must strictly monitor whether they are being observed in addition to proper education and training.

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You are responsible for teaching and training employees on basic sanitation in your food and beverage facility. Proper hand washing, keeping the workplace clean, efficient garbage disposal use, and other such duties are included for in-house staff. When it comes to professional janitorial cleaning services, they ensure clear surfaces of food residues that the employees take care of, are cleaned and sanitized. From stubborn food waste and bacteria, your facility’s front offices need proper disinfection. An effective and time-efficient sanitation program that protects employee health and prevents food contamination must be maintained by businesses that serve food and beverages to the community. Before diving into the dirty work, many professionals will get to know your business and process. The cleaning frequency it requires, the concerns that you need us to address, and your budget we observe the size of your facility. The concerns that you need us to address, and your budget can be factored after experts, the size of your facility, the cleaning frequency it requires. Professional cleaning helps avoid cross-contamination as well as microbial contamination; due to food waste and buildups, the safety risks are reduced; sanitation standards ate met; a clean and fresh appearance is maintained. With our highly trained professionals is readily available to provide high-quality commercial cleaning services to your food and beverage business. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning today to get started!

There are offices all over the place that are used to run businesses. The types of businesses that exist are a huge array from small start ups all the way to large corporations. The office is a place that the employees come to work each day to be as productive as possible. That is why most employers know that the office needs to be set up in a way that brings comfort to the people that work there. They need to be able to enjoy their day and feel like they are cared for in order to work and be productive. When you have an office that is not cared for it can keep employees from coming in and doing all that they can. One of the things that can take the whole office off task is when there are odors that are unpleasant. These odors can be caused by several things that you can have taken care of. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines how to deal with odors in your workplace.

Keep Employee Bathrooms & Guest Restrooms Clean

One of the areas of an office that is needed and can be a source of odor are the bathrooms. When you have employees that are spending a minimum of eight hours a day there, a bathroom is necessary. You want to make sure your employees have space that they can go to use the bathroom without dreading entering. The bathroom is one of the rooms that if it is not cleaned and sanitized properly it can emit odors that can not only affect the bathroom but other areas of the office as well. The best thing you can do is to have your office cleaned professionally and ensure that the bathrooms are taken care of to remove anything that might be causing odors.

Break Room Cleanliness

Another area of the office that is used on a regular basis is the break room. This is the place that most people will keep their meals and heat them up for their lunch break. A standard work day does include a meal that should be eaten while you are there. There are some people that pack their lunch and warm it up while others go out and buy a fast food lunch. No matter what, they can all create odors that will permeate through the office. The odor will not just stop so you have to have the break room cleaned as well on a regular basis. This can be done when you have your office cleaned professionally.

Organic Odor Eliminator

You also can make sure that you use things that can help to control odors naturally. There are ways to use essential odors in your office to reduce any unwanted smells. You can also have indoor plants such as lavender that will help to offer aromas that can help the overall smell of the office.

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When it comes to your business, having it cleaned and offering a pristine presentation and healthy environment is vital to your business’s success. Having a reputable cleaning expert can give you the peace of mind that your business is in good hands. Unfortunately, many companies will hire a seemingly good cleaning expert and start to realize, they need to start shopping for a new cleaning company to take care of their business’s cleaning needs. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to discuss the reasons as to why you may need to reconsider hiring a new cleaning expert.

Reasons You May Be Looking for a New Commercial Cleaning Service

1) Cleaning service company creates more problems than they solve. Cleaning is a service-based business that relies on people to get the job done, like most businesses. Thus, the biggest asset for cleaning companies is their workforce. For example, a cleaning company that takes shortcuts in any of its hiring processes will run into poor execution. The hiring shortcuts include incompetent employee screening, illegal subcontracting and/or hiring, and poor training and oversight, all of which results in high employee turnovers. Cleaning companies will lose clients when they constantly see a barrage of new faces frequent your client’s facility delivering inconsistent services.
2) Deficient communication with cleaning company. A commercial cleaning service provider will always experience hiccups from time to time. With effective communication, experts can effectively avoid issues and get some others resolved. Ideally, a service provider should get back to the customer within 48 hours. If experts do not communicate regularly, your expectation are less likely to be met.
3) Security blunders. Depending on the type of company, security is vital, and any security lapses can be a severe and dangerous problem. If your cleaning experts come after hours, are they responsible enough to ensure doors are locked and security alarms activated. This is why most businesses choose to hire companies they can trust. A company with a high turnover becomes a security liability and puts the client at risk. Particularly when dealing with security issues, it is commonly difficult to recover when trust is breached.
4) Cleaning company lacking training and professionalism. Going beyond cleaning the facilities, the commercial cleaning services ensures the job is done well by having the right knowledge and skills. Through proper training and hiring of the right people, all of these basic standards are covered. Many problems are the result of having unprofessional workforce, which terminate contracts and gets businesses looking for alternatives
5) Quality control is poor. Quality starts to fade away with time, though many service providers tend to initially deliver quality service for a while. Excellent services should be executed at least nearly always where it should not be acceptable to experience it once in a while. When you have a cleaning company not fulfilling your needs and keeping your business looking clean and healthy, you are not wrong looking to switch cleaning service providers.

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If you find any or multiple of these issues apply, you need a new cleaning service provider. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning of Boulder, CO and we will ensure your business is cleaned and sanitized with superior execution on a consistent basis.

Poor cleaning can be easy to blame when no amount of air freshener masks the bad smells in the restrooms inside your business. Efficiently and properly cleaned restrooms should have a neutral, clean scent without the use of chemical air fresheners to mask odor. If odors are brewing in your restrooms, the chemical air fresheners are not a solution. You need a proficient cleaning expert such as Baker Sandoval Cleaning ensuring the bathrooms are properly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate odors. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share how smelly bathrooms impact your business. If your facility is otherwise in good shape, the restrooms have one of the strongest impacts on perception and if the bathrooms are poorly cleaned, it is sure to stick out in someone’s mind. For the sake of your customers and your reputation, hire a commercial cleaning expert that attention to restrooms leaving them clean and smelling fresh.

Control of Smells in Commercial Restrooms

In any service industry or business that relates to the public or routinely receives visitors, the bathroom should always be spotless and fresh. Odors are challenging, even for competent cleaning professionals. Ultimately, it can be difficult to pinpoint the source of the constant odors. The odors can be eliminated and prevented with the right approach, which typically takes effort from both the daily occupants and your professional cleaning crew. Where you can have the cleaning, professionals ensure a deep clean whenever they are scheduled, having a few employees through the day making sure it is stocked with toiletries and tidied up can make a big difference. Professionals, such as Baker Sandoval Cleaning, thoroughly clean and disinfect the floors and all surfaces and apply cross contamination measures to avoid it.

Bathroom Odor Eliminator

Masking odors with air fresheners rarely work well, and they do not fix the problem. Ventilation plays a role with, odors, and the well-ventilated restrooms rarely have a problem with odors. Urine is a major source of bathroom odors as it contains large quantities of nitrogen, urea, proteins and other bodily wastes that accumulate in all kinds of places creating foul smells. These pungent substances often buildup around toilets, seeped in porous tile as well as drains. The bacteria then feed and flourishes, making the odors more dominate. Effective and thorough cleaning in tandem with proper ventilation is the best odor prevention.

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Services

If you notice it is difficult for the bathrooms to maintain a clean and odor-free zone, you may want to consider increasing the frequency of your scheduled professional cleaning services. Bathrooms are often a heavy traffic area and will need more attention. As mentioned, you may need to ensure staff keeps on stocking and cleanliness for bathrooms with excessive volume. Make sure the drains are cleaned annually, disinfect the floor, toilets, and surfaces daily to keep the bathroom spotless and fresh.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning is readily available to keep your commercial space clean and fresh, including the bathroom. To help you keep the bathroom odor-free, clean and sanitized, call us today for your consultation and we can help you customize the cleaning complete with days and times that fit your business’s needs and your budget.

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