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Vinyl flooring has many advantages from affordable installation to it’s low maintenance needs. Vinyl floor has come a long way and is offered in many faux textures and colors to add style to any room nut commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Known for its durability, vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with a brief mopping to remove any spots or sticky residues as well as a quick sweeping to remove the dirt and debris. We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share some tips and advice on how to deep clean your vinyl flooring with the occasional stains prove to be challenging to the scuffs need removing.

Vinyl Floor Cleaner & Other Supplies Needed

To give the vinyl flooring a deep cleaning, you can remove the scuff marks and stains with a few simple and readily available tools and products and a little elbow grease, you can remove the scuff marks and stains with a few simple and readily available tools and products. Below are a few supplies you will need before you get started.
– Baking soda
– Broom or vacuum
– Microfiber cloths
– Microfiber mop
– Putty knife
– Rags
– Water
– Bucket
– Commercial cleaner or vinegar
– Dish soap

How to Sweep or Vacuum & Mop Vinyl Floors

Making sure you get the sides and corners by thoroughly sweeping or vacuuming your vinyl floors. To avoid the beater bar from rotating and causing scratches if you opt to use the vacuum ensure it is on the bare floor setting. Grab a microfiber cloth and dampen with water to buff out scuffs that are blemishing the vinyl after you finish vacuuming. Take the putty knife to clear away any bulky residues, like gum, dried gum, or even paint after the scuds are removed. So that you do not gouge the vinyl surface, be sure to do so gently and cautiously. With a little muscle and putty knife, any compacted substance that is clumped above the floor should come off fairly easy. Use a baking soda paste to eliminate the tough stains like as juice, tomato sauce, ketchup, lipstick, ink, and so on. Consider how much you need and go from there add a little of water at a time to baking soda to create a thick paste. You will see it fade until it is gone as you a soft rag to work the paste into spot. Mop the entire floor for a deep disinfecting and removal of lingering residues once the thick clumpy debris cleared and the stains are worked out. Follow the directions on the label if you use a commercial cleaner specific for vinyl flooring. Combine 1 cup of white vinegar with one gallon of hot water and 2 or 3 drops of mild liquid dish soap should you prefer homemade solutions. Mop the floor with the solution and use your microfiber mop.

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Before scrubbing and once you have finished mopping, follow up immediately with a clean dry towel to dry the lingering moisture, avoid over saturation by wringing out the mop well. Drying it is very important since over saturation can damage your flooring, so make sure to wring out the mop prior to scrubbing. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning in the event you need help cleaning your vinyl flooring or any other aspects of your premises.

Cleaning isn’t only necessary for the comfort of employees and patients, but vital for the overall health and safety of the health care facility. Where there is more involved in managing the trash and trash containers and straightening up exam room and waiting areas, it is important that your health care facility is sanitizing and disinfecting the surfaces, keeping odors neutralized and ensuring the facility is as spotless as possible. With this in mind, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share a basic plan to help you manage the cleanliness of your healthcare facility.

Custom Cleaning Schedule

To give the right impression and set the standards for your medical office, a professionally cleaned office is essential from the moment each patient walks through the door. Maintaining a healthy and clean healthcare facility indicates quality. Where having a professional cleaning service do a good cleaning top to bottom, you want to ensure the facility is maintained during the day. With a customized cleaning program established in your medical office, you can keep a clean, sanitized, disinfected, and deodorized establishment. Consider the following when designing your plan:
– Commonly high patient activities in the year that require an increase in cleaning tasks.
– Observe days of the week that tend to be busier that will need an influx of cleaning needs.
– Cold and flu seasons requiring heavy sanitizing applications.
– Additional office closing such as holidays that can provide opportunities for deep cleaning such as carpet shampooing, HVAC vent cleaning, and so forth.
– Following busy periods, establish specific procedures the staff performs to keep a clean facility.
Within your building, the program should be unique to the specific requirements. Your professional cleaning company can be a benefit to your healthcare facility in tandem with your efforts.

Structured Training for Healthcare Facilities

Commonly conducted after-hours, the standard rotational cleaning services are often outsourced. However, internal staff must also perform critical maintenance cleaning services during business operations, especially exam rooms. Training specifics for your internal staff and hiring professional experts trained in healthcare facility cleaning is vital.

Cleaning Duties for Inhouse Staff

Where many members of your staff understand the importance of maintaining a clean medical office, it is best to train them on proper procedures and cleaning tasks that need to be done throughout the day. Through written procedures and continuous training, ensure the staff understands the critical tasks. Consider the following for staff training:
– Proper use of cleaning agents.
– Address secondary cleaning tasks when the office is busy.
– Handling spills and other incidents with proper procedures.

Professional Cleaning Experts

Hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of the cleaning after hours can be challenging. You want to ensure they are well-trained in cleaning healthcare facilities and know the essential protocols for proper cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing without cross-contamination. Be sure to do your research and hire a company that can meet the standards and guidelines.

Using the Right Cleaning Products Correctly

It is critical for safety and effectiveness that the appropriate cleaning agents are utilized. Based on the level of cleaning that is required dictates the cleaning products. Determining which should be used such as with all-purpose cleaning vs sanitation vs disinfection, needs to be outlined. Make sure the directions on the label are followed since some products need to sit on the surface for a specific amount of time to be effective for example.

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When it comes selecting a professional for your medical facility cleaning in Greater Boulder, CO, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our qualified experts take care of your facility.

It is fairly challenging for businesses to find a time to schedule cleaning services from their professional providers. Where some businesses prefer the after hours shift to avoid daily disruptions, others prefer to be present for the cleaning. Where there is plenty of debate, ultimately it comes down to comparing the pros and cons specific to your type of business and the hours you operate. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to compare cleaning during the day versus the evening.

Daytime Commercial Cleaning

Having a cleaning service take care of your facility during the day does not come without benefits. A prime reason to clean in the day because it offers more light to optimize the results of the deep cleaning. Additional benefits include the following:
1) Energy efficiency improvement. You can save on energy usage if your cleaning service attends to your building during the day while it is already occupied. This is because you will not have to operate lights and the HVAC system after hours, avoiding the higher utility bills.
2) Custom cleaning schedule. Prior to most employees starting the shift, the cleaners arrive on-sight very early in the morning in order to minimize interruptions, and then do the kinds of cleaning that are less disruptive when employees are working. Before the employees get there or some will use low decibel vacuum cleaners to keep the noise level down, your cleaning service will do the vacuuming for instance.
3) Less activity for security concerns. There are fewer people coming in and out at night, when your cleaning service is only there during the day. With night cleaning, you have to plan for people being in the building around the clock. The building is fully secured at night, with all entry and exit points locked with daytime cleaning.
4) Reduced janitor turnover rates. Few people like working the night shift. When you have a night cleaning crew and insist on having a minimal staff present, it is likely going to have a higher turnover rate. Scheduling the cleaning experts can likely reduce the turnover rate.

Nighttime Commercial Cleaning

Scheduling the cleaning in the nighttime might be the better option for your business. The primary advantage to nighttime cleaning can provide uninterrupted cleaning can result in a deeper clean. Below are more benefits to nighttime cleaning.
1) Less interruptions. Some facility managers still find that they prefer their cleaning service to work at night so as not to disrupt those working in the building during the day though commercial cleaning service experts are trained to work efficiently without causing a disturbance. You can avoid interference and distractions.
2) Improved safety and health. Because of the dust that’s being kicked up by your daytime cleaning crew, you can agitate the allergies and asthma, along with respiratory flares of the people in the building. With evening cleaning, any disturbed dust and dirt that is disturbed will not affect employees or guests.

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Whether you prefer day or night cleaning for your Greater Boulder, Colorado business, Baker Sandoval Cleaning’s flexibility can help you schedule your business’s cleaning when it best suits you.

With the pandemic continuing, more businesses are finding that they have to temporarily shutdown to reduce the public concentration and help stop coronavirus from spreading. Though many are doing what they can to contribute, there is still work to be done. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share why now is a beneficial time to clean your closed down business. Being that many germs and bacteria can spread through simply touching surfaces, in addition to clearing out the clutter, disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces is essential. Removing the dirt and grime buildup, any unsightly stains, and other cleaning duties need to be executed to prepare your business for reopening. Below is a basic checklist to help you get started.

Cleaning Bathrooms & Restrooms

Not only is now a good time to tackle the cleaning, but any minor repairs can also be done. When cleaning the bathroom, start from the ceiling and end at the floors. Clean off any exhaust fans and light fixtures. Any dust on the ceiling should be easily wiped clean as well. Not only should vanity mirrors be cleaned, by now is a good time to have them polished. Be sure sinks, soap dispensers as well as paper towel dispenser or dryers be cleaned and sanitized. Any hard water spots and soap scum residues should be adequately removed as well. Clean and sanitize the bathroom stalls, toilet paper dispenser and toilet paper protector dispenser as well as a thorough cleaning of the toilet. Lastly, be sure the floors are effectively cleaned, and all spots and stains removed as well as sanitize the surface.

Break Room Cleanliness

Start with decluttering and tossing out unneeded items, especially in the refrigerator. As with the bathroom, gravity works, start at the top and work your way down. Clean off the dust bunnies from the ceiling, light fixtures, and exhaust fans/registers. Clean and sanitize the coffee machine, microwave, table, chairs, countertops, and so on. Be sure the floor is cleaned of any stains and spot and ensure it too is sanitized.

Importance of Cleaning Lobbies

Toss out old magazines, if this applies, and any other clutter. Wipe down the ceiling, light fixtures, and registers. Wipe down the walls, chairs, sofas, and end tables. Disinfect any card or pamphlet holders a well as magazine racks. Have the upholstery deep cleaned and sanitized by a pro. Make certain the floors are thoroughly cleaned, removed of any spots and stains as well as sanitized and deodorized.

Cleaning Workstation

Whether you have an office space, retail or any other business, the workspace where staff and even guests gather need your attention. As the common theme goes, declutter the area and start from the top and work your way to the floor. Clean the dust bunnies off the light fixtures and registers/vents. Wipe down the walls and wall décor. Sanitized and wipe down any equipment such as registers, computers, and so forth. Deep clean the floors, removing the spots and stains.

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To ensure your business is fully cleaned, sanitized and deodorized, from the various types and floors and upholstery as well as any other surfaces in the business, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let us take care of the cleaning.

With the current social distancing situation we are experiencing, there is a lot of talk about sickness and viruses, especially COVID-19. It has left people wondering now more than they ever have, how long viruses can stay alive on a surface? The answer to this question is somewhat complex as it depends on what you are dealing with. With COVID-19 hitting full force, many people have forgotten that the flu also poses a strong risk of serious illness as well. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about the flu virus and how long it can stay alive on surfaces as well as other viruses that we are facing out there.

Exactly How Long Can the Flu Virus Survive?

When someone has the flu, it is no secret that the virus can spread easily. Usually we are dealing with this problem from October clear until May in Colorado. The flu can survive on a surface for about 24 hours after it has left the host. In a facial tissue, it can only survive about 15 minutes. If the virus is on your hands, it is only seriously contagious for about 5 minutes and the risk is much lower. When droplets are airborne and the temperature is lower, they are going to be contagious much longer than other conditions. When the flu virus is compared to other viruses, this is what the timetable looks like:
– Flu: 24 hours
– Rhinovirus (common cold): 7 days
– Coronavirus: Up to 9 days
– Streptococcus: 3 days to 6.5 months
– MRSA (Staph): Up to 3 weeks

How to Clean & Disinfect Flu Contaminated Surfaces

There are thankfully some steps that can be taken to clean flu-contaminated surfaces to help limit the spread of this sometimes fatal virus. Following are the steps that should be taken and how to achieve them.
– Basic Cleaning: When you are cleaning a surface, you may not be completely getting rid of the virus, but you are cleaning germs, dirt and other impurities that make it much more likely to spread the flu.
– Disinfecting: This is done with the use of some sort of chemical disinfectant to remove the flu virus from surfaces and lower the risk even more of spreading it.
– Sanitizing: When you sanitize a surface, you are going to be removing and lowering the amount of flu viruses to a level that is safe for all of those that may come in contact with the surface.

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With businesses shut down for the time being, there is no better time to have your building sanitized than now. After the stay at home order is lifted this week, many businesses will be reopening. Enlist the help of the professionals at Baker Sandoval Cleaning help you get your business ready to ensure your employees as well as your customers are safe from viruses like the flu and COVID-19. Call us today!

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