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There are lots of people that own a building that need to find better ways to keep it clean and sanitized. The buildings are a place that people rent to run their business from and that can mean you have lots of people coming and going. With the threat of the coronavirus and other germs that can cause trouble for you and your building it is a good idea to have a cleaning plan. If you have a building and only run your own office or business out of it you want to find ways to protect your staff and your potential visitors. You also might just have a building and you rent all the spaces out and therefore you have several other businesses and offices that are in the same general area. They are likely sharing some common areas and that is why cleaning is paramount. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines why you need to clean your building for your tenants.

What Businesses are Renting Your Commercial Premises?

If you have a building that is zoned for commercial use then you likely have a commercial use for it. If you do not then you have the intention of renting out the spaces that are available to other businesses so that they can run their office. The building you are renting from can house all sorts of businesses from a dentist office to an accounting office to a boutique. You want to make sure that you are able to rent the spaces out so that you can make money to cover your overhead cost. The better kept the building the more enticing it will be to renters.

Clean Commercial Building is Appealing

One of the reasons you want to make sure you keep your building clean is to make sure it is appealing. You of course are firstly speaking of the tenants that you want to attract to the space. Once the tenant is in place it is just as prudent to you as it is to them that they do well. The better the business does the more likely they will not fold and you will continue to have a tenant that will easily be able to pay the rent. One of the things that you can do to keep your tenants happy and making money is to keep the building professionally cleaned.

Positive Landlord – Tenant Relationship

You are the person that is renting the building out and that means that you want to have a good relationship with the people that are renting from you. The renters are the ones paying the bills but they also can spread the word about you as an owner. They can assure other would be tenants that you take care of the space and that you keep it clean and comfortable. Being able to have a good relationship with your tenants that is positive is an important reason to have the building cleaned professionally.

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Study after study has shown the benefits and boosted productivity that comes from having a clean working space. Not only will it help your employees boost their productivity, but a clean space also means less germs which will, in turn, mean your employees need to take less time off of work. There are several cleaning tips that don’t require too much effort and can drastically improve the productivity and overall cleanliness of your workplace. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to share those nuggets of cleaning knowledge with you.

Keep Carpet Smelling Fresh

If your workplace has carpeting, it is important that they are cleaned on a regular basis. Because carpet is such a soft surface, it is easy for it to absorb foul smells. These odors can be more than a simple distraction for those working in the space. Rather than trying to stay on top of carpet cleaning on your own to save a few bucks, you are far better off delegating this to a professional that will put your business into the schedule and you won’t have to think about it. Depending on the amount of traffic in the office, you may need to have them professionally cleaned more regularly.

Reduce Dust in Office

Desks in an office space can become a catch-all for clutter. Dust is a common allergen that can cause your employees’ allergies to flare up and they will end up missing work. Desks should be dusted on a daily to weekly basis. All items on the desk should be removed to really make a difference in the amount of dust in the office.

Benefits of Sweeping Floor

The flooring in your business will have a big impact on your success. If customers walk into a place of business and it have an unkempt appearance, they are far less likely to step foot in that business again. Sweeping your flooring is something that needs to be done daily. This will make a big difference in the overall feel of the space and will boost your reputation.

Keep Trash & Garbage Cans Empty

This may go without saying, but the trash should be emptied often. Trash cans that are full will be attracting pests of all kinds. Not to mention, if there is any food found in the trash it will start to smell bad in a hurry. If your office smells like the trash bin, you aren’t going to see productivity from your employees like an office that has fresh smelling air.

Clean Phones & High Touch Areas

If you think about the amount of hands that touch a phone every single day, that’s a lot of germs that get transferred from one person to another. You will see far less sickness in your office space when these types of surfaces are wiped down regularly.

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If you are having a hard time keeping up with the cleaning that needs to be done to boost the morale in your office space, you can call on Baker Sandoval Cleaning to keep your office space a productive one. Call us today!

When you own or manage a commercial building, pests can be your nemesis. If an infestation becomes severe enough, you could find yourself needing to close your doors for a time while you get it under control. This is why you need to have the right commercial cleaning company in your corner to help you combat pests. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about how a good commercial cleaning company can help you avoid a pest nightmare in your building.

How to Protect Your Commercial Premises from Pests

When you think about the cleaning services that help you keep your business afloat, you may want to cut some corners and find someone that will give you the best deal on cleaning. This may sound like a good idea at the time, but it could end up biting you in the end. If you have an unclean facility, it can cause damage to your brand name and even put your customers and employees at risk. Following are the areas that the right commercial cleaning company will focus on to help you keep the building free of problems like pests.
– Clean Garbage/Trash Bins: This is a big one. Pests are going to naturally be attracted to the garbage and trash bins. This is where they may find the leftovers from the breakroom that are calling to them. This is a hotspot for not only insects but rodents as well. It is essential that the garbage and trash bins are emptied at least at the end of the day so that there is no food in there for pests to enjoy after hours.
– Clean Food Spills: Food spills are bound to happen no matter how careful everyone is. They will be scouring the place for any residue that was left behind. If food spills aren’t cleaned up the right way or cleaned up in haste, there will be food particles left behind for the pests to come invade during the night. The right commercial cleaning company will take their time to thoroughly clean the flooring of your building to ensure there is nothing left behind.
– Remove Moisture that Attracts Pests: Not only are pests looking for a meal, but they need water to survive and thrive as well. If there is any area in the building that has poor drainage, excess humidity or a leak of some kind, it will be attracting pests of all shapes and sizes. Your cleaning contract may not focus on making these repairs, but if your cleaning company is doing their job well, they will report any signs of moisture issues so they can be fixed.

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You can count on Baker Sandoval Cleaning to effectively clean your building to ensure there are no pests that infiltrate it. We offer comprehensive cleaning services that allow building managers and business owners the peace of mind they need in knowing that they aren’t at risk of pest infestation. Call us today!

If you turn on the news you are sure to see story after story about the novelty coronavirus. This is a virus that originated in China and has since spread all over the world. The United States has been hit and has started to promptly acting to protect the American people. Wherever you live you have heard about it and are likely on some sort of quarantine or social distancing protocol. There are many businesses and offices that have shut down and have asked their employees to work from home. You also may be in a school district that has stopped classes and sent kids home for weeks to even months. The more that people are willing to stay away from others the faster we can all get back to regular life. While the world is on shut down there are some services that are necessary and are needed to get everyone in a safe place when school does start back up after the summer break. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines why now is a great time for deep cleaning of your school.

Benefits of Classroom Deep Cleaning

A school houses a lot of students for an extended part of the day. One of the problems is that the schools can have multiple classes in the same room throughout the day. This means that a single classroom can see hundreds of kids daily. All it takes is a child that has any germ or virus that can be spread such as the coronavirus to leave a surface infected. Then the other kids that come in the space touch the same surface and you have lots of people that are sick. The classrooms have lots of surfaces from the desks, doors, handles and other equipment that is shared. Cleaning the surfaces while the classes are shut down is a great way to protect the students when they return.

Clean School Bathrooms, Restrooms & Toilet Facilities

The school is a place that we want to send out kids to be safe, looked after and of course taught. The problem is that if there is a single person that is sick they can spread it around to the other kids. If a child is not feeling their best they will likely spend some time in the bathroom cleaning their face, coughing or wiping their nose. These are all the fluids that are commonly used to spread any type of germ that includes coronavirus. You want to make sure that you have a company out to clean the bathrooms and ensure they are sanitized during the quarantine.

Cleaning Offices of Educational Facilities

If you want to have a space of your kids to go back to and is healthy you of course need to have staff that is there. The staff needs to have their offices cleaned and sanitized as well. There are lots of offices from the health office to the administrator’s offices. They all need to be cleaned as well as sanitized so that they are able to get back to work for our students.

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