Fitness Center & Crossfit Gym Cleaning Checklist in Westminster, CO; Exercise Equipment & More

Keeping the facility clean is one the biggest challenges athletic clubs, gyms, or fitness centers. Handling public and people who are sweating that traverse throughout establishment. The equipment, machines, showers,… more »

Summer Break School Cleaning Tips in Thornton, CO; VCT Hallways, Cafeteria, Classrooms & More

When school gets out for the summer, it’s unclear who is more excited, the kids or the teachers. When it comes to getting the school decluttered and ready for the… more »

Checklist for Cleaning House Before & After Dinner Party Guests or Special Events in Longmont, CO

Every individual has their own unique set of things that makes them truly happy. For some people learning what can make you happy can take time and effort while for… more »

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning in Boulder, CO; Importance of Clean Toilets, Sinks & More

Whenever you think of a commercial bathroom setting often you think of a dirty or misused bathroom. However that doesn’t have to be the case. As it may seem like… more »

Medical Office Cleaning in Westminster, CO; Lobbies, Elevators, Reception Chairs & More

Medical offices are required to be a healthy environment and professionalism reflects clean and organized offices. The checklists for a professional cleaning is essential and having a professional clean your… more »

How to Keep Old Commercial Tile & Grout Floors Clean, Shiny & Stain Free in Thornton, CO;

Tile flooring is common in many commercial settings because it’s easy to clean, repair and maintain. If it’s not taken care of properly it can become difficult to clean after… more »

School Cleaning Checklist in Longmont, CO; VCT Stripping & Waxing, Bleacher Clean Up & More

The summer is coming and the last day of school tends to be a celebration. The teachers are excited to have some time off and the kids are even more… more »

Server Room Cleaning Checklist in Lyons, CO; Best Practices for a Clean Data Center & More

The most important critical environment in nearly every business is the server room or data center. Employees and customers alike rely on the data center’s performance 24/7, all year long…. more »

Difference Between Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Office Services in Nederland, CO

Commercial office cleaning and janitorial services are two terms often used interchangeably. Can any commercial cleaning company do the job? What should you look for when you hire a cleaning… more »

Importance of a Hygiene & Cleanliness Policy in Your Niwot, CO Commercial Office or Workplace

Most business owners know how important it is that their workplace is neat and tidy. The first impression you will make on your customers is something that doesn’t come more… more »

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