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Each house has a narrow piece of trim that is placed on the bottom of the wall between the wall and the flooring. This is called baseboard and is an added detail that is both functional and can add some character to any home. The baseboard is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning even though they tend to collect dirt and dust. The baseboards are usually painted white and that is why it shows more of the dirt quickly. It may seem like a chore that will take a lot of time and be quite an involved project. Baseboards tend to stick out further then the wall and that means that dust that is settling on the ground will stop on the edge of the baseboard. They are also at the level that everyone’s feet are and that means that shoes will kick up against them and cause dirt to stain them.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning has some tricks to help you clean your baseboards and have them looking great in no time.

Cleaning Baseboard with Magic Erasers: You can go to the store and get a few packs of magic erasers. They are wetted and used to wipe across the baseboards. This is the easiest way to clean the baseboards but you might go through quite a few erasers before you make it to the end of the job.

How to Clean Baseboards with Wet Wipes: The next option that you have is to go purchase cleaning wipes. You can use them to remove the dirt, dust and scuff marks that have started to build up on the baseboards. The wipes can be expensive and you will go through a lot of them. They tend to dry out quickly and you will need to change them out often to keep them actually cleaning.

Cleaning Baseboards with Dryer Sheets: This is probably the weirdest way to get the baseboards cleaned but it is quite effective. You can go to the laundry room and get a few dryer sheets. Get them wet and use them to clean off the baseboards. They not only clean the area but will give off a wonderful smell when cleaning with them. They also are leaving a layer on the baseboard that acts as a repellent for dust. This technique will keep them cleaner for longer.

Baseboard Cleaning with a Sponge and Soap: This option is the one that you want to use if you have not cleaned your baseboards in a long time. A bucket with a soap and warm water mixture will get them back to a beautiful clean addition to your home.

If all these cleaning options seem too daunting, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning for all your house cleaning and janitorial needs in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado!

As the owner of a business, you understand that your restaurant is only profitable when your doors are open and your dining room is busy. One of the very first things that your customers will notice is how clean your kitchen and dining room areas are; especially the floors. Regardless of how many times a customer visits your restaurant, if your restaurant is not clean, their experience will be not be a pleasant one. The way you clean can make or break the reputation of your business. You could spend time training your restaurant employees on the correct cleaning methods for all the areas of your business including food prep areas, floors, bathrooms and dining areas or you could hire a commercial cleaning company like the experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning. The knowledgeable staff at Baker Sandoval Cleaning, recommend training your employees to take care of the daily clean and leaving the weekly cleaning and monthly deep cleaning to our qualified commercial cleaning technicians.

The experienced cleaning professionals at Baker Sandoval Cleaning have provided the following 7 tips for cleaning commercial kitchens and restaurant dining areas.

Keeping both safety and hygiene as your primary consideration, there are several cleaning protocols that need to be completed daily in order to keep your kitchen floors clean. Food service floors must be maintained on a daily basis to protect the health of your customers as well as meeting current health codes and regulations.
1. Before cleaning food service floors, make sure that your employees are checking the drains. Drains must be unobstructed and in proper working order.
2. Make sure that all food service floors are sealed with an anti-slip coating that will not only ensure correct sanitation, but will also reduce the likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident
3. Floor cleaning and care should be taken care of before food processing equipment and food preparation surfaces are cleaned; this will ensure that floor debris is prevented from becoming airborne and landing on work surfaces and other equipment which can cause disease.
4. Mops and buckets should be cleaned on a daily basis. A mop and bucket that is dirty is considered unhygienic and can increase the risk of contamination.
5. Use a squeegee to move any water residue into floor drains to ensure that your floors dry faster.
6. Floor cleaning equipment including mops, buckets, squeegees and chemicals should be stored on racks and shelves and up off the ground to keep equipment clean as well as deter bugs and other pests.
7. Many food service areas use anti-fatigue mats to help prevent accidents involved with tripping and falling. Mats need to be cleaned and sanitized each evening after closing and allowed to air dry overnight before being used again the next day.

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If you are interested in the services of a professional commercial cleaning company to further enhance the success of your business, contact the knowledgeable commercial cleaning technicians at Baker Sandoval Cleaning. Ask about our comprehensive cleaning services including janitorial cleaning. Our cleaning technicians are available to take care of all of your commercial cleaning and residential house cleaning needs, ask about scheduling your next appointment today!

Cleaning your home is a daily job that most people take time regularly, if not everyday to take care of. The cleaning that people do on a daily basis is mostly picking up and straightening. They leave the major cleaning to a scheduled day off of work or a weekend. The big cleaning jobs can be left to a professional to free up time in your life that you can use to take care of other areas of your life. If you are doing all the work yourself you may be missing some areas that tend to hold the most amount of germs.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning has prepared a list of where germs are found most often in your home.

Your toothbrush holder can carry a large amount of germs: This may come as a shock to you but this is one of the worst areas for germs. You use this to store your toothbrush every day. The toothbrush that you use to clean your teeth and mouth. The toothbrush holder holds the germs from your mouth and it is wet often; which is a huge breading ground and a perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow and thrive. Make sure that when you do your bathroom cleaning you also clean the toothbrush holder with a good disinfectant.

Your kitchen sponge plays host to lots of bacteria: The sponge that you use to clean all the dishes and counters in your home is the worst when it comes to germs. When a standard household sponge was tested they found up to 10 million bacteria per every square inch. Make sure that you rinse the sponge really well and let it air dry after each use. You can also run it in the microwave to kill any germs that could still be hanging around. The last thing is to replace the sponge often to make sure that you are not rubbing more germs on your dishes.

Pet Bowls have lots of germs and bacteria: Okay this may not seem like such a big shocker since dogs can be messy but their bowls can carry lots of bacteria and germs. A dogs saliva is actually really clean but mixed with food and water it can start to grow bacteria and even mold in the bowls. The bowls are moved often to clean the floor underneath but how often do you actually clean the bowls. Make sure you make this a priority for your pets healthy; and especially if you have small children that crawl around.

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Your vehicle runs better with professional tune-ups and oil changes, the appliances work better after a pro has conducted any maintenance or repair checkups. And your health is being monitored by a doctor; a professional in the field. You see where we are going with this. Just as different aspects in your life need a professionals tender love and care, so does your carpet.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to relate the benefits and advantages of having an expert deep clean, deodorize and sanitize your carpets.

1. Deep Clean Carpet Shampoo. Vacuuming only gets to the surface dust and grime. When you get a professional deep clean from one of our technicians at Baker Sandoval Cleaning, they are able to remove the deep rooted dirt, dust, pollens, and other particles of debris buried down in the carpet fibers.
2. Carpet Cleaning Provides a Healthier Home. When you get a deep professional carpet cleaning, the allergy causing pollutants are being removed. Pollen, dust, cockroach carcasses are all being lifted to help allergy sufferers find a reprieve.
3. Carpet Cleaning Stubborn Stain Removal. Sometimes, stubborn stains are near impossible for commercial products, or even home remedies to fully make them disappear. With our superior detergents and state of the art equipment; even the most stubborn stains meet their demise.
4. DIY Carpet Cleaning can Lead to Mold. There are home shampooer machines you can obtain through purchase or rent and do a somewhat deep clean. However, doing it yourself comes nowhere near that of a professional, and doing it yourself could lead to mold spores moving in and breeding, completely overtaking your home. Mold depends on moisture and climate to thrive. A professional has the understanding and know how to ensure your carpet receives a detailed cleaning, without the possibility of mold settling in.
5. Longer Carpet Life Expectancy. With proper vacuuming, maintenance and carpet ownership protocols, having the expertise of our professionals perform a deep cleaning contributes to extending the life of your carpet. We keep it vibrant, clean and fresh.
6. Carpet Deodorizer Neutralizes & Eliminates Odors. Especially if you have pets, children, or are a smoker, a professional carpet cleaning can eliminate and neutralize odors. With our detergents equipment, and know how; these odors are quickly removed.
7. Validity of Carpet Warranties. Carpet warranties are only valid if you hire a professional to conduct a deep cleaning. Hire a pro and better protect your investment.
8. Aesthetics of Clean Carpet. With a professional cleaning, your are enhancing the beauty of the interior of your home. A dingy, unkempt carpet, immediately brings down any room. It screams filthy and grimy. Guests are uncomfortable, and forget about home value. Keeping your carpets professionally clean, a minimum of once a year, will help your carpet not only last longer, but do so by promoting a clean and healthy environment.
9. Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions Save Time. If you attempt a deep cleaning on your own, figuring out your method and the cost of renting or buying a machine and detergent will cost you time. Our professional has a system, and a method to conduct a deep, through cleaning quickly and efficiently.
10. Carpet Cleaning Efficiency. As mentioned in previous benefits, our experts has the training and expertise to give you the best quality deep cleaning for your carpets.

Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning today to start receiving your professional carpet cleaning, house cleaning and janitorial office cleaning benefits in Boulder, Brighton & Longmont Colorado!

The start of the New Year means a lot of different things in your life. Many people choose to change parts of their life that they decide are not up to par. The start of the New Year also ends the holiday season and marks the time to get back to the normal routine of daily life. One thing that has to be done during the start of the year is you have to clean up all the mess from the celebrations and put away all the holiday decorations. After you have your home back in order, most of the time you now have to take time to clean your home really well. It is a great way to start off the year and to have a nice clean home to enjoy the beginning of a new year.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning has a list of reasons that having your home cleaned professionally is a great idea to start off your new year.

Freshen up your Home: During the cold winter and the weather that makes it so that you cannot open the windows to let in some fresh air; it is great to get all the dust and dirt cleaned out to mimic the freshening of the air. The stale air and dust that settles, especially when you have decorations up for the holidays, can make the air seem stale. After the decoration items have been removed, the dirt and dust still remain and needs to be removed during the cleaning process.

You don’t have to Clean your Home Yourself: The very best part about hiring a professional to clean your home to start off the New Year is you don’t have to do the work yourself. You have probably spent the last few months hosting parties and get togethers and cleaning up after them that now you just want to relax. Our professional house cleaners can come in and take care of the cleaning and the chores that you just don’t want to do yourself.

Clean Homes Lead to Success: Studies show that when you are in a space that is clean and organized, you are bound to do better. You will be able to concentrate better and you are healthier and happier. You can also enjoy more time to take care of yourself when the cleaning is done by a professional.

If you are ready to start the New Year off right give Baker Sandoval Cleaning a call and have us come and clean your home today in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado today!

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