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Restaurant Cleaning Procedures Checklist & Schedule in Boulder CO; Call the Professional Commercial Business Cleaners at Baker Sandoval for the Best Janitorial Services!

As the owner of a business, you understand that your restaurant is only profitable when your doors are open and your dining room is busy. One of the very first things that your customers will notice is how clean your kitchen and dining room areas are; especially the floors. Regardless of how many times a customer visits your restaurant, if your restaurant is not clean, their experience will be not be a pleasant one. The way you clean can make or break the reputation of your business. You could spend time training your restaurant employees on the correct cleaning methods for all the areas of your business including food prep areas, floors, bathrooms and dining areas or you could hire a commercial cleaning company like the experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning. The knowledgeable staff at Baker Sandoval Cleaning, recommend training your employees to take care of the daily clean and leaving the weekly cleaning and monthly deep cleaning to our qualified commercial cleaning technicians.

The experienced cleaning professionals at Baker Sandoval Cleaning have provided the following 7 tips for cleaning commercial kitchens and restaurant dining areas.

Keeping both safety and hygiene as your primary consideration, there are several cleaning protocols that need to be completed daily in order to keep your kitchen floors clean. Food service floors must be maintained on a daily basis to protect the health of your customers as well as meeting current health codes and regulations.
1. Before cleaning food service floors, make sure that your employees are checking the drains. Drains must be unobstructed and in proper working order.
2. Make sure that all food service floors are sealed with an anti-slip coating that will not only ensure correct sanitation, but will also reduce the likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident
3. Floor cleaning and care should be taken care of before food processing equipment and food preparation surfaces are cleaned; this will ensure that floor debris is prevented from becoming airborne and landing on work surfaces and other equipment which can cause disease.
4. Mops and buckets should be cleaned on a daily basis. A mop and bucket that is dirty is considered unhygienic and can increase the risk of contamination.
5. Use a squeegee to move any water residue into floor drains to ensure that your floors dry faster.
6. Floor cleaning equipment including mops, buckets, squeegees and chemicals should be stored on racks and shelves and up off the ground to keep equipment clean as well as deter bugs and other pests.
7. Many food service areas use anti-fatigue mats to help prevent accidents involved with tripping and falling. Mats need to be cleaned and sanitized each evening after closing and allowed to air dry overnight before being used again the next day.

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If you are interested in the services of a professional commercial cleaning company to further enhance the success of your business, contact the knowledgeable commercial cleaning technicians at Baker Sandoval Cleaning. Ask about our comprehensive cleaning services including janitorial cleaning. Our cleaning technicians are available to take care of all of your commercial cleaning and residential house cleaning needs, ask about scheduling your next appointment today!

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