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Do you manage an office or a commercial building? If you do then you know that there are a lot of items that are on your list to accomplish. The building needs to be maintained and taken care of so that you can continue to use the space for business and other commercial needs. If you don’t keep a good clean office and a well maintained building you may lose out on rent and other potential tenants and business. One area of building maintenance that is often outsourced to a reputable company is the cleaning. The workplace needs to be kept clean so that the interior of the office is workable and kept healthy for the employees and other patrons of the building. If you are considering using a janitorial service you should know what they offer. This can help you determine that the cleaning services are important and better left to a professional company.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning Explains What a Janitorial Company Offers & What We Can Do For Your Commercial Building

Commercial Restroom Cleaning: Most employees will do a decent job with keeping their own area clean. The common areas are a problem because no one specifically goes out of their way to clean these areas. One common area that needs the help from a professional is the bathroom. The bathroom is an area that people want to be able to come in and have a clean place to use. When you use a janitorial service they come out and clean the bathrooms such as the floors, toilets and sinks. If the bathroom is left unclean they can start to grow mildew and potentially mold. They also can be stained and have odors that are unpleasant and unprofessional.
Breakroom Cleaning Schedule: Another common area that needs to be cleaned is the kitchen or break room. This is an area that has been set aside for the employees of the building to leave their perishables, heat their food and take a break from their desk. This area can start to become messy and crumbs can be left all around the room. That is why you need to use a janitor to come out and clean this common area as well. If the area is left dirty it can start to attract pests of all kinds such as ants, cockroaches and rodents. You want to keep these pests away from your business because it can bring a negative connotation.
Commercial Floor Cleaning: The floors in any business are used all day long. Everyone walks in and out of the building dragging with them dirt and debris. This dirt and debris can end up on the floors which will make the office look messy and unkept. The janitor will come out and clean all the floors whether they are carpet or tile so they look great each and every day.
Other Janitorial Duties & Responsibilities: Janitors can dust the surfaces in the office, clean the windows and take out all the trash. You can have a nice and neat looking office to start each day with god vibes.

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With the cooler weather fast approaching not only can you expect a drop in temperatures, you can also expect the productivity of your employees to be affected by illnesses caused by the cold and flu season. Germs associated with the flu can be transmitted from person to person through surface contact increasing the rate of absenteeism caused by illness throughout your business which can have a negative effect on your day to day business operations. As a business owner, it is critical that you provide a clean environment to safeguard your valued employees and your business interests and the knowledgeably professionals at Baker Sandoval Cleaning can provide the experience and partnership that you need to ensure both.

Prevent the Spreading of Germs in the Workplace & How to Keep Your Office Germ Free

The first cases of flu are already being seen across the nation which greatly increases the risk of illnesses spreading to others. Influenza and other common bacterial infections and viruses impact business owners and cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity every year. While it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of illness caused by colds and flu you can lower the risk of transmission by utilizing the expertise of a commercial cleaning company like the experts at Baker Sandoval Cleaning. Even if your business looks clean and well maintained, it is important to take into consideration that it is the things that you can’t see that you should be concerned about. Microscopic particles in the form of germs, viruses and bacteria cannot be seen with the naked eye so even if your office or facility looks great, every surface has the potential to be overloaded with disease causing microbes and bacteria. At Baker Sandoval Cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that we adhere to the Janitorial industries best practices when it comes to commercial cleaning practices to ensure both the health of your employees and patrons and the reputation of your company.

What Kills Germs & Bacteria; How to Clean & Disinfect After the Flu

Have you ever heard the terms hot spots and touch points? These are the areas or surfaces throughout your environment that you and your employees have contact with literally hundreds of times of day and include objects such as computer keyboards, phones, light switches, and door handles. Placing emphasis on the cleaning protocols used to treat these areas is crucial to helping to reduce the spread of illness caused by bacteria and viruses. Cleaning with the correct products and procedures is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Your Baker Sandoval Cleaning commercial cleaning service is designed with a scientific approach to eradicating germs while keeping your business clean and deodorized. When you partner with a cleaning company that is dedicated to the health of your employees and the reputation of your business, you are ensuring the continued success of your company and the people who are an integral part of your daily operations.

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It is very common to find wood that requires cleaning and care within a home. Wood is a beautiful and sturdy material which is why it is often used for furniture, cabinets, trim work and flooring. To clean these wood features in our home you will want to use a quality cleaner and correct cleaning methods to maintain your wood’s integrity. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share some of the top rated wood cleaners and the best cleaning methods for interior wood inside your home.

How to Clean Wood Cabinets & Make Them Shine

There are several types of wood cleaners that work great for cleaning and oiling wood. It is an individual preference as to which cleaners suit them best. However here are a few suggestions of great quality wood cleaners that work great on all types of wood.
Bona Cabinet Cleaner – This cleaner is designed to make wooden cabinet cleaning easier, especially for hardwood cabinets. This cleaner does work on other wooden features inside your home. However some don’t like this cleaner because it can leave a sticky residue. Nonetheless, Bona Cabinet Cleaner does a great job cleaning and brightening wood.
Magic Cabinet & Wood Cleaner – This cleaner is designed to work on stained and painted wood features, which is a bit unique. It is typically difficult to oil wood that has been covered by paint. However this product can do a good job in cleaning and caring for your wood. It provides a solid performance.
Murphy’s Oil Soap – This wood cleans and cares for your wood products. Did you know this product has been around for 100 years? To this day Murphy’s oil soap is still favored by professional cleaning services. Murphy’s oil soap cleans all wooden surfaces from floors, cabinets, furniture, and wood features. It penetrates the wood, thus helping it maintain its strength. Depending on what wooden surfaces you’re cleaning, the method may vary. Murphy’s oil soap is strongly recommended for cleaning all wood features inside your home.
Cleaning Methods for Furniture and Cabinets – After you’ve done your own research in choosing the best cleaner for your wood, get ready to begin cleaning. Some other valuable cleaning tools–especially for furniture and cabinets–have a bowl or bucket ready, a toothbrush, a couple of clean and dry cloths, and of course your wood cleaner. With your cleaner in hand, follow the proper directions on is usage. Most will allow you to combine water and the cleaner together. Create the mixture into a bowl. Dampen a cloth with the mixture and clean the stains from off the wood. Use the tooth brush to gently scrub those tougher and tighter areas. Do your cabinets or furniture have hardware on it? If so, be sure to clean the hardware to help prevent erosion on the wood. Clean inside all cabinets and drawers. It helps to maintain your wood’s integrity by oiling and cleaning the inside of wood features. After scrubbing the stains off the wood, use the same cleaner with the damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface of the wood.

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It is important to keep wood properly oiled to help strengthen the wood. However over oiling and cleaning wood can also cause damage or weakness in the wood. It is recommended to deep clean wood about one to three months, with weekly surface cleaning in between to help maintain your wood’s shine and integrity. For commercial and residential cleaning services, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

Move in / move out cleaning services can greatly benefit many people in different types of situations. Whether you’re a homeowner selling, one who is renting or even moving into a new home or you’re an owner of an apartment complex, this service can help. You might find it is impossible to find the time it takes to thoroughly clean your home or apartment. This is where Baker Sandoval Cleaning can help you. Today we will share the many benefits of using our move in and move out cleaning services.

Benefits of Professional Move In & Out Cleaning Services

Hiring a House Cleaner is Less Stressful – For a homeowner who is trying to either sell or rent out their old home, the less you have on your plate the better, especially if you’re in the middle of a move. Same can be said for apartment property owners. It is hard to find the time to stop and clean a vacated apartment to show for new renters. When you are the tenant vacating the old premises, in addition to time constraints, you also want to do everything you can to get your deposit back. There is a lot that goes into a ceiling to floor cleaning that needs to done thoroughly to help attract a buyer or new renters. For those who don’t want to stress over when or how they will find the time to clean, a cleaning service is what you’re looking for and can greatly benefit from.
Hiring a Cleaning Service When Moving is Physically Easier – For those who might be disabled, injured or elderly, it is difficult to do the cleaning on your own. In order to clean a home or an apartment properly you should clean all surfaces including the ceiling, walls, light fixtures, cabinets inside and out etc. This can involve the need to climb ladders and get up and down on the floor. For those who find it physically difficult to do all the cleaning yourself you will also benefit from a cleaning service company.
Housekeepers Have Professional Cleaning Equipment – Professional cleaning services come with advanced and high quality cleaning equipment that typically most homeowner’s even apartment manager don’t have. Their cleaning equipment typically can clean deeper and more thoroughly than most commercial cleaning tools. Not only will your home or apartment benefit from a deeper cleaning, by using a cleaning service you can avoid the need to rent or buy extra cleaning equipment you may never need to use again. Not only will you not need to buy or rent any deep cleaning machinery, you can skip out on the complex lessons on how to operate and clean the equipment correctly before you return it. Once again save you both time and money.
Move In Cleaning – Most people consider using a cleaning service when moving out. However this service will also greatly benefit those who are moving in to a new home as well. For those preoccupied with a move, the last thing you need to stress over is cleaning your new home before you move in. Everyone wants to move into a spotless house and have it clean before the boxes begin to come out of the moving trucks. This would mean you will need to get to the home before the moving truck arrives and sometimes that seems impossible. Here is where you call a cleaning service if you want the reassurance that your home is spotless and ready to move into, and to remove the stress associated with a move, contact a cleaning service.

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Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides move in and move out cleaning services to help benefit our customers. If you’re looking for a high quality cleaning service to help with either your move out, move in, or both, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning and schedule to cleaning service today!

Many business owners toil with the decision as to whether or not outsourcing their janitorial work is worth the investment. Consider that image is almost everything from colleagues, to competition, to employees, to clients; your property is often being judged and scrutinized. First impressions are lasting impressions and if your business represents filthy, dingy, and smelly appearances, than that is how your business is perceived. Keeping the interior and exterior immaculate is just as essential as what your business is all about. Ensuring it is taken care of by a professional is well worth it and we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to relate the benefits and advantages of utilizing a professional janitorial service.

Advantages of Outsourcing Janitorial Cleaning Services

1) One less obligation. Employees will not have to knock off the project early to get the area clean, which is nowhere near the quality professional janitorial service, or be bombarded by the negative claims of unjust duties when a professional is coming into to take care of the list of tasks that entail a well organized and pristine work space among other duties. Additionally, the professional can complete the tasks quickly and effectively compared to the employee with training in the expertise you initially hired them for.
2) Save money & time. Employees that are hired to undertake specific responsibilities better spend their hours on productivity to increase your revenues as opposed from giving them the time from their day to clean. Time invested in employees assessing their skill sets on more important matters is optimal and investing in a pro is also money better spent.
3) Healthy & more productive environment. Reducing allergy contagions, preventing mildew or mold outbreaks, hindering the infestation of pests, as well as the spreading of germs and bacteria that can contribute to illnesses are all executed with a simple janitorial professional who has experience in the industry and ensuring the environment is sanitized.
4) Lasting impressions means repeat business. As mention earlier, impressions are important. Potential hires or first time employees are assessing your establishment and consciously or even subconsciously deciding if the place is right for them. Instilling trust and respect to people that the business owner cares about all aspects of their business is confirmed when the grounds have a clean and meticulous presentation.

Commercial Cleaning Services Checklist

All janitorial services offer different packages and include specific duties to their menu board, but general speaking, the prescribed tasks to the type of commercial establishment is listed below.
Office Cleaning includes:
– Trash Removal
– Restroom Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Deodorizing
– Floor Treatments According to Type
– Dusting and Sanitizing Furnishings
– Break Room Cleaning and Sanitizing
Medical facilities such as outpatient centers, nursing homes, medical offices, and surgery facilities, include the above listed duties as well as specific cleaning protocols and the necessary cleaning guidelines to maintain healthy building.
Government buildings that take advantage of professional janitorial services can get exceptional care and maintenance as well as the office duties listed above and additional duties floor care and treatments, interior window cleaning, attentive office cleaning, thorough bathroom cleaning, trash collection, common area cleaned can all be included as well.

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We at Baker Sandoval Cleaning offer a number of janitorial services to many different commercial entities and we are happy to consult with you as to your custom package. Call us today to get started!

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