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Best Daycare & Child Care Cleaning, Disinfecting & Sanitizing Checklist & Schedule in Allenspark, CO

Cleanliness matters in many businesses, and daycare centers are a prime example. The small children that attend daily are prone to illnesses and without the basic understanding of proper hygiene, they are easily impacted with contaminants. Child facilities spread germs rampantly, especially if the daily cleaning tasks are only minimal. With a professional commercial cleaning service, your daycare can better combat the spreading of these germs. The learning center needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to further elaborate on the subject.

Clean from Top to Bottom

When it comes to cleaning child care centers, it is important to work from the top to the bottom, like in most businesses. Since the settled dust, allergens, and other particulates will fall down after wiping the crown molding, light fixtures, and tops of cabinets, cleaning the floors first would be counterintuitive. Since most professionals will start at the top, if you decide to do the cleaning and sanitizing yourself, remember this strategy to minimize the work and maximize the clean. Also, invest in a HEPA vacuum to ensure effective vacuuming.

Safe Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Though challenging to find safe, yet effective products, it is worth your time to research the cleaning agents and ensure they are eco-friendly that are non-toxic and comply with any of the allergies of the staff or the children in attendance. Certified green is usually a safe bet, but no matter which cleaning products you select, you need to make certain they are appropriately locked up.

Daycare Bathroom Cleaning Procedures

The bathrooms are the hardest areas to keep clean in any commercial space, but especially for childcare facilities. Many of these small kids are at the early stages of potty training, others still in diapers, which all adds to the challenge of keeping a clean, sanitized, and deodorized bathroom. There are several methods you can implement to keep your bathrooms sparkling like making sure staff members helps each child wash their hands after using the bathroom. This will significantly reduce the spread of germs throughout the facility. Another crucial element of overall bathroom cleanliness is the daily cleaning. You can wipe down all bathroom surfaces with approved antibacterial wipes and scrub the toilets with a high-quality cleaning solution in the event you do not have professional cleaning daily. Also, stock up on both conventional soap and approved hand sanitizer in your bathrooms to make sure you can sanitize the hands in between bathroom breaks.

Importance of a Clean Child Care Center

The cleaning frequency of your facility has a dramatic impact on the health of the children who attend your facility. For instance, daycare centers cleaned on a monthly basis are not nearly as cleaned and sanitized as a facility that is professionally cleaned daily. It is important for you to fully understand that the best results will come with frequent cleanings should you set-up your cleaning schedule with the commercial cleaning service you choose. If your monthly budget prevents daily professional cleaning, you should schedule as often as you can and implement daily cleaning duties among the staff.

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It is vital that you provide a safe, clean environment for the little ones to enjoy a good portion of their day in. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our specialists help you keep your daycare clean and fresh on a daily basis.

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