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Christmas Tree Clean Up Tips for your Boulder CO Home or Business. Call Baker Sandoval for Expert House & Floor Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Christmas is over, the feast has been consumed, and the gifts unwrapped and safely tucked into their new place of holding. Now it is time for the after party clean up. The decorations are getting safely bubble wrapped, the stockings neatly folded and the lights are being taken down and secured in a place where hopefully every bulb that is working now will still be working next year. But what of the Christmas Tree and the mess the real ones leave behind?

Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to assist you in disposal and cleaning up of your real Christmas Tree.

What you Will Need for Cleaning Up the Christmas Tree in your Home:
 Old Bed Sheet or Large Plastic Tree Bag
 Plastic Bag – Gallon Size
 Broom & Dust Pan
 Vacuum Cleaner
 Warm Water and Mild Detergent Mixture
 Clean Cloth
Removing the Tree and Cleaning the Floors:
1. First remove the lights, ornaments, garlands and tinsel.
2. Wrap the tree in your bed sheet or plastic bag.
3. Loosen your tree from its stand for easy removal.
4. If possible, take the tree outside to detach it from the stand for easier cleanup.
5. You want to make sure you clear a path to the door from the tree to make it more simple.
6. Once the tree is outside, remove the sheet or bag and dispose of your tree appropriately.
7. To do so, lift the tree out of its stand carefully, especially if the pan is full of water, and lie it off to the side. By now, the tree would have contracted a fair amount of tree sap at the base. Due to the sticky residue, the tree could be hard to remove from the stand. Carefully do so to avoid getting sap all over your floor.
8. Back inside your home, sweep up the bulk of the needles, even if they are on the carpet, and pick them up with the dust pan and trash them.
9. Vacuum the remnants. If the mess is on the bare floor, make sure your vacuum is set appropriately.
10. Once you have disposed of your tree, throw the tree skirt and sheet in the wash to remove any sap residue.
11. If tree sap is still remaining, clean up the sticky residue with warm water and mild detergent.
12. If any sap has managed to find its way onto the upholstery or carpet; and the soap and water mixture isn’t doing the trick, use rubbing alcohol. Simply dab some on a clean cloth and gently blot up the sap.
13. If there is a Christmas tree recycling service in the area, ask for them to come and pick it up curbside.

Baker Sandoval Cleaning offers many quality residential house cleaning and commercial janitorial services. With our years of experience, helpful tips and efficiency, we can help get your home or office back in high quality and pristine condition after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Give us a call today in Boulder, Brighton and Longmont Colorado!

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