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Church Cleaning Checklist in Mead, CO; Sanitize Church Pews, Disinfect Restrooms, Dusting Sound Booth & More

Most people want their church to be clean, and free of germs and bacteria. Many places of worship often depend on their patrons to volunteer and keep the building clean. Where this might be an ideal situation for surface cleaning, when it comes to ensuring the place is clean, sanitized, and disinfected, a professional is the better solution. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to provide a quick church cleaning guide.

Hygienic Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures

Restrooms Cleaning. Making sure all sinks and faucets are disinfected, doorknobs, toilets scrubbed, and light switches are sanitized, and floors mopped is very important. Items that should be restocked are toilet paper, seat covers, paper towels, hand soap as well as trash cans emptied and replaced with new bag liners in addition to ensuring the cleaning and disinfecting is thoroughly done.
Cleaning Kitchen and Fellowship Hall. In the shortest amount of time, these areas can have a lot of high traffic and often get the messiest. Along with tables and chairs so that everything is ready for the next gathering, you want to be sure that your kitchen counter tops, sink areas and cabinets are wiped down. Since this is also the space that will hold the most risk if not cleaned properly, church cleaning must include the space in which people gather.
Church Pew & Other Seat Cleaning. There may be need a quick vacuum from time to time, as your sanctuary of worship may use pews or updated seating chairs, and both types should be checked regularly for miscellaneous trash and leftover bulletins. To make them clean and shine like new, polish the pews that have faded over time.
Cleaning Sound Booths / Stage. The last thing you want when you arrive on Sunday morning is the slides on the screen not showing up due to a careless cleaner unplugging the feed cable while they were cleaning, so make sure to take extreme caution when cleaning sound booths. Carefully dust electronics and take your time to vacuum around the chords and power strips on the floor.
Classroom Cleaning. Be sure that all play stations, cribs and toys are disinfected regularly are important items we look after for the safety of infants and children is the top priority on our list. Also wipe down door handles, light switches, sink areas and cabinets since germs are so easily transmitted. This ensures the children’s environment is safe and ready for use.
Cleaning Pastoral and Administrative Offices. Making sure to take care of items like dusting desks, computer screens and bookshelves is important, as well as emptying trash cans and vacuuming creates a welcoming atmosphere for you and your pastoral team to work in.

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When it comes to cleaning the church, it is well worth the investment to call in a cleaning crew to ensure the church is not just cleaned, but disinfected and sanitized. In addition to it making a safe place to worship, it gives everyone a clean, pristine place to focus on the reason why they are there and without distractions. Contact the experts of Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let our experienced team of professionals clean your building.

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