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Commercial Bathroom Cleaning in Boulder, CO; Importance of Clean Toilets, Sinks & More

Whenever you think of a commercial bathroom setting often you think of a dirty or misused bathroom. However that doesn’t have to be the case. As it may seem like a challenge to have a clean bathroom it can be done with the proper steps. Even a commercial setting can have one of the cleanest bathrooms. For offices, schools, and even restaurants, any commercial bathroom can be cleaner than any other bathroom. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share how it is done.

Importance of Clean Toilets & Bathroom

When it comes to a commercial or public setting, bathrooms are provided and should be kept clean. A bathroom can house a collection of germs and viruses as many people throughout the day may visit the bathroom. Toilets, sinks, soap, paper towel dispensers, and door knobs are touched each time someone visits a bathroom. This is why it is essential that a bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and every surface disinfected to prevent the spreading of germs, viruses, and bacteria. However to maintain a clean bathroom. it takes an understanding of what requires daily maintenance as well as weekly and monthly deep cleaning.

Daily Commercial Restroom Cleaning

Since bathrooms are used every day it stands to reason that it should be cleaned every day. A basic daily cleaning begins with an inspection of the paper towel dispenser, toilet paper and soap dispenser. They should be filled, working, wiped down and disinfected. The trash receptacles should be emptied and replaced with a new liner. Trash receptacles with a liner should be wiped down and disinfected. All other surface areas should be cleaned next. This should include the bathroom stall walls and doors, toilets as well as sink and counter tops. Mirrors should also be wiped down and cleaned and the floors swept and mopped.

Weekly Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Along with daily cleaning, once a week a deeper cleaning should be done such as windows (if any) should be cleaned. Light fixtures need to be wiped down and light bulbs replaced if needed. Once a week bathroom repairs should be done such as repairing dripping faucets. Drains should also be cleaned to make sure there is no soap scum of clogs occurring inside the drain. A drain can be cleaned with the right drain cleaning products and hot water.

Monthly Commercial Restroom Cleaning

Once a month the bathroom should receive a deeper cleaning. Walls and ceiling should be dusted and wiped down. Ceiling fans and vent should be wiped down as well. Baseboards and floors should be cleaned a little deeper. Bathrooms with tile and grout should have the grout line scrubbed clean to prevent build up in the grout.

Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services & More in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

A cleaning service often has the bathroom cleaning checklist down pat. However, to help maintain a clean bathroom at all times, ask employees to help keep the bathrooms clean. After an employee visits the bathroom ask them to wipe down the counter and sink to remove drips and wet spots. Some places often provide disinfectant wipes so employees can wipe down the toilet after they are done using it and other surfaces they touch. As most visitors won’t clean up after themselves, employees can help. This helps everyone enjoy a cleaner bathroom. For those who want to enjoy having the cleanest commercial bathroom, seek professional cleaning services. For quality professional commercial cleaning and janitorial services, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today.

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