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Features & Benefits of Commercial Office & Building Cleaning Services in Lafayette, CO

Do you own a business? Are you wondering if it’s worth it to hire commercial cleaning services? Commercial cleaning services can clean anything from office buildings, shopping centers, medical offices, schools, places of worship and post-construction clean up, to name a few. Germs are everywhere and your business is probably infested with them. Employee morale can suffer in a dirty work environment. Hiring commercial cleaning services to eliminate germs may not seem like it’s worth the cost, but it’s truly one of the best things you can do for your business. The National Health Interview Survey concluded that the flu alone is responsible for about 200 million days of diminished productivity and 75 million days of work absence every single year. Sick days don’t have to be part of running a business. A clean office plays a direct role in your employees’ ability to stay healthy and productive.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

1. Employee cleaning is not productive. In-house staff can take care of cleaning until your business grows to a size that they can’t keep up. Hiring commercial cleaning services ensures that your employees have the time to do their job rather than trying to keep the business clean. The pros are trained to clean and maintain your business in a fast and efficient way, which of course saves you money.
2. Professional cleaners show attention to detail. Professional cleaners are trained to identify all areas that need to be cleaned and won’t miss a thing. You are good at running your business, the cleaners are good at finding dust and scuffs that your team may miss. Taking care of the little things makes your business look professional.
3. Commercial grade cleaning tools and supplies. Take advantage of the fact that you’ll have the best tools and supplies cleaning your business. Tools that save time will save you money and clean all the areas of your office efficiently. You also don’t need to store these items at your business.
4. Workplace cleanliness and hygiene. Your business is a busy place with people coming and going which makes sanitation important. A cleaning service will have your business not only looking clean but sanitized too! Germ-filled areas like door knobs, handles, railings and bathrooms will get the extra attention they need.
5. Professional appearance in the workplace. First impressions are important for any business. The appearance of your business speaks volumes about the pride you have in your business. Even if you don’t have a lot of foot traffic you want to maintain a professional appearance for your employees.
6. Maintenance and upkeep of business premises. The professional appearance of your business is upheld with a cleaning service because they can take care of a wide range of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Checklists will be used to take care of deep cleaning, floor cleaning and their maintenance. This also saves you money because you will have less repairs and replacement in the years to come.

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