It is no secret that schools are full of germs and bacteria due to the high density of students and staff. Germs easily get passed around to everyone in the school. As there isn’t much that can be done, there is one way to combat these germs. It comes by regular sanitation. This mean a good and knowledgeable janitorial service. Studies have shown the places most of the germs are spread and why it is important to have at least these areas regularly cleaned. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share the results of this study and ensure this essential knowledge is passed on.

What are the Places in School that are High Risk of Germs & Bacteria?

Water Fountains – Water fountains are one of the most germ infested surfaces in schools. Research claims that for every square inch, there is an estimated three million various germs living on them. Even though most, if not all, water fountains are stainless steel, germs and bacteria can thrive there for six months. A professional janitorial service should routinely disinfect water fountains to kill the majority of germs living on the surface.
Cafeterias – As it comes to no surprise, school cafeterias are next on the list. Food, and the high volume of children, cafeterias are a perfect breeding ground from germs. Many schools throughout the States have now required students to disinfect and wipe down the areas they occupy to help reduce the spreading of germs. Studies have found that a single cafeteria tray has around thirty-three thousand germs per square inch and more on cafeteria tables. Cafeterias require a detailed cleaning and disinfecting.
Faucets and Bathrooms – Studies were conducted on both the hot and cold faucet handles, result being that the cold faucet has around thirty two thousand germs and the hot has eighteen thousand germs per square inch. Most consider the act of washing the hands after using the bathroom helps reduce germ contamination. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop all germs, yet it does reduce them, so please keep washing your hands. The rest of the bathroom is another issue. Toilets and stall walls have an estimated three thousand, two hundred germs per square inch which most people can easily understand. The entire bathroom also demands a detail and thorough cleaning and sanitation.
Keyboards – computers are widely used in many school room studies to help further education. Consider how many hands touch one keyboard in a single day. It is no surprise therefore, to learn that a single keyboard has around thirty three hundred germs and that is not including the screen and the computer tower that is also touched during class. Where electronics are considered a more sensitive surface area they are often avoided or overlooked. However, a professional janitorial services should wipe down the entire computer including the keyboard.

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These are some of the higher surfaces in a school building that contains some of the highest amounts of germs on their surface. The janitors job is to make the school look clean and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for the students, teachers and staff. If your school requires a detailed cleaning and disinfecting, Baker Sandoval Cleaning provides residential, commercial cleaning, and janitorial services. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!