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How Do You Clean & Maintain a Computer Server Room in Estes Park, CO; Hire Commercial Cleaners!

In nearly every business, the most important critical environment is the server room or data center. Throughout the year, employees, visitors, and customers alike rely on the data center’s performance 24/7. We understand a critical environment like a server room, has the utmost importance for cleanliness with professional cleaning experts. Keeping the server room spotless, so the performance is at maximum efficiency is something the professionals of Baker Sandoval Cleaning can help you with. You should consider having a professional clean your data center with the listed top reasons today.

Removing Dust in Server Room Gives Equipment Longer Life

The dust and debris are also being drawn inside with each machine drawing in air to cool internal components, and the hardware in your data center runs continuously. The accumulating dust insulating the machines can cause significant damage, which the natural heat transfer gets reduced. The longevity of the equipment decreases from the dirty server rooms will cause the equipment to overheat and accelerate the corrosion of the internal components and circuitry.

Reduce Downtown with Routine Maintenance Cleaning

When the machines cannot properly cool down efficiently or require replacement, and the downtime can be costly, businesses experience more lengthy downtimes and delays. Lost productivity, revenue and repairs costs businesses an average of $5,600 per minute with a data center’s downtime according to research. To help reduce the downtime as it optimizes performance and longevity of the equipment, minimizes the dust that reduces equipment lifecycles, and eliminating the dust and debris can help with early detection, such as frayed wiring for example. With a cleaning expert and avoid challenging in-house cleaning and care that can do more harm than good, ensure cleaning is never missed.

Cleaning Avoids Dirty & Clogged Filtration System

Constantly being filtered by the data center’s air filtration system, are the dust, debris, and contaminants from the air. The CRAC, or Computer Room Air Conditioning, is working harder to compensate to properly cool your critical environment. You will require fewer filter changes and more efficient filtration with routine professional cleaning.

Dirty Server Rooms Attract Pests

Often a huge source of contamination in server rooms and rodents can contribute to expensive damages. A respectable datacenter spent several days offline in 2012, due to a squirrel infestation for example. To significantly reduce the likelihood of pest contamination, keep the room properly cleaned.

Clean Workplace Keeps it Safe

A data center fire is a nightmare, any systems administrator or IT professional. Downtime, data loss, and lost equipment and major fires can be a safety risk are caused by small fires. Server room fires account for just 6% of commercial infrastructure failures according to research. This type of fire has much more significant cost when compared to other types of workplace fires. Keeping the environment safe is essentially done by a clean room since it reduces the risk of fires remarkably.

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