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How Do You Maintain VCT Floors in Fort Collins, CO? A VCT Floor Should Be Stripped, Resealed & More

VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) is one of the most common types of flooring materials used in commercial or public buildings. Most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens and halls, VCT flooring is a simple type of flooring that is easily cleaned and resistant to water damage and stains. It does require maintenance and repair from time to time. When it comes to VCT flooring, there are five essential maintenance tips you should know about that Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share with you.

Don’t Rely on VCT Factory Floor Finish

When VCT flooring is manufactured, the factory applies a thin finish which is essentially a coat of wax. The wax will help protect the floor from minor scratches or abrasions during shipping and installation. However, the thin coat of wax was designed only to withstand daily foot traffic and will quickly wear over time. This is why once VCT floor is installed you may need to strip the original finish and put on a better quality wax with at least two coats to ensure the longevity of the VCT flooring. Make sure to re-wax the floor before placing furniture on the VCT floor.

High Traffic on VCT Floors Means Frequent Care

For high traffic buildings such as schools or hospitals that use VCT flooring, the flooring gets a lot of abuse and the protective wax coating wears down much faster. The type of shoes also plays a major role. High heels are extremely stressful for VCT flooring and its finish. Public buildings with high traffic that use VCT floors often requires refinishing or re-waxing more often than other types due to the high volume of foot traffic. It is not uncommon to have VCT flooring re-wax every six months in those conditions. A VCT floor is actually very porous and once the wax wears off it is easier for dirt to get embedded in the VCT floor. This is why you should never allow the wax to completely wear off before re-waxing the floors.

Some VCT Floor Damage Can Be Irreversible

Maintaining the VCT floor’s wax is essential in protecting the surface and maintaining the floors shine. However, some elements can still damage VCT floors, even with the new coat of wax. For example, computer or office chairs or other furniture can easily damage the floor. They cause deep abrasions and wear down the wax quicker due to the rolling around in small spaces. To prevent deep abrasions or scratches on the VCT’s surface, make sure to use office chair mats or rugs in areas that may be prone to damage.

Poor VCT Maintenance

For VCT floor maintenance make sure you use a reputable cleaning service that provides VCT re-waxing and cleaning services. VCT maintenance is labor intensive. Many inexperienced cleaning services may take short cuts to get the job done faster. However it is better to have the job done right and take a little extra time doing it. When looking for a cleaning contractor or refinishing service, make sure to use a knowledgeable and experienced company.

Know the Kinds of VCT Floor Wax

There are many waxes used for VCT flooring, the quality varies as well as the dry time. It is important to know how long the wax will take to dry before placing furniture or allowing high foot traffic back in the building. With other elemental factors such as temperature, humidity, or how thick the wax is the drying will vary. Make sure to ask the contractor how long the wax will take to dry.

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If you need your building’s VCT floor re-waxed and cleaned, and you want the job done right, call Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We provide excellent VCT floor refinishing services. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning today!

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