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How Often Should You Clean Commercial Carpets in Fort Lupton, CO? High Level of Foot Traffic & More

There are many different things to juggle when you are trying to maintain a commercial building. One of them is keeping the flooring in good condition and cleaned. When there is carpet in your commercial building, you know that the need for professional carpet cleaning will be essential. The only thing some people often ask is how often the carpet needs to be cleaned? This is a question that doesn’t have any “one size fits all” kind of answer. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about commercial carpet cleaning and how often it should be happening.

Follow a Standard for Maintaining Carpet

If you are having the carpet vacuumed on a daily basis, you will see that you won’t have to have the pros come in and clean it as often. When something spills on your carpet, it is important that it is cleaned up as soon as possible. The longer spills sit on the carpet, the more difficult it will be to clean them later. When you are spot cleaning, it can lengthen the time between professional cleanings.

High Traffic Areas

Not all commercial buildings see the same kind of foot traffic. A retail store may see more foot traffic than a church who only has patrons that come in one or two days a week. If your building has a lot of foot traffic come through it every day, you are going to need to have the carpet cleaned professionally more often.

Front Door Mats are Necessary

When you have mats at all the entrances into your building, it can help to remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of the shoes of those that step foot into the space. You need to make sure the mats are large enough that the first few steps are made on the mat rather than your carpet. The mats need to be vacuumed with the carpet to ensure the dirt and debris doesn’t build up on them.

Keep Foot Traffic Away When Cleaning

When you do have your commercial carpet professionally cleaned, it is important that there aren’t people walking on the carpet until it has had time to completely dry. If people are walking on it when the carpet is wet, there is a great deal of dirt and debris that is transferred to the carpet, and it negates the cleaning entirely.

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For most commercial buildings, professional cleaning should be happening at least once a year. If you have heavy foot traffic or severe weather in your area, you may need to have your carpet cleaned more often. Some businesses require cleaning every quarter to keep their carpets maintained. At Baker Sandoval Cleaning, we provide professional commercial carpet cleaning to help you maintain your carpet and extend its life. When we are done cleaning it, you will be amazed at the transformation. Call us today!

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