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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace in Thornton, CO; Keep Carpet Smelling Fresh, Reduce Dust & More

Study after study has shown the benefits and boosted productivity that comes from having a clean working space. Not only will it help your employees boost their productivity, but a clean space also means less germs which will, in turn, mean your employees need to take less time off of work. There are several cleaning tips that don’t require too much effort and can drastically improve the productivity and overall cleanliness of your workplace. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to share those nuggets of cleaning knowledge with you.

Keep Carpet Smelling Fresh

If your workplace has carpeting, it is important that they are cleaned on a regular basis. Because carpet is such a soft surface, it is easy for it to absorb foul smells. These odors can be more than a simple distraction for those working in the space. Rather than trying to stay on top of carpet cleaning on your own to save a few bucks, you are far better off delegating this to a professional that will put your business into the schedule and you won’t have to think about it. Depending on the amount of traffic in the office, you may need to have them professionally cleaned more regularly.

Reduce Dust in Office

Desks in an office space can become a catch-all for clutter. Dust is a common allergen that can cause your employees’ allergies to flare up and they will end up missing work. Desks should be dusted on a daily to weekly basis. All items on the desk should be removed to really make a difference in the amount of dust in the office.

Benefits of Sweeping Floor

The flooring in your business will have a big impact on your success. If customers walk into a place of business and it have an unkempt appearance, they are far less likely to step foot in that business again. Sweeping your flooring is something that needs to be done daily. This will make a big difference in the overall feel of the space and will boost your reputation.

Keep Trash & Garbage Cans Empty

This may go without saying, but the trash should be emptied often. Trash cans that are full will be attracting pests of all kinds. Not to mention, if there is any food found in the trash it will start to smell bad in a hurry. If your office smells like the trash bin, you aren’t going to see productivity from your employees like an office that has fresh smelling air.

Clean Phones & High Touch Areas

If you think about the amount of hands that touch a phone every single day, that’s a lot of germs that get transferred from one person to another. You will see far less sickness in your office space when these types of surfaces are wiped down regularly.

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If you are having a hard time keeping up with the cleaning that needs to be done to boost the morale in your office space, you can call on Baker Sandoval Cleaning to keep your office space a productive one. Call us today!

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