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Importance of Office Cleanliness for Staff & Clients in Your Eldorado Springs, CO Workplace

Most offices look clean, but are they? Offices are dirtier than they appear, with lots of nasty germs lurking around. Baker Sandoval Cleaning lists some alarming facts about office cleanliness.

Facts About Commercial Office Cleaning

1. 20,000 germs live on every square inch of your office chair, computer keyboard and mouse.
2. Office phones harbor approximately 25,000 germs per square inch.
3. About 10 million bacteria live on an average office desk. That’s 400 times more than an average toilet seat and 100 times more than an average kitchen table.
4. 27% of Americans eat breakfast at their desk, leaving a mess of crumbs behind.
5. 62% eat lunch leaving more of a mess.
6. Of those that eat at their desk, only 20% clean the surface before they eat.
7. On average, men’s work areas are 20% dirtier than women’s.
8. 25% of water cooler buttons are at risk of transmitting various diseases.
9. 75% of the handles on sinks in the bathroom can spread diseases.
10. 70% of the dust particles floating around contains flakes of dead skin.
11. The air quality in an office that is closed off can be 500% worse than the air quality outside.
12. Without the right cleaning, the surfaces in an office will increase 30% every day.

Clean Office Increases Productivity

These facts make it easy to see how important a clean office is. Employees spend a lot of time at work and come into contact with many, if not all these surfaces every day. Yikes. Those are some serious germs and germs spread through an office like wildfire. They can hide on unexpected surfaces and result in many levels of illness. The most common diseases that are associated with cleaning issues include poor indoor air quality, dirty restrooms, messy desks, unclean refrigerators and carpets that are dusty and dirty can cause respiratory illnesses. Employees start feeling sick and start using sick days. The health insurer Southern Cross, states that sick employees cost employers more than $2 billion a year and results in 54% loss in productivity. The study also found that this can be reduced significantly by ensuring that proper cleaning procedures are followed. Employees are just more productive in a clean working environment, not to mention a clean office is more likely to entice new customers. Choose a cleaning service that focuses on daily disinfecting of surfaces, vacuuming carpets, washing floors and sanitizing restrooms to minimize the spread or germs. Maintaining a clean workplace is vital for employers to reduce sick days and keep efficiency high.

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No need to come to work in a bubble to keep you and your employees healthy. Just make sure the office is clean by hiring a commercial cleaning service like Baker Sandoval Cleaning. Baker Sandoval Cleaning has been serving the Greater Boulder, Colorado area for over 15 years with the training and experience needed to keep your office clean and free of germs. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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