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Office Spring Cleaning Checklist in Thornton, CO; Desks, Break Room, Conference Room & More

With spring approaching many people look at their home and know it’s getting time for spring cleaning. However, spring time isn’t just a good time to deep clean your home, it’s also a good time to clean around your office. Your work space often gets cluttered and disorganized which can slow down productivity and create an unwanted distraction. Baker Sandoval Cleaning will share an office spring cleaning checklist and help get your work space clean and under control.

Benefits of a Clean Office Desk

When you find you work space is cluttered and you’re having a hard time finding documents or even a simple pen, it is time to clean up the desk. Start by cleaning out the drawers and the mess on top of your desk. Sort through office tools and equipment and also check basic desk supplies such as staples for staplers, pens, paper clip etc. While you’re cleaning out your desk, take time to organize files and documents. Put older files into storage or destroy them properly. It is important that you clean your desk and work space as it makes work easier and is less distracting. As a result, productivity is far more efficient.

Deep Clean Keyboard & Computer

Much of our office work is done on the computer. After you finish organizing your desk and work space, focus on your computer. Save important documentation on an external hard drive and begin storing and even deleting older or unneeded files. Files or information you won’t need daily or immediately should be backed up and saved on the external hard drive. Additionally, it is wise to change passwords once a year to ensure security.

Break Room Cleanliness

If you are responsible for managing other areas in the office, such as the break room, office spring cleaning may include cleaning and organizing the break room. The break room often needs the refrigerator cleaned and condiments sorted. Discard expired goods. Microwave and coffee makers should be cleaned as well and all coffee maker supplies replenished.

Conference Room Cleaning

The conference room should also be cleaned and organized. The business varies as to what elements or equipment is used in the conference room. However, all needed supplies should be inventories and replenished. Organize cabinets and shelves. Make sure the furniture is wiped down and cleaned.

Office Spring Cleaning

There are a lot of things the office manager and employees must handle on their own. Items sensitive to the business should be dealt with strictly by the office manager or employees. However there are some things that a professional service can help with. Additional consideration when it comes to having the office spring cleaned is to have all floors deep cleaned. Have carpets vacuumed and professionally cleaned, tile, VCT, or wood floors should also be cleaned, buffed, polished and resealed to ensure the longevity of the floor. Have all of the windows cleaned outside and inside. A professional office cleaning service can help ensure that the entire office gets cleaned so you will have a productive work environment.

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If you need the office spring cleaned and need additional help ensuring the workplace receives a deep cleaning, provides a healthy environment and is well organized, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning. We provide quality commercial and janitorial cleaning services. Contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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