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Places Businesses Forget to Clean in Fort Lupton, CO; Baseboards, Office Kitchen Cleaning & More

Dust and grime cam really build up in the workplace. Window washing, dusting and vacuuming are on most to do cleaning lists, but there are many places that often get overlooked. Baker Sandoval Cleaning has prepared a list of frequently neglected areas.

Areas that Usually Need More Detailed Cleaning

1. Baseboards. Dust and grime can buildup on the tops of baseboards and countertop backsplashes. If it’s not removed, it will end up in the HVAC system and blown back out into the air that you’re breathing.
2. Vents. Dust, allergens and other particles can stick to vents and air intakes. These particles can also stick to the vents in the ceiling and those in the kitchen and bathrooms. These vents need to be cleaned to avoid contaminated air.
3. Light fixtures. Many businesses use fluorescent light fixtures. These fixtures collect dead bugs and dust. To keep your office bright, have these fixtures cleaned.
4. Tops of modular furniture. Partitions are dust collectors, more so on and in between awards, pictures and mementos that are displayed on upper cabinets.
5. Ceiling tiles. Some business have acoustic tiles on the ceiling. The rough texture of these tiles is good at collecting dust. If they are close to vents in the ceiling, they can start to develop dark stained if they don’t get cleaned.
6. Ceiling fan blades. Ceiling fan blades are notorious for collecting dust. It sticks to the blades like glue and is ugly to look at.
7. Picture frames. The tops of picture frames and canvas prints collect dust and the glass can get finger prints on it.
8. Walls. You might thing that vertical surfaces don’t collect dust, but they do. Dust will collect on walls, more if they have wallpaper on them or are textured.
9. Stairs. Dust and dirt collects in the corners of stairs. If it doesn’t get cleaned, it gets tracked all over the office.
10. Behind office equipment. Printers and copy machines are part of any workplace. Tiny particles can be left behind from high performing copiers. This can build up all around it, behind it and under it.
11. Switch plates & door knobs. Unless these surfaces are cleaned properly, illnesses are more likely. All it takes is one contaminated door knob to spread germs to the entire office in just a few hours.
12. Office chairs. It’s easy to overlook areas below you. The base and casters of office chairs get dirty quickly. Dust and dirt will just continue to accumulate on them unless they are cleaned.
13. Office kitchen & breakroom. Unless the kitchen in your office is deep cleaned every once and a while, who knows what’s lurking behind the appliances.

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If you’ve taken a look at these areas in your workplace and discovered lots of dust and dirt, you need to reconsider your cleaning services. You can expect your employees to keep their personal area clean, but if you task them with added cleaning duties, it can result in less productivity. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is a commercial cleaning service that can do the dirty work for you. Contact us today!

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