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How to Prevent Spreading Germs in the Workplace & Keep Your Office Clean in Longmont, CO

This is the time of year when everyone is trying their best to stay away from whatever’s “going around”, and it can be a tall order when you work in an office with several other people. It doesn’t take long for sickness to tear through an office or workplace, and it seems like there isn’t anything you can do about it. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to share some tips to keep your office or workplace clean and free from germs.

Where Are Germs Found the Most? Disinfect Communal Hot Spots

It is rather easy to keep your little cubical and private space clean and free from germs. The problem areas are often places like bathrooms and breakrooms as well as machinery, light switches, knobs and handles that everyone in the office is touching. You would think the bathroom is the place you should be most concerned about, but think again. The breakroom of any workplace is often the space that is the most germ infested. This is the area where people are eating and spending a lot of time without washing their hands. Copy machines, land line phones and lobby counters etc are all things that are touched by several people in one day. Wiping down these surfaces with disinfecting wipes can be a great way to get rid of lingering germs. To make your own disinfecting wipes use a stack of paper towels and place them in a container. You will want to mix up a solution that consists of ½ cup bleach a 2 ½ cups water, then pour over the top of the paper towels. Wiping surfaces with these wipes will kill unwanted germs.

Wipe Down Your Desk & Work Area Every Day

Even though you think you are the only one that is using your desk and bringing germs into that area, you are most likely mistaken. Wiping down your desk area each day will help stop the spread of germs.

Train Employees to Wash & Scrub Hands Often

It is a proven fact that the best way to eliminate the spread of germs is with proper hand washing. Creating this basic habit will go a long way in reducing the spread of germs at your workplace. Teaching employees the importance of hand washing is key.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants Clean the Air & Remove Toxins

There are several plants that can be placed in the workplace to improve indoor air quality and help employees remain healthy. Some plants to consider are:
• Peace Lily
• English Ivy
• Gerbera Daisies
• Bamboo Palm
• Chrysanthemum
Not only will these plants clean the air, but they will add an organic design to your office space as well.

Workplace Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

It isn’t enough to have employees wipe down surfaces to keep your workplace clean and germ free. You need the help of a professional cleaning company like Baker Sandoval Cleaning to give your office space a thorough cleaning. Having the space professionally cleaned regularly will cut down the sick days those employees end up taking. Call us today!

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