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Risks of DIY Business Cleaning in Ault, CO; Workplace Injury, Harmful Effects of Cleaners & More

Especially in an office or other business setting, it seems almost backward that there may be reasons why you shouldn’t, where most people find a reason not to clean. However, custodial employees can be injured on the job twice as much as other workers in private industries according to studies. Involving working on wet surfaces, climbing ladders, moving heavy objects and so on, quite of these employees cleaning results in in-house slip and fall and other injuries. Also, it can result in back and other major injuries as well since employees are often not accustomed to the continuous bending and twisting associated with janitorial work. You and your employees are at risk when businesses assign such cleaning duties to their staff. Consider the following risks that we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to warn the businesses in the Greater Boulder, Colorado area before skipping the professional cleaning/janitorial service.

Workers’ Comp Insurance Premiums for Employees

While on the job, your workers’ compensation insurance will still need to cover any injuries sustained including taking your employee away from their job to wash windows, or any other cleaning duties. In addition to decreasing productivity and potentially morale, you will incur a costly work comp claim and a potential increase in premiums.

Liability Insurance Coverage

No matter if you have a full-time custodian or assign cleaning duties to various employees there are many liability risks to consider. Applied to your staff, but any visitors as well are the liability risks. A reputable cleaning service will ensure that all safety measures are taken with proper signage being displayed and, most importantly, proper liability coverage is in place. The commercial cleaning company’s liability insurance can provide coverage should an incident occur.

OSHA Compliance

In order to require any business to ensure it is maintained cleaned, sanitized and serviceable condition, OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, expects the employer to establish and implement a schedule for servicing, cleaning and supplying each facility. The industries that require the use of more toxic cleaning chemicals, can lead to skin irritation, burning eyes, and cause lung damage if not properly and safely handled. As the proper storage and use of cleaning chemicals is a major concern, prompting OSHA to issue a bulletin on the hazards of cleaning products and associated protective measures.

Harmful Effects of Cleaning Products

Being hazardous to the health, there are some chemicals that should be avoided. With the right types of chemical-resistant safety gear to get the job done such as protective clothing, gloves, and even safety goggles or breathing masks as needed, properly trained commercial cleaners will be equipped. Trained professionals know which chemical combinations are safe and effective and which are bad to avoid potential adverse chemical reactions that produce toxic fumes that are harmful to the respiratory system.

Low Productivity at Work

As mentioned earlier, productivity and morale drop when you take your employee away from their primary responsibilities. Tasks getting completed in time is also impacted.

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services & More in Longmont, Brighton, Dacono, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Eldorado Springs, Fort Lupton, Hygiene & Boulder Colorado

There is much to gamble with your business by not investing in affordable professional cleaning and janitorial services with other risks that include overhead costs and other factors. You can rest easy knowing your business is clean, disinfected, and sanitized from top to bottom. Call Baker Sandoval Cleaning to schedule your consultation today!

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