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Sanitizing a Physical Therapy Clinic in Glendale, CO; What Should a Cleaning Checklist Include & More

Many clinics are taking a stand against the virus by improving their cleaning standards and policies to help keep patients and workers safe and healthy in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Every worker must use a set checklist for a protocol of any kind to occur. You need a physical therapy clinic cleaning checklist as a worker in a clinic in addition to having routine professional cleaning. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to share a few tips for daily cleaning of a physical therapy clinic.

Physical Therapy Clinic Cleaning Checklist Considerations

Waiting Room. Waiting rooms receive the most traffic compared to equipment usage. It’s evident that more protocols need consideration, although limited seats and one-on-one patient interaction can still lead to contamination. To help protect against potential exposure, install dividers to separate workers and patients, as well as between seats. Make certain to have hand sanitizer accessible to all patients and workers.
Hand Sanitizer Stands. It is unhygienic to touch the top of a hand sanitizer bottle. Provide patients the chance to have a touch-free hand sanitizer option as they move around from machine to machine and table to table to better combat germs.
Sneeze Guards. It’s essential to include sneeze guards when installing dividers. They’re formed from a transparent material that’s easy to install and customize. Being that it works brilliantly in waiting areas, too, a sneeze guard is suited for receptionist desks.

What Should a Cleaning Checklist Include?

In order to help keep areas clean, all protocols should be risk-based as the CDC suggests. The protocols look over area surfaces and items that are used often and are a potential breeding ground for bacteria. This is what you should do when cleaning vulnerable areas according to the CDC. Before moving to high-touch surfaces, such as cleaning the waiting room first and then cleaning equipment between usage when creating a cleaning checklist.

Meticulous Cleaning

It is essential to have a coherent system for cleaning your medical office as you prepare a physical therapy clinic cleaning checklist. The overall quality of your clinic can be improved by having an ongoing system. Not to dip cleaning cloths into storage containers is one of the best practices for effective cleaning methods. Do not shake a mop head or your washcloths after usage as well. Store or dispose of washcloths and mop heads after you finish cleaning.

Setting a Timeline

Coming up with a helpful timeline to sort tasks out during the week is the vital portion of a cleaning checklist. A waiting room needs cleaning once a day, an examination room needs cleaning twice a day, and any high-touch floors or surface needs to be cleaned between each usage for example.

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