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What are the Dirtiest Areas in Your Ault, CO Office? Cleaning Break Rooms & More

In recent years, it has then brought to everyone’s attention how important it is to spend your time in clean workplaces. The last thing that business owners want is employees that aren’t healthy and able to come to work. To help keep your office building a cleaner and more germ-environment, it is important that you know where the dirtiest areas are. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about the most germ prone areas found in your office building to help you create a healthier workplace.

Break Rooms

While it is important that you have a place for your employees to have some downtime; you want to make sure that these areas are going to be clean as well. Studies have shown that break rooms are one of the places that germs thrive in an office building. These are high touch and high traffic areas, so it should not come as any surprise. The break room in your office building might even look clean, but there are more than likely some areas that are not getting disinfected like they should. These areas include faucets and sinks, refrigerators, cabinet handles, television remote controls and more.

Employee Workstations

If each of your employees have their own workstation or desk, this is another area that can have an increased number of germs. A lot of the time, employee workstations or desks are left to the employee to keep clean. Some employees might do a good job of this while others lack in their cleaning ability. It is a good idea to have all employee workstations deep cleaned regularly to avoid germs. This is something that should definitely be focused on during the flu and cold season.


If your office building has a lobby where your customers or clients spend their time waiting for appointments, you need to make sure they are deep cleaned as well. These high traffic areas usually see many people coming and going throughout the day. If there are any water fountains located here or vending machines, make sure they are getting wiped down to keep germs at bay.

Conference Rooms

Another area that is often prone to germs is the conference room. This is another area where there are frequently several employees congregating together. During meetings and conferences that take place in these rooms, there is often eating that happens as well. You want to make sure that any conference rooms found inside your building aren’t getting forgotten when the building is being cleaned.

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At Baker Sandoval Cleaning, we know how important it is to have a clean office space. When you rely on us for your janitorial and commercial cleaning needs, you know that your office space is going to be as germ free as possible. We will work diligently to make sure that your office space is a healthy one for not only your employees but your customers and clients as well. Call us today!

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