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What is More Important – Customer Service or Cleanliness & Why in Boulder, CO? Retail Store Floor Cleaning Checklist

Baker Sandoval Cleaning believes that a clean retail store is more important than customer service as an unclean establishment will make customers feel uneasy and want to leave right away; before customer service even has a chance! However, if your retail shop has been properly cleaned and maintained, customers will more than likely continue browsing and may even end up spending more money! Interestingly, when people are asked what they first notice is unclean as they walk through their favorite store, their answer might surprise you. Most people actually say when the floor of any business is unclean, the entire building seems unclean. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about the importance of floor cleanliness in retail businesses.

Poorly Cleaned Floors Impact Retailers

If you own a grocery store, or any other store selling food, you understand the importance of a clean floor. However, these aren’t the only retailers that should be concerned about the cleanliness of their floors. Whether you own a car dealership, department store, bakery, grocery store, and even convenient store, your customers are paying attention to the cleanliness of your business. If your floors are littered or soiled, studies have shown it is one of the first things people notice about your business. Dirty floors can change their entire perception of your store in a negative way. Not only can it make your store look unclean, but if your flooring isn’t kept tidy, it can be a safety concern.

Daily Floor Cleaning Checklist

There are several tasks that need to be completed each day in order to keep the flooring of your retail store clean. They include:
Rugs should be placed at all entrances– The rugs at all entrances should be at least 15 feet long in order to get the dirt and debris off of the feet of shoppers as they enter your business.
Clean any obvious soiling– Throughout the day, there will most likely be spills and other messes that happen on your flooring. These should be cleaned up promptly as to not affect the perception of your store in a negative way.
Vacuum rugs at least once a day– These rugs should be vacuumed at least once a day. Some days you may find that you need to vacuum them several times in the case of severe weather or depending on the amount of traffic you see come in the door that day.
Sweep and mop flooring– Your flooring needs to be swept and mopped each day, either at the beginning of the day or toward the end. When you have heavy traffic walking on floors, it doesn’t matter if there were spills or obvious dirt tracked on the floor, they need to be cleaned.
Burnishing for shiny floors– This will need to be done after hours, since the equipment is large and the cords can be a hazard. It is important to keep your floors shiny. This will make them look spotless.

Cleaning Floors Depends on Amount of Traffic in Your Business

Some days you will find that your flooring needs more attention than others. If your area is experiencing severe weather, you may find that you need to clean up water several times a day to avoid a safety hazard. If you are having a large sale that day, the traffic will be heavier than usual and therefore, you may have to stay on top of the cleanliness of the store more diligently.

Commercial Retail & Janitorial Cleaning in Boulder, Longmont & Brighton Colorado

As people walk through places like the Pearl Street Mall, or the Village Shopping Center they will be looking at those floors whether they realize it or not. Baker Sandoval Cleaning can give your retail store flooring the attention that it needs. We offer commercial cleaning services that will have your customers returning time and time again to your beautiful clean business. Call us today!

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