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Why Does My Office Smell Weird in Westminster, CO? How Do I Get Rid of Bad Odors

Smells can be very profound and make a lasting impression. Whether you cater to the public or simply have a small stuff, or anything in between, how the office smells will impact your business. Just as you want the building to be immaculate, offensive odors should not be noticed. If you notice smells in your office, you first should eliminate it at the source. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to list the most common odors found in your business in an effort to help you eliminate them.

What is the Bad Smell in My Office?

1) Food. Stinky meals warmed in the microwave, rotting food in the trash bin, forgotten food at the desks and refrigerators, are all culprits. Almost a third (31%) of employees admit they usually eat at their desk as well. Food is crusting in the chairs, computers, phones, and other office equipment as a result. Long-lingering odors are inevitable as greasy, sticky foods eaten at desks can permeate into woodwork or fabric. It is best to make sure the employees have a place to eat where it can be easily cleaned up. Vinegar can be useful on such messes. Enforce food tossing from fridge on every Friday, or whichever day you prefer, avoid letting food sit over the weekend.
2) Sinks. Sinks see the worst of it in an office kitchen. Smelly food, teabags, packaging, and other such things are building up. almost always a cause of office smells, are blocked and slow-running office sinks. Ensuring the bulky and non-food items like tea bags, are thrown in the trash, and the trash taken out at the end of the day, can help minimize odors. If your sink is slowly draining, you may need a plumber to clean the drain system. For now, you can try:
– Pour down the drain a full kettle of boiling water.
– Pour baking soda and leave it to work for a few minutes. Flush with hot water.
– Combine 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of hot water. Pour into the drain and let sit for 10 minutes. Flush again with hot water.
3) Carpets. If you cannot find the source of the smell, it could be the carpeting. When it comes to office smells, office carpets are often the most difficult to pinpoint. All carpet odors can be contributed from years of wet weather, trodden in muck and long forgotten spillages all add up. Increased footfall and wet weather especially arouse musty, moldy smells. Try generously sprinkling baking soda at the end of the day, and before opening, vacuum thoroughly. It can absorb and break down smell-causing components more effectively, as alkalis absorb oils and break down dirt, making even stubborn stains and odors easier to remove. If the baking soda does not neutralize the odors, you may need to get it professionally cleaned.

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Ultimately, many of the office odors need to have care and maintenance, but with routine janitorial and/ or commercial cleaning services, you can manage potential odors. For commercial cleaning services or janitorial services in Boulder, CO, contact Baker Sandoval Cleaning and let us help you keep your office clean and odor free.

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