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Why is Cleaning Commercial Floors Important in Firestone, CO? Dust & Dirt Damage Flooring & More

When it comes to most commercial cleaning, many are guilty of giving the floors the attention it needs, especially as their focus tends to be on other things in the room. Regardless of the type of floor, the floors are affected by dirt, dust, debris, and the residual substances left from foot-traffic. Spills, and improperly discarded waste are additional problems that impact the floor. Where these seem minor in the grand scheme of things, the dirty floors are hurting your business more than you realize, and we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like share why.

Working Conditions Affect Health of Employees

Dirty floors are often responsible for sick days. The filthier the floors the more days off are needed. Dirty floors house a lot of disease-causing germs and bacteria. The dirt and debris contribute to these germs and bacteria growth. Ensuring the floors are regularly cleaned properly and sanitized can reduce the spreading of ailments in the commercial space.

Unclean Premises Leads to Decreased Productivity in Workplace

Unhealthy staff members are less productive than healthy ones. With a loss of energy, vigor, and ambition, the production noticeably drops. If they are too sick to even come and labor for your company, the productivity drops even more. All of this trickle affect is the source of dirty floors. As a result, you will spend most of your time and resources in treating your employees with various health complications affecting your business. Rather than being spent or lost on health-related issues, the revenue can be channeled more profitably into the company. Additionally, staff more focused on the surrounding germ-infest workplace tend to be less productive as well. Few can demonstrate any levels of pride when their environment is a dusty, filthy mess. People who work in these conditions often look for any excuse to not be there. As a result, a decline in morale and then the productivity is hit, simply because of dirty floors.

Messy Work Environment Ruins Reputation

You have an image to protect with any business. A small thing, such as the lack of cleanliness can negatively impact your image and reputation. On a regular basis, you have visitors besides your employees walking through, whether they are suppliers, customers, and colleagues. Impressions spread like wild fire and with poorly cleaned floors marring the overall presentation of your business’s aesthetics, such reviews, comments, and opinions spread. Even more so if they are hit with the communicable diseases.

Dust & Dirt Damage Floors

No matter what the floor is comprised of, a dirty floor will decrease the potential lifespan. Leading to corrosion and even structural damage, the buildup of dirt and other unwanted materials will accelerate deterioration. Acidic or chemical agents in the substances that make their way on the floor as well as other pollutants and contaminants, left long-term, or even sort-term, can cause significant damage to the floors. Dirt alone is a natural abrasive, for example, foot traffic causes friction and what is left is a sandpaper-like affect that is deteriorating the flooring. There are countless examples of seemingly harmless substances that cause damage. Replacing floors too soon hurts your business’s profits and can slow down productivity waiting for the floors to be replaced.

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When you need your commercial space cleaned, and especially the floors and every aspect clean and sanitized, you need Baker Sandoval Cleaning experts to help. We can schedule routine cleaning or help out periodically when you need extra assistance. Call us today to discuss your business’s quality cleaning services.

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