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Why is it Important to Keep a Patient’s Room Clean in Thornton, CO? Cleaning to Remove Dust, Germs & More

When it comes to a healthcare facility, cleanliness is more than important, it’s essential to the safety of your patients. It is vital that you have a janitorial staff in place that can help you achieve the highest levels of cleanliness so that you can effectively do your job. Because these is a greater chance of infectious disease in these spaces, there are certain cleaning tasks that need to be completed. When cleaning does take place, it should be done with the safety of the patient in mind to achieve optimal results. Baker Sandoval Cleaning is here to talk about some of the steps that are included in patient-oriented cleanings.

Patient Oriented Medical Cleaning Procedure

Following is a breakdown of what is included in a patient-oriented cleaning process in healthcare facilities.
– Trash Removal: Removal of all the trash should be at the top of any patient-oriented cleaning service. There are bodily fluids that will need to be cleaned up and potentially infectious trash that will need to be removed on a daily basis. This should be done with the greatest care.
– Spot Cleaning: There are sometimes that the entire space doesn’t need to be cleaned, but spot cleaning should be performed throughout the day to keep the office a clean and sanitary place.
– Dusting: The best way to reduce the dust in the healthcare facility is to use backpack vacuum to get rid of the dust that is found on the vents and furniture throughout the space. Removing dust can help improve the indoor air and make the office look much cleaner.
– Vacuuming: The flooring should be vacuumed on a daily basis in any healthcare facility.
– Supply Restocking: All bathrooms, breakrooms, exam rooms, public spaces and more should be checked to make sure there isn’t any restocking that should be taking place in them.
– Disinfecting Surfaces: Any patient care rooms should be at the top of the list when it comes to disinfecting. This will ensure that future patients that enter that space aren’t going to run a high risk of infection. This should always be done using microfiber cloths for best results.
– Mopping: Flat mops are usually going to be used in healthcare facilities because they yield the best cleaning results. The mop should always be moved in the same direction as changing directions as you mop can lead to spreading the filth around rather than cleaning it up.
– Inspection: The area should always be walked through one last time after it has been cleaned as disinfected.

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If you rely on the professionals at Baker Sandoval Cleaning to help keep your healthcare facility as clean as possible, we will implement our patient-oriented cleaning process in your building to ensure your patients are entering a space that will help their achieve maximum health and wellness while they are there. Call us today!

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