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4 C’s of a Good Janitorial Service in Thornton, CO; Cleaning Confidence, Consistency & More

When you hire a professional cleaning service, there are expectations that you are looking for. For that matter, there are expectations that you should look for with any service. For example, when you hire a mechanic you expect that they know about cars and can fix any problem, efficiently and effectively. You also want them to be honest in what they’re charging you to fix it.

The 4 C’s That a Professional Cleaning Service Should Offer

1. Communication. If you were to take your car in to find out what the grinding noise is, when you pick it up absent of any noise but smelling a little like fish, you’d be a little confused, and you’d have every right to be. When you hire the right company, you can be sure that a line of communication will be established so you’ll know what’s going on and what you can expect.
2. Confidence. Just like you want to know that your mechanic can fix your car better than you, you will also want to make sure that your cleaning service can clean better than you. Otherwise you wouldn’t want to hire them in the first place! Hire a company that can provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
3. Consistency. Added to that 100% guarantee comes the fact that you want your cleaning company to be consistent. You want to make sure that your business is getting cleaned with the same high-quality cleaning each and every time, not just some of the time. The right company will develop a plan and stick with it every time they clean.
4. Cost. Mechanics get a bad rap because they have been known to charge an arm and a leg because they know that fixing cars isn’t something most people know how to do. As with many services, you get what you pay for. If you choose the least expensive company, you probably won’t get the level of clean you’re looking for. The right company will give you the clean you’re paying for.

Reputation & Experience of Building Cleaning Services Company

Reputation and experience are important. You also need to trust the company you hire. After all, their employees will be cleaning your business and a lot of the time it will be when no one is there. You want to know that the company will work diligently with minimal supervision. Ask yourself three questions to know if they are trustworthy:
• How trustworthy are they? Go with a company that is well-established where you live.
• How many accounts do they have? If a company serves many businesses, you can be sure they have a solid reputation.
• Do they offer references? Any reputable cleaning company will be more than happy to provide you with references.

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When you hire an outside cleaning provider you are getting a number of benefits. You can avoid hiring an on-staff or salaried janitor or avoid cleaning your business yourself. Is your current cleaning company offering you all the C’s? If not, Give Baker Sandoval Cleaning a call to see what we can do for you!

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