The time of year always comes around that the flu seems to make a comeback. Being sick just seems to be a normal occurrence when the next cold winter hits. The thought is that when it is cold outside more people spend time indoors. That makes it easier to spread illness when you have more people in a enclosed space for longer periods of time. The flu over the past few years has been a problem with a strain that has been hard to predict. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you do all you can to prevent the spread of these germs. There are a few areas that the flu seems to spread fast and that is in schools and at work. These places have people that are together all day and have to be in close proximity. The great news is there are things that you can do. Baker Sandoval Cleaning outlines what you can do to keep the flu out of your office.

Janitorial Services to Clean Flu Germs

The most important way to keep the flu out of your office is to keep it clean. The cleanliness of a space has a lot to do with germs not having the ability to live on surfaces. The flu has been known to live for days on soft surfaces and hours and hours on hard ones. That means that one sick member of the team can spread the illness through the office from the bathroom to the door handles to the counters and desks. If these areas are not cleaned they can carry the germs to the next employee and that will hinder productivity. The best thing you can do for your office is to have a professional janitorial service out on a regular basis. They can clean as well as sanitize all the surfaces of the office to stop the spread of the flu. This service is paramount in preventing the flu from getting to more and more employees.

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Your hands are the one thing that touches everything. That includes a germ infested telephone and then your own face. You want to remind employees about what they are touching regularly and make sure they have a way to protect themselves. Many offices will leave out wipes that have a sanitizing element to wipe down areas before you touch. You can also have hand sanitizer so that they can make sure they are clean before they touch the community areas.

Use Sick Days at Work

Have you ever shown up to work and seen your co-worker coughing and not looking their best? The problem is that they continue to come to work and that means that all the germs are spreading to everyone else. Most companies have a policy that allows the employees to use time off when they are sick. It is best to save these days for when you are actually sick and stay home. You can help prevent the spread of the flu when you do this.

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