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Advantages to Professional Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning with Bonnet Style Cleaner for Carpets in Boulder, CO

Most homeowners and commercial cleaning companies take care of their carpets with routine vacuuming and promptly cleaning spills. However, to really take care of the carpet’s longevity and health, appearance and even validating the warranty, the carpets need more than daily vacuuming, though that is a good start. Deep carpet cleaning is essential to do at least once a year, even if the carpets do not visually appear to need it. Today, we at Baker Sandoval Cleaning would like to further elaborate on the professional carpet cleaning services we offer.

Need for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

As mentioned, it is vital that your carpets are cleaned professionally by a qualified expert at least on an annual basis. Dirt and debris escapes below the surface and compacts on the subfloor. Being that these particles are a natural abrasive, a sandpaper-like effect is created from the friction developed by simply walking across the carpet’s surface. The damage continues to escalate from the bottom of the carpet and through the surface eventually. Carpets look dull and gritty with the continual layers of dirt and debris that accumulate. Additionally, carpets that do not regularly get professionally cleaned can be a detriment to asthma and allergy sufferers. Carpets are like a giant filter, the dust, dirt, debris, pollutants, and allergens are building up, causing those sensitive to allergy and asthma to frequently have them triggered and deal with symptoms for prolonged spells. Another viable reason as to why you need professional cleaning on a routine basis is that it validates the warranty. In many instances, the warranty is only binding under specific regulations, and one of them is to have routinely scheduled and documented professional cleaning services done.

Bonnet Style Carpet Cleaner

When you schedule your commercial carpet cleaning in the Greater Boulder, CO area, we use an advanced carpet cleaning system known as encapsulation. With the help of a bonnet style carpet cleaner that scrubs the carpet with water and cleaning solution, the dirt and filth will crystalize once it is dried, which takes about an hour. Once dried, the crystallized dirt and debris is vacuumed. Spots and stains, as well as odors are also removed in the process, leaving your carpets clean, sanitized, and deodorized. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a valuable part of any carpet maintenance plan with deeper clean than vacuuming alone and less disruption than hot water extraction. As mentioned, the process involves encapsulating soils in a cleaning agent, and then vacuuming the dried crystals away.

Advantages to Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Benefits include the following:
Quick Carpet Dry Time. The carpet does not become soaked with water as it does with hot water extraction when performing encapsulation cleaning. After the application of the cleaning solution, the low moisture encapsulation cleaning method allows carpet to dry within about 20 minutes. This allows your business’s facility to experience less downtime and cleaning staff can work efficiently and quickly over large areas.
No Re-soiling or Carpet Wicking. Less water means no wicking or re-soiling in addition to faster dry times. As the water evaporates, soils remaining at the bottom of the carpet fibers travel up to the visible surface of the carpet and make the stain reappear, wicking occurs after carpet stains are treated with cleaners and water. Trapping all the soil within the polymers that are then vacuumed away with encapsulation avoids this problem by not oversaturating the carpet fibers.
Improvement of Carpet Appearance. The improvement in carpet appearance and a longer life cycle for your facility’s carpets, perhaps the most significant benefit of encapsulation cleaning. The buildup of sticky residues that can attract more dirt and make your carpets look visibly soiled is prevented by regularly removing embedded soils with encapsulation cleaning. They also lift and open the pile at the same time, the brushes by machines not only agitate the encapsulation cleaning agents deep into the carpet, and this helps your carpets look their best at the lowest cost all year round.

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